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Ashley Hammond (Character)
from "Power Rangers in Space" (1998)

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"Power Rangers in Space: From Out of Nowhere: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1998)
[after Ashley pokes Andros]
Cassie Chan: "You're... human!"
Ashley Hammond: I didn't know. He could have been a giant lizard.

Andros: Power Down!
Ashley: You're human.
Andros: What'd you expect?
Ashley: I don't know. I mean... You're not from Earth, are you?
Andros: Earth isn't the only place where humans live. I'm from a space colony, KO-35. It's in the Karova system.

T.J. Johnson: So, you're from outer space?
Carlos Valerte: Haha! Incredible!
Cassie Chan: Well, hey, I'm Cassie, it's really nice to meet you.
Ashley: And I'm... Ashley
Carlos Valerte: Carlos.
T.J. Johnson: T.J.
Andros: T.J.? I'm called Andros

T.J. Johnson: If the space shuttle can't make it to Eltar, we'll set a new course for the Cimmarian planet.
Andros: They've already left the Cimmarian planet.
T.J. Johnson: How do *you* know?
Andros: I was just there.
Ashley Hammond: Well, Zordon - Did you see him?
Andros: Dark Specter has Zordon and he's draining all his powers.
T.J. Johnson: But if Zordon loses all his powers...
Cassie Chan: We're all history.
Andros: Zordon is strong. It's going to take some time before Dark Specter can take away all the power. Which gives *me* some time.
Cassie Chan: You? We're all in this together.

"Power Rangers in Space: Countdown to Destruction: Part 2 (#1.43)" (1998)
Zhane: I survived, but the Winger didn't.
T.J. Johnson: Not good. And the rebels?
Zhane: They surrendered.
Cassie Chan: Then we're on our own. Anyone that could have helped us has been destroyed or captured.
Carlos Valerte: Astronema hasn't captured *all* civilians on Earth. So, maybe we could organize them. Maybe we could find a way to...
T.J. Johnson: We can't risk their lives. There's got to be another way.
Andros: There is. If I can get into the Dark Fortress, I still think I can get through to my sister. Maybe I can talk her into stopping all this.
T.J. Johnson: Andros, she's not your sister anymore. They changed her. She'll destroy you on sight.
Zhane: You have to face it. There is no more Karone.
Andros: I will never accept that.
Ashley Hammond: Listen... we still have some time. We're not beaten yet. Right?
Carlos Valerte: That's right. So, let's get to work.

Ashley Hammond: Going somewhere?
Andros: Oh. Hey. I was just, um...
Ashley Hammond: Andros, you can't... leave.
Andros: I have to try. Look... if I don't see you again.
Ashley Hammond: Shh. I will see you again.
Andros: Right. Red Battlized Ranger!

"Power Rangers Turbo: Trouble by the Slice (#1.22)" (1997)
[after the Turbo Rangers fire the Turbine Laser at the Pizza Monster, but it fails to finish him off]
T.J. Johnson: Nuts!
Justin Stewart: Rats!
Carlos Valerte: Drats!
Ashley Hammond: Curses!
Cassie Chan: Phooey!
Blue Senturion: [Caught off guard at first when it gets to his turn to say something at the end of the line and not sure what he should exclaim] Uh... Fiddlesticks!

"Power Rangers in Space: The Rangers' Leap of Faith (#1.28)" (1998)
T.J. Johnson: I owe you an apology. I'm sorry.
Ashley Hammond: No. We all *owe* you one.
Astronema: Look... I don't expect you to like me. I mean, I've never... I've *never* had a friend. I didn't deserve one. I only hope that, one day, you'll believe that I don't want to hurt you.
Cassie Chan: I believe you.
Carlos Valerte: Yeah. Me, too.
Cassie Chan: Not maybe "one day" but right now.
T.J. Johnson: If you ask us, you've got five friends.
Ashley Hammond: And hey, you deserve every single one.

"Power Rangers in Space: Astronema Thinks Twice (#1.27)" (1998)
T.J. Johnson: So, what happened?
Andros: Well...
Cassie Chan: [sees Astronema] You brought her on the ship.
T.J. Johnson: What's going on, Andros?
Andros: She's my sister. And she knows where Zordon is.
T.J. Johnson: Of course she does. She helped kidnap him.
Astronema: Actually, I didn't. But I'll help you rescue him.
Cassie Chan: Just give us the coordinates. We don't need any help from you.
Astronema: As a matter of fact, you do. There's a force field around the planet. I can get Dark Specter to lower it, so we can get in.
Carlos Valerte: We? Yesterday, she tried to destroy us.
Ashley Hammond: Andros, listen. If this is a trap, we're walking into it.
T.J. Johnson: If we take her, it's under one condition. We restrain her.
Andros: No. I can't do that.
T.J. Johnson: Andros, it's too risky.
Astronema: It's okay.
T.J. Johnson: So... where's Zordon?
Astronema: Kirak Galaxy - on the jungle planet Yotoba.
T.J. Johnson: D.E.C.A., set in a course. Maximum hyper-rush velocity.
D.E.C.A.: Course plotted. Mega accelerators at maximum.
T.J. Johnson: [to Andros] Let's hope she's telling the truth.

"Power Rangers in Space: Five of a Kind (#1.34)" (1998)
Ashley Hammond: That Psycho Yellow drove into the ground without even trying.
T.J. Johnson: Tell me about it. Psycho Blue didn't break a sweat. Wait a minute. Of course. When they read our minds, they learned how we fight. The moves we make. The moves we're about to make. There's no way I can beat Psycho Blue.
[to Carlos]
T.J. Johnson: There's no way you can beat Psycho Black.
Carlos Valerte: I thought you had good news.
T.J. Johnson: Don't you see? They want us to fight like this. Blue on blue. Red on red. But we have to make 'em fight like this. If we mix up the colors, we'll confuse them.

"Power Rangers in Space: Save Our Ship (#1.3)" (1998)
Alpha 6: Rangers, you should see what's in front of us.
T.J. Johnson: What is it Alpha?
Alpha 6: It's the Earth. We're home.
Ashley Hammond: Have you ever been to Earth before?
Andros: Never.
Ashley Hammond: Hey, you're gonna love it. Trust me, there's beaches, music, there's the mall and everything.

"Power Rangers in Space: Ghosts in the Machine (#1.39)" (1998)
Ashley Hammond: That was way too close.
Carlos Valerte: At least that's the end of the Psycho Rangers.
T.J. Johnson: Let's hope for good this time.

"Power Rangers in Space: True Blue to the Rescue (#1.18)" (1998)
Ashley Hammond: Uh, well, this is Andros. He's from the space colony.
Justin Stewart: Wow! Nice to meet you Andros.
Andros: Thanks for your help.
Justin Stewart: No problem. Once a Ranger...
Cassie Chan: Always, *always*, a Ranger, man.

"Power Rangers in Space: A Rift in the Rangers (#1.33)" (1998)
Cassie Chan: Hey! I just mopped that floor.
Ashley Hammond: So what, that means it can never get dirty again?
Cassie Chan: You could at least wait until it dries, you know.
Ashley Hammond: We clean, it gets dirty, we clean again - that's what happens.
Cassie Chan: "We" clean? I don't see *you* with a mop - you and your acrylic nails. Huh! I'm always the one cleaning!
Ashley Hammond: "Always?" No, I don't think so. I cleaned three weeks ago.
Cassie Chan: Exactly - three years ago.