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Fred Fredburger (Character)
from "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" (2001)

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"The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Keeper of the Reaper (#6.2)" (2006)
Fred Fredburger: [about Wiggy Jiggy Jed's hat] Hey! Can I try on that hat? I think it's important! It's important for me to try on the hat because...
Fred Fredburger: Judge?
Judge Roy Spleen: No, shut up.
Fred Fredburger: Judge?
Judge Roy Spleen: Shut up.
Fred Fredburger: Judge?
Judge Roy Spleen: I order you to shut up!
Fred Fredburger: Judge?
Judge Roy Spleen: WHY WON'T YOU SHUT UP?
Fred Fredburger: ...Judge?
Judge Roy Spleen: [sighs]
[Wiggy Jiggy Jed's hat appears on top of Fred Fredburger's head]
Judge Roy Spleen: Yes.

Fred Fredburger: Judge! Hey, judge! Yes, when do we get hammer thingies? Because I can maybe make some nice stuff, like a table, or some chairs, or...
Judge Roy Spleen: This is called a gavel, and no, you don't get one!
Fred Fredburger: Hey, can I borrow yours for a minute, oh thank you!
Fred Fredburger: [starts hammering the wall]
Fred Fredburger: Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger! Fred Fredburger!
Judge Roy Spleen: Give me that!
[Judge takes hammer away from Fred]
Judge Roy Spleen: And sit back down!
Fred Fredburger: But, I wasn't finished!

Billy's Mom: Oh, my stars and garters! What happened in here?
Billy: Grim conjured up this...
Fred Fredburger: Hey, who's that lady?
Billy: That's my momma.
Fred Fredburger: Does she make cookies?
Billy's Mom: Sometimes.
Fred Fredburger: Well, sometimes, my mom makes me cookies... with chocolate chips, and sometimes, she makes me peanut butter bars, and sometimes, she doesn't make me anything... Chocolate chip is my favorite. Yes.
Billy: Oooooookaaay.

Fred Fredburger: I got to make a poo poo!

Fred Fredburger: Don't worry, I found some nachos! Yes.

Billy: [singing] Please vote me the keeper of the reaper/ I wanna be the keeper of the reaper/ His skinny white bones are mine to own/ To do with as I see fit/ Give him to me and I promise my love won't quit!
Mandy: I disagree 'bout the keeper of the reaper/ It should be me who's the keeper of the reaper/ Grim's not a toy for an idiot boy/ Who can't even tie his shoes/ If Billy wins, then we all surely lose!
Grim, The Grim Reaper: Don't *I* get a say about the keeper of the reaper?/ I'll make you all pay for the keeper of the reaper!/ All my rage is bottled up in this cage/ Held back by these iron bars/ I'll never get rid of these mental scars!
Judge Roy Spleen: I don't care who's the keeper of the reaper/ I'm losin' my hair over keeper of the reaper/ A mountain of stress is crushing my chest/ I'm going blind in one eye/ And its all be-cause of that stupid guy!
Fred Fredburger: Don't worry! I found some nachos! Yes.
[Judge Spleen hits him on the head with the gavel]
Fred Fredburger: OW!
Billy: [rapping] Time to make you ill, old school style!
[reverts back to singing]
Billy: Grim is the corner in my square!
Mandy: Grim's the chocolate in my eclair.
Billy: Grim is the freshener in my air!
Mandy: Grim's the conditioner in my hair.
Mandy: Grim is the cushion in my chair.
Billy: Grim is the renaissance in my fair!
Mandy: Grim is the anger in my stare.
Billy: Grim is the stain in my underwear!
Mandy: Somehow I knew you were gonna go there.

Fred Fredburger: [viewing a flashback] Hey, who's that man?
Billy: That's my dad.
Fred Fredburger: Ah, you look like him!
Billy's Dad: He'd better look like me.
[points at his wife]
Billy's Dad: 'Cause if he looked like *you*, he'd be PRETTY!

Judge Roy Spleen: [to Fred Fredburger] Get over here! Now, listen to me. I need you to
[Fred reaches for gavel but Judge hits his hand]
Judge Roy Spleen: Don't touch that! I need you to think back on everything you've heard to today... and tell me. Who should get Grim: Billy or Mandy?
Judge Roy Spleen: Yes.
Judge Roy Spleen: Yes to Billy... or yes to Mandy?
Fred Fredburger: Yes.
Judge Roy Spleen: Yes.
Fred Fredburger: Yes.
Judge Roy Spleen: Yes. I see! You're saying Grim shouldnt be separated from either Billy or Mandy... because that would destroy their friendship.
Fred Fredburger: Yes.
Judge Roy Spleen: And friendship is our most personal treasure. Even more personal than our toothbrush.
Fred Fredburger: Yes.
Judge Roy Spleen: Fred Fredburger, your words have moved my crusty heart. Therefore, I hereby declare Billy's family be placed under house arrest and never be allowed to move! Court adjourned!

Fred Fredburger: Gosh, I love paperwork, especially the part where I get to write my name. F, R, E, D... F, R, E, D... B, U, R, G, E, R! Fred Fredburger! Yes!

Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure (2007) (TV)
Fred Fredburger: Uh... we, the jury, find the defendant... uh... innocent!
Pale Ghoulish Juror: You idiot! That says guilty!
Fred Fredburger: Guilty! Yes.

Fred Fredburger: [singing] Frere Jacques. Frere Jacques. I gotta poo. I gotta poo. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. Ding-dong, Fred Fredburger! Yes!

Fred Fredburger: those nachos hurt my tummy. but if i hadn't eaten them, i'd never know i could finish them all!
Billy: I think he's on to something. This whole trip has been like eating nachos.

The Grim Adventures of the KND (2007) (TV)
Fred Fredburger: Um, can I come out of the TV? I gotta make poo-poo.