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Butchie Yost (Character)
from "John from Cincinnati" (2007)

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"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Two Continued (#1.3)" (2007)
John Monad: I'm gonna bone Kai, Butchie. I may have to break her jaw first.
Kai: No float boning. We'll just clear off a couch.
Butchie Yost: Make her see God, John.
John Monad: I'm gonna try hard enough.

Cissy Yost: [about John] Where is that guy from?
Butchie Yost: Cincinnati.

[Cissy has asked Shaun to stay in his bedroom. Butchie enters Shaun's room where he is reading surfing magazines]
Shaun Yost: Why does Gram want me to?
Butchie Yost: Well, she saw you get hurt.
Shaun Yost: I'm okay now.
Butchie Yost: [with extreme emphasis] You were hurt. Hey, you remember anything, you know, after you wiped out? You got fucking doned, man. Owned hard. You know, Grams and Gramps, too. They thought you weren't going to make it.
Butchie Yost: A lot of people.
Shaun Yost: I woke up. I had a tube in.
Butchie Yost: [points to a man in one of Shaun's surfer magazines] One time I put Icy Hot in the crouch of this guy's wet suit!
Shaun Yost: And Bill was there and Zippy.
Butchie Yost: And then you got better. Before that, I didn't think you could.
Shaun Yost: Zippy was dead the day before yesterday.
Butchie Yost: You thought he was dead.

Cissy Yost: Did you build that half-pipe?
Butchie Yost: No, Mom. You did.
Cissy Yost: [screaming and crying] And what you did was blow smoke into the phone! Yeah Ma, be right there Ma, sorry I couldn't help Ma! I didn't even tell Shaunie you were coming over because I knew what the odds were. Where's my Dad, Grams, where's my Dad? Now you want him to break his neck.

Butchie Yost: Whatever that means, Doc, I'm busted for being a dope fiend.
Dr. Michael Smith: Why would that make you ineligible for a paranormal experience? And as Shaun's Father, maybe your eligibility has enhanced.
Butchie Yost: You've met my old man, right?
Dr. Michael Smith: Mitch.
Butchie Yost: Up in the air yesterday. I saw it with my own eyes. Off the fucking ground.

Butchie Yost: Motherfucker!

Butchie Yost: I'm having problems with my implants, Doc. I passed out I got that fucking high.
Dr. Michael Smith: Sensations of burning can be caused by I.V. drug use.

Butchie Yost: [about John] The guys shows up at my door. Creates money in his pants.

Butchie Yost: [to Dr. Smith] I should be on the floor dope-sick, and I don't feel that bad.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day One (#1.1)" (2007)
John Monad: What do you want Butchie Yost?
Butchie Yost: I want to see some dope come out of your pockets for my twenty three hundred.

Butchie Yost: [on the phone] I'm disappointed, Freddy. I'm out the twenty three hundred. I got the other guy.

Butchie Yost: [to John] Into your pockets, brother. So we don't start not getting along.

Butchie Yost: This fucking Platinum card's got that rocket fuel. Broom-broom.
John Monad: Broom!

Shaun Yost: I'm supposed to surf the Event Huntington.
Butchie Yost: Your Grandfather sign off on that?
Shaun Yost: Gran did.

Butchie Yost: Now's your shot.
Mitch Yost: Yeah, let me give you today's excuse for shooting up.

Butchie Yost: I remember him. We were in the sixth grade together. It's Barry the Fairy.

Mitch Yost: I just found out I'm pretty sick. Am I up in the air right now? It's the tumors big symptom.
Butchie Yost: If that's a tumor, where do I sign up?

Butchie Yost: No, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. John! John! Somebody call an ambulance. Johnny Monad just put that waive in I.C.U.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Six (#1.7)" (2007)
Butchie Yost: Still broomin' the spider webs of our website?
Dwayne: Twelve hundred and forty four hits. Twelve hundred and forty four hits in like twenty four hours.
Butchie Yost: No, shit!
Dwayne: [Dwayne is speculating as to how popular his Yost website has become] It's the halo effect from Shaun.
Butchie Yost: Far out!

Dwayne: I don't suppose you'd like to come with me?
Butchie Yost: [to Dwayne] Nah, I got a butt plug exploiting my portal.

Dwayne: So, don't even try to live green?
Butchie Yost: You got it, my brother.

Butchie Yost: [to Shaun] Me being a fuck-up doesn't mean I shouldn't try to give you good advice.

Kai: [to Butchie] I saw you in the water this morning.
Butchie Yost: Yeah?
Kai: I've got your boards outside.

Butchie Yost: [to Shaun] Put the joint out.

Butchie Yost: [to Shaun] Dwayne wants to talk to you about some informational superhighway shit.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Seven (#1.8)" (2007)
Butchie Yost: Would you hurt Shaun? You'd never hurt Shaunie, would you John?
John Monad: Hurting Shaun doesn't ring a bell.

Butchie Yost: [to Tina] Cissy wakes up pissed off.

Tina Blake: I'm fucking Linc.
Butchie Yost: Why would you tell me that?

Butchie Yost: [to Tina] You don't fuck Linc. Linc fucks you.

Butchie Yost: Who am I, Doctor Phil?

Dwayne: My sole concern: How he infiltrated my domain?
Butchie Yost: Because he's fucking powerful. Right, Dwayne?

Tina Blake: Shaun wants me to stay in I.B. Would you be okay with that?
Butchie Yost: Yeah, I'd be okay with it.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Two (#1.2)" (2007)
Butchie Yost: Are you shy about doin' your business, John?
John Monad: I'm shy about doing my business.
Butchie Yost: Shit, I haven't seen you dump or take a leak since you got here.

Vietnam Joe: [about John] You think he may be a Mexican?
Butchie Yost: I'm trying to get a line on him, Joe.

Butchie Yost: Leads me to believe that you're not from around here.
John Monad: I'm not from around here, Butchie!
Butchie Yost: Oh, yeah, no? Or any other metropolis for that matter. I'm feeling kinda, you know, a small town. Not a farm town, but a small town. A small town like a... I'm feeling a little Cincinnati.
John Monad: I am from Cincinnati!
Butchie Yost: Get the fuck out!
John Monad: You get the fuck out!

Butchie Yost: [Butchie receives a phone call from Mitch informing him of Shaun's accident] Yeah?
Mitch Yost: You piece of shit! What's up with your phone?
Butchie Yost: The battery died.
Mitch Yost: Yeah, what a shock.
Butchie Yost: Is that what you called to talk to me about, my fucking phone?
Mitch Yost: Shaunie broke his neck at Huntington.
Butchie Yost: Is he gonna be alright?
Mitch Yost: He broke his neck!

Butchie Yost: [to Bill, regarding Shaun] You've been more father to him than I was.

Butchie Yost: Hey Freddie.
[Freddie punches him]
Butchie Yost: Mother fucker!

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Four (#1.5)" (2007)
Butchie Yost: [to Linc] I thought "Shaun" sounded like the waves when they were going back out.

Butchie Yost: What do you want?
Tina Blake: I want to see Shaun.
Butchie Yost: Yeah, he's in all the papers, then you remembered you're his Mother.

Butchie Yost: Is Shaunie still in Lockdown?
Cissy Yost: Who wants to know?
Butchie Yost: She wants to meet her son.
Cissy Yost: [furious] Her son?

Butchie Yost: [about Tina] You think she's gonna do something stupid.
Cissy Yost: Cause everything up to now has been hot.

Tina Blake: I don't know what I'm doing.
Butchie Yost: Well, I never let that slow me up.

Butchie Yost: [to Tina] Turn off the fucking faucet, Tina. Give me a break.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Eight (#1.9)" (2007)
Butchie Yost: [to Cass] Your roommate grabbed my kid.
Cass: Oh, my God.
Butchie Yost: Now you're going to tell me what you know.

Butchie Yost: Every fucking promise I ever made I broke.
Linc Stark: Do what you gotta do.
[Butchie punches Linc in the face]

Butchie Yost: John would hurt himself before he would hurt Shaunie.

Cissy Yost: Butchie, Shaun's gone.
Butchie Yost: What?
Cissy Yost: Now I want to know where your friend is who said he would be.

Butchie Yost: We're just talking about Shaunie. I want you to know he's gonna be alright.
Tina Blake: How?

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Three (#1.4)" (2007)
Butchie Yost: [to Cissy] I'm gonna go look for that nut, that guy... My friend John.

Butchie Yost: Yost Surfing School: Twenty four hours I will have you in the water or in some pussy!

Bill Jacks: You in trouble?
Butchie Yost: No.
Bill Jacks: Well my testicles are on display in the neighborhood. Get in here!

Butchie Yost: You know that guy John is missing. I searched for him through Cincinnati.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Nine (#1.10)" (2007)
[first lines]
Butchie Yost: [to the truck driver] Hey, Moron! My toe! Ooh, yeah, you hard on!

Butchie Yost: Where the fuck did you go?
Shaun Yost: [points to the sky] Cincinnati.
Butchie Yost: Cincinnati's that way. The sky's up there.

Butchie Yost: Why don't we just pull you down, Dad?
Mitch Yost: No.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Five (#1.6)" (2007)
Cissy Yost: I want Tina to see Shaun.
Butchie Yost: Which one of us was high last night, Ma?
Cissy Yost: I was not fucking high last night.

Tina Blake: I can't come back, Butchie.
Butchie Yost: What? You got to suck some nigger's prick?