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Biography for
Tuxedo Mask (Character)
from "Sailor Moon Super S" (1992)

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Mamoru Chiba. His last name is actually never said in the tv series, only in the magna.

His birthday is said to be in August in the magna.

Girlfriend is Usagi (Sailor Moon).

During the time of The Silver Millennium, he was known as Prince Endymion of the Earth Terran Kingdom. He would also go by.

Currently lives in 20th Century Tokyo, Japan.

Lost both of his parents in a car accident in which he was in. He was the only survivor.

Not only did he lose his parents but as well as his memories.

In the English series, he has stated he was once a model.

At one point, before ever having a relationship with Serena (Sailor Moon), he was dating Rei (Sailor Mars) for a short period.

Has a variety of different names that he goes by in the English series: Darien, Prince Endymion, Prince Darien.

In the Japanese's series he goes by: Chiba Mamoru, Mamo-chan. As well as Tuxedo Kamen when fighting along side with the Sailor Scouts.

Also goes by Tuxedo Mask when he is fighting along side with the Sailor Scouts.

There was a short time when he was known as The Moonlight Knight.

In 30th Century Crystal Tokyo he goes by either King Darien or King Endymion. And also King Darien (or King Endymion) of Earth and the Crystal Millennium.

Has no brothers or sisters.

Crown prince of the Earth Terran Kingdom 1000 years ago.

At first did not get along well with Serena, who would later become his girlfriend, and in the not too far future his wife.

Serena calls him Mamo-chan in the Japanese's series.

In the English series Darien calls Serena (a.k.a. Sailor Moon) Meatball Head when they first meet due to her hairstyle. This later changes due to a relationship they grow to have.

In 30th Century Crystal Tokyo he is married to Serena who is known as Neo-Queen Serenity. They have a child together, a daughter named Rini.

Is over protective of his future daughter Rini.

His parents, The King and Queen of Earth Terran Kingdom are never mention.

Has at multiple times, put his life on the line to save Usagi, as well as their future daughter, Chibiusa.

Was to rule Earth Terran Kingdom after his parents during the time of Silver Millennium. The Earth Terran Kingdom was destroyed before that day could ever come.

During the time of Silver Millennium, he was to marry Princess Serenity.

The late Queen Serenity, sacrificed her own life to give those who died when the Moon Kingdom was destroyed a second chance at life. Mamoru was one of them.

Since finding out that Chibiusa is his daughter with Usagi in 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, both himself and Usagi take extra special care of her.

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