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Tuxedo Mask (Character)
from "Sailor Moon" (1992)

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Sailor Moon S the Movie: Hearts in Ice (1994)
Mamoru Chiba - Tuxedo Kamen: Winters are harsh in the north where snow falls often. However, snow that bleaches the world white is like beautiful lovers who meet in the winter.

Serena - Sailor Moon: [Serena and Darien are talking about Luna's peculiar behavior] And so ever since then she's been acting very strangely. Darien! What do you think?
Darien - Tuxedo Mask: Serena, maybe Luna would just like some time to be all on her own. You should probably stop hanging around her so much and respect her privacy.
Serena - Sailor Moon: What do you mean hanging around? Oh, I get what you're saying, thanks a lot.
Darien - Tuxedo Mask: Huh? What do you mean?
Serena - Sailor Moon: You think that I'm just hangin' around you too, don't ya? I'm just annoying!
Darien - Tuxedo Mask: No, Serena! I didn't mean that!

"Sailor Moon: A Crystal Clear Destiny (#1.30)" (1995)
Darien: [after being seriously injured by Zoicite] I can't believe I was so stupid - falling for that fake Sailor Moon!
[hits his fist harder on the door]
Darien: Almost got the Scouts toasted too! Why was I so blind? If it weren't for Sailor Venus, I would've handed over the crystals to the Negaverse. Now they hate me.

Zoicite: [after Sailor Moon appears to her, laughs] How ironic. It isn't you that I want, but your pal, Tuxedo Mask.
Serena: Oh, Tuxedo Mask? Give me a break! He's not even here, Zoicite!
Darien: Yes, I am!
Serena: No way!
Darien: I am Tuxedo Mask!
Serena: [aghastly turns to him] You are?
Darien: [takes out the red rose] Mm-hmm.
Serena: [gasps, thinks in a robotic tone] He is Tuxedo Mask! I don't believe it!
[Darien transforms into Tuxedo Mask]
Serena: [gasps and thinks] Whoa! Cranky old Darien, my dream hunk! This is gonna take some adjusting, too.

"Sailor Moon: Rini's Lovely Rhapsody (#4.32)" (2000)
Rini: [after Rini yells at Serena and her friends for bothering her throughout the episode] If you think that guy's my boyfriend, you're wrong! I HAVE met someone special, okay!
Serena, Darien, Amy, Mina, Raye, Lita: [in unison] What's his name?
[long pause]
Rini: Can't tell you.
[Serena and friends faint and groan as Rini exasperatingly sighs]

Sailor Moon R the Movie: The Promise of the Rose (1993)
Darien - Tuxedo Mask: The reason the Earth seems so evil to you is that the Sailor Scouts drive out the negative forces!
Fiore: They *are* the negative forces!

"Sailor Moon: A True Reflection (#4.21)" (2000)
Darien: [after Fish Eye begs him to be with her] Uh, even if I didn't have Serena, I'd still feel uncomfortable in a relationship where love is given in return for something else.
[Fish Eye offesively gasps]
Darien: Uh, I have quite a different dream for my love life.
[Fish Eye goes devastated as the wind blows]
Fish Eye: [groans in disgust] I see - again with your dreary dreams. If I can't be a part of your dreams, then I want to at least... SEE THEM!
[she transforms in front of Darien shocking him]

"Sailor Moon: A Moon Star Is Born (#1.1)" (1995)
Serena: Oh no, how can I tell mom I flunked another test. How can I show her this thing!
Darien: Hey watch it, Meat Ball Head.
Serena: Oh, sorry.
Darien: A 30! Admirable. Are you stupid or just incredibly lazy?
Serena: How dare you! Give me that!
Serena: The nerve of that guy, what a total jerk. Calling me a a meat ball head. Still, he is kinda cute.
Darien: There is something about that girl...

"Sailor Moon: Talk Radio (#1.2)" (1995)
Serena: But you don't even have a boyfriend.
Molly Baker: I know. I'm just going to invent one so I get my letter on the show.
Serena: Smart, Molly. You can make the perfect guy. Handsome. Smooth. Totally Cool. Sorry... Sorry...
Molly Baker: Darien, how are you?
Darien: What was that you were saying about someone totally cool? We can be sure it isn't you. Shouldn't you be going home and doing your homework, Meat-Ball Head?
Molly Baker: I just figured out who is going to be the inspiration for my letter.
Serena: How is this for inspiration? You're a creep Darien and you don't know the first thing about being cool!

"Sailor Moon: Fiendish Ferns (#3.32)" (2000)
Telulu: But since I've got so many locked in this star already, I can spare a few.
Darien: I don't think so!
[He throws a rose at Telulu's star]
Telulu: My star!
[the star evaporates and releases all of the heart crystals]
Telulu: My heart crystals!
[Big Bertha immediately grabs Telulu]
Telulu: You're not to take me, dumb plant. Don't just leave me alone with this... this monster. Help me!
[Telulu extends her vines to attack Big Bertha while Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask watch despite Telulu's plead for help]
Telulu: No! I'll be good, I promise!
[Telulu and Big Bertha disintegrate]