Doc Savage
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Doc Savage (Character)
from Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975)

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Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze (1975)
Doc: Mona, you're a brick!

Doc: Before we go... let us remember our code. Let us strive every moment of our lives to make ourselves better and better to the best of our ability so that all may profit by it. Let us think of the right and lend our assistance to all who may need it, with no regard for anything but justice. Let us take what comes with a smile, without loss of courage. Let us be considerate of our country, our fellow citizens, and our associates in everything we say and do. Let us do right to all - and wrong no man.

Doc: Do a Barney Oldfield, Long Tom.

Pulp 1930 (2012)
Dashiell Hammet, P.I.: [voiceover] However, there are limits even for the Man of Bronze. Accustomed to fighting against impossible odds, the team had finally met their match!
Doc Savage, Man of Bronze: Give me a break, they had that ogre guy!