Cissy Yost
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Cissy Yost (Character)
from "John from Cincinnati" (2007)

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"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Four (#1.5)" (2007)
Shaun Yost: Who was it outside of the house?
Cissy Yost: You do not open the door for anybody.

Cissy Yost: That porno slut is back!

Cissy Yost: [to Mitch] No! You get out!

Butchie Yost: Is Shaunie still in Lockdown?
Cissy Yost: Who wants to know?
Butchie Yost: She wants to meet her son.
Cissy Yost: [furious] Her son?

Cissy Yost: [Cissy is referring to the porn industry] It's the "business," now? Smiling at the camera while six guys come on your face?

Cissy Yost: [to Butchie] As much acid as I took, I was never as stupid as you.

Butchie Yost: [about Tina] You think she's gonna do something stupid.
Cissy Yost: Cause everything up to now has been hot.

Cissy Yost: [to Shaun] You stay in the store. You keep the doors locked.

Mitch Yost: I levitated.
Cissy Yost: What?

Cissy Yost: [to Mitch] Instead of floating I wish you could fly five hundred miles an hour into a fucking brick wall.

Cissy Yost: [to John] John, John, don't do that.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Two Continued (#1.3)" (2007)
Dr. Michael Smith: [to Cissy and Butchie] Shaun has recovered. Once I get the tube out of his throat, I'll come back and we should talk.
Cissy Yost: We can't come in now?
Dr. Michael Smith: Not until the tubes out. It can become uncomfortable for relatives to watch.

Bill Jacks: [Bill is looking out the Yost's family window at the mass of people] Gawkers. Press. Candle Freaks. We're on the precipice of a cluster fuck. I'm thinking I'll go out and thin it out.
Cissy Yost: I'd appreciate it.
Bill Jacks: [reluctantly] Happy to do it.

Cissy Yost: [about John] Where is that guy from?
Butchie Yost: Cincinnati.

Cissy Yost: So dad was full of instructions. Did he tell you to break your neck for the second time today?
Shaun Yost: Gram, I feel like a dork in there laying around.
Cissy Yost: Well isn't that too goddamned bad! You listen to me! Don't listen to that fucking idiot!

Cissy Yost: Did you build that half-pipe?
Butchie Yost: No, Mom. You did.
Cissy Yost: [screaming and crying] And what you did was blow smoke into the phone! Yeah Ma, be right there Ma, sorry I couldn't help Ma! I didn't even tell Shaunie you were coming over because I knew what the odds were. Where's my Dad, Grams, where's my Dad? Now you want him to break his neck.

Dr. Michael Smith: So how is Shaun?
Cissy Yost: Breaking my balls to let him skate.
Dr. Michael Smith: Well, I take that as a good sign.

Cissy Yost: [to Dr. Smith] So you're saying we should take him home?

Cissy Yost: You want to see Shaun?
Mitch Yost: I just assumed Shaunie not see me this fucked up.

Cissy Yost: Anyways, we're a little busy here.
Mitch Yost: Which is another way of saying we do need time apart.

Cissy Yost: [to Shaun] Did he tell you to break your neck for the second time today?

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Eight (#1.9)" (2007)
[first lines]
Cissy Yost: Shaun! He's gone! My God! Kai, Shaunie's gone!

Cissy Yost: [to Tina, on the phone] to Say something, prick!

Tina Blake: [on the phone] You mother fucker!
Cissy Yost: [on the phone] What did you call me?

Cissy Yost: [to Mitch] He was here last night in his bed and now he's gone.

Mitch Yost: Cissy, if you remember, I went up in the air.
Cissy Yost: Why couldn't you have gone off a cliff?

Cissy Yost: Butchie, Shaun's gone.
Butchie Yost: What?
Cissy Yost: Now I want to know where your friend is who said he would be.

Mitch Yost: What happened?
Cissy Yost: What the fuck are you gonna do about it?
Mitch Yost: Maybe I can help.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Seven (#1.8)" (2007)
Cissy Yost: [angered by Mitch's absence, she finds one of his books, then throws it out the door, screaming] Levitation for the Illuminated!

Cissy Yost: I'm moving my husband in here.
Ramon Gaviota: So I see.

Cissy Yost: He's alright. The Porn Queen had him at Sea World.

Cissy Yost: If he's old enough to be with her, I'm singing him tonight with Linc.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Two (#1.2)" (2007)
Cissy Yost: [about Shaun] He's breathing and I can hold him.
Mitch Yost: Well, get a dog. He's dead. I want him off the machines.

Cissy Yost: [to Mitch] Just this once, Mitch. Think what Shaun wants.

Cissy Yost: [to Mitch] Watch this. He's got it won. Hands down.

Cissy Yost: You take Shauny off that machine, Mitch, I'll murder you in your sleep.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Three (#1.4)" (2007)
Cissy Yost: [to Linc] You want to help? Stay. Do the dishes.

Cissy Yost: [Mitch approaches Cissy to ask about giving their relationship another chance. The two of them are separated by a storm door] Shall we try it again?
Mitch Yost: Through the door?

Linc Stark: [to Cissy] Where's Mitch?
Cissy Yost: If seeing Shaun last night didn't convert you from a kind of asshole who asks questions he knows the answers to.

Reporter with Camera, in Yost Boards: How you feeling Shaun? How's your neck?
Cissy Yost: Fuck off! Newspaper asshole!
Reporter with Camera, in Yost Boards: Watch the camera lady.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Six (#1.7)" (2007)
Cissy Yost: [to Mark Lewinsky] Get out of my store. You're going to get kicked in the balls!

Cissy Yost: God damn it!

Cissy Yost: [to John] You were right about being more miserable.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day One (#1.1)" (2007)
Cissy Yost: [Mitch has told Cissy that he believes he has a brain tumor as a result of his levitation] Why would you think you got brain cancer?
Mitch Yost: I was hallucinating.
Cissy Yost: You been getting high?
Mitch Yost: No, it wasn't a hallucination. It's not like acid.

Cissy Yost: [to Security Guard, referring to Gary] This guy made a half ass pass at me.
Gary: I am a diabetic! I did no such thing.

Mitch Yost: What happened to Butchie is not happening to Shaun.
Cissy Yost: Shaun doesn't have to be Butchie.
Mitch Yost: You're still you, aren't you Cissy? You entered Shaun into the contest today.
Cissy Yost: He entered. I signed the form as guardian.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Five (#1.6)" (2007)
Cissy Yost: [Cissy is on the phone with Mitch] I hope you catch some real soul searchers!

Cissy Yost: I want Tina to see Shaun.
Butchie Yost: Which one of us was high last night, Ma?
Cissy Yost: I was not fucking high last night.

John Monad: Cissy Yoast...,
Cissy Yost: What?
John Monad: ...are you sitting in your kitchen on Seventh Street thinking about blowing your head off with your gun you got back from Kai's trailer? Have you completely run out of whatever let you put up with your asshole husband for thirty one years? Do you feel everything you ever touched in your entire life you turned to shit and mud? Are you ashamed Cissy that once when Mitch was on one of his bull-shit retreats and you were loaded on acid and Butchie was thirteen and he just won his first contest and you were so proud of him for not being Mitch and you went into his room and he was whippin his skippy, that you said let me show you how to do that?
[makes jerking motion]

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Nine (#1.10)" (2007)
Cissy Yost: [to Mitch] Get back down here.

Cissy Yost: [to Butchie] Your fucking Father's on the fucking ceiling.