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Quotes for
Rosemary (Character)
from Little Manhattan (2005)

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Little Manhattan (2005)
Rosemary: But I thought you hate me.
Gabe: I don't. I lied.
Gabe: [thinking] I wasn't gonna be like my father. I wasn't gonna let all these things left unsaid smother me.
Gabe: Rosemary, I love you.
Rosemary: You what?
Gabe: I do. I'm sorry, but I love you more than anyone's ever loved. I love you, I love you, I love you.
Gabe: [thinking] How's that for letting it all hang out there? And hang, and hang, and hang.
Gabe: You think you might wanna love me, too?
Rosemary: I don't know what I think, Gabe, I'm only 11. I don't think I'm ready to be in love.
Gabe: I'm not ready and I'm doing it!
Rosemary: Maybe I was wrong, maybe girls don't mature faster.
Gabe: No they do, they do, you know they do. You even said so at the park. We at least mature at the same rate.
Rosemary: I don't know what mature is anymore, but I'm really happy you came. Do you want to dance, Gabe?
Gabe: Sure, what the hell.

Gabe: [thinking] My first date. The big spender. Häagen-Dazs all the way, baby. So, how come I have nothing to say to her. Why isn't she looking at me? Am I that hideous? Do I Smell?
Gabe: You um come here often?
Rosemary: Central Park?
Gabe: Um, yeah.
Gabe: [thinking] What kind of question is that? I hate myself.

Birdie: Oh look at that you see that? I knew your folks were going to keep them together didn't i say it?
Rosemary: Let's go practice in my room
Gabe: Okay.
Birdie: Oh come on! He's no good for you! Get back in the truck!

Gabe: Where's the whole wish you can come to the wedding? Where's that Rosemary? The Rosemary i loved? Not this alien with her crazy weekend. You're new sparing partner is he coming to the wedding?
Rosemary: What Tim?
Gabe: Oh is that what you call him? Are you calling him after you call me?
Rosemary: What are you talking about?
Gabe: I'm talking about you and Tim Staples sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G first comes love then comes marriage then comes Tim Staples in a baby carriage.
Rosemary: You sound crazy you know that?
Gabe: Why don't you have time this weekend?
Rosemary: I'm sorry Gabe i haven't even started packing.
Gabe: You know what? I hate you!
Rosemary: What?
Gabe: I hate you! Why do you even care? I hate you!
Rosemary: Well i hate you too!
Gabe: I hate you more!
Rosemary: How can you say something so mean? I hate you!

Rosemary: Who's Ronny?
Gabe: My mom's got a date.

Rosemary: That's where my aunts getting married next week.
Gabe: Oh the boathouse.