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Quotes for
Molly "Angel" Stewart (Character)
from Angel (1984)

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Angel (1984)
Vice cop: Well sweet thang, what's your name?
Molly Stewart/Angel: Angel.
Vice cop: Well Angel, I thought you and me could have us a little party.
Molly Stewart/Angel: [laughs] I bet you would. Look buddy, I'm underage. Or are you one of those perverts who gets off on little girls?

Lana: I don't know about you girls but I wanna get the hell out of this town. Somewhere there's clean air where you can breathe. I don't know, maybe Tahiti?
Molly Stewart/Angel: Tahiti? Why Tahiti?
Mae: Because the men use their dicks for oars.

Molly Stewart/Angel: How much do you want to spend?
Driver: About twenty bucks.
Molly Stewart/Angel: [laughs] You have a good night.
Driver: Hey! All's I wanted to do was borrow it, not buy it!

Mae: Sweetheart, I thought they busted you.
Molly Stewart/Angel: I had porky made out the minute I got in the car.

Mae: It's lean out there tonight.
Molly Stewart/Angel: It's the murders Mae. It's got the Johns scared.
Crystal: Why should the Johns be scared? It's the hookers that are getting killed.
Mae: Ever see a man try to run away with his pants wrapped around his ankles?

Molly Stewart/Angel: Do you have any idea what they do to unclaimed bodies?
Kit Carson: No, I don't reckon I do.
Molly Stewart/Angel: Oh, well... I don't know either but whatever it is, it can't be good.
Mae: Well, we better get over there before she ends up in the tomb for the unknown hooker.

Lt. Andrews: You've been on the streets since you were twelve?
Molly Stewart/Angel: It was easy. I just put on some sexy clothes and high heels and I went out and made a living.
Lt. Andrews: Jesus Christ!

Molly Stewart/Angel: [after seeing Ric wet himself] Look me up again Ric... when your toilet trained.

Avenging Angel (1985)
Yo-Yo Charlie: This is gonna be great! She won't even recognize you. She's gonna have a heart attack. It's been four years!
Molly "Angel" Stewart: Solly?
Solly Mosler: WHAT?
Molly "Angel" Stewart: Is that any way to treat an old friend?
Solly Mosler: I don't believe it. I'm gonna have a heart attack!

Solly Mosler: Can you imagine me a mother? At my fuckin' age?
Molly "Angel" Stewart: What are you going to do?
Solly Mosler: [cooing] I'm gonna get rid of the little bastard, that's what I'm gonna do, because he's a pain in my ass.
Yo-Yo Charlie: I know a guy at welfare. He can help ya.
Solly Mosler: You touch that phone and I'll break your dick!

Molly "Angel" Stewart: I know who we need. Kit Carson! He knows more about these streets than anybody.
Solly Mosler: You haven't heard have ya?
Molly "Angel" Stewart: Oh no...
Solly Mosler: No, he's not dead. Worse!
Molly "Angel" Stewart: Worse?

Molly "Angel" Stewart: Well?
Solly Mosler: What are ya, workin' the streets again?
Molly "Angel" Stewart: Yeah, I am. I can find out a lot more on the streets as Angel than I can as Molly. Right Kit?
Kit Carson: Makes sense to me.

Studs: Hello baby. My name is Studs. Come on baby, don't be like that. Do you want to party? How would you like to make my day?
Molly "Angel" Stewart: I'm on a lunch break!
[he grabs her arm and she giggles]
Molly "Angel" Stewart: Kinda horny aren't ya?
Studs: You can tell, huh?
Molly "Angel" Stewart: Mmm-Hmmmm.
[she takes out gun]
Molly "Angel" Stewart: One more word and I'll blow your balls into outer space!

Molly "Angel" Stewart: Sargent, can I have a word with you please? Sargent Baylor, there's been a terrible mistake here.
Sergeant Hal Baylor: The only mistake baby is that you got busted. Tell it to your attorney.
Molly "Angel" Stewart: Sargent Baylor? Your department is in violation of Due Process. Article one, section seven of the California Constitution, not to mention the Civil Rights Act under California Civil Code section eleven eleven five, article four and under California penal code section fourty-six, you personally, and your Captain, are legally liable for false arrest.
Captain Harry Moradian: She's right. We owe this lady an apology. Get her release papers ready.
Sergeant Hal Baylor: Harry, we picked her up on a routine sweep.
Captain Harry Moradian: I'm aware of our procedures Sargent.
Sergeant Hal Baylor: Yes sir. Whatever you say sir.

Molly "Angel" Stewart: You used me as bait!
Captain Harry Moradian: I'm doing my job.

Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988)
[last lines]
Molly Stewart: Nadine, chocolate is not your best color.