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Hannah (Character)
from 28 Days Later... (2002)

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28 Days Later... (2002)
[Hannah comes from behind and breaks a bottle over Jim's head as he kisses Selena]
Selena: Hannah, it's okay! He's not infected.
Hannah: But I thought he was biting you.
Jim: Kissing. I was kissing her. Are you stoned?
Selena: It's a long story.

[Selena gives Hannah some valium when the soldiers prepare to take advantage of the two of them]
Selena: We're gonna eat these, Hannah, okay? Come on - You eat these. Eat these.
Hannah: Are you trying to kill me?
Selena: No, sweetheart. I'm making you not care.

[Major Henry West tells Hannah she must eat]
Hannah: I don't want to eat.
Major Henry West: You must eat, Hannah.
Hannah: I don't want to eat. I want to bury my dad. He's one of the people you're talking about.

[last lines, alternate ending]
Hannah: [Selena hangs over Jim's dead body, unable to revive him in the hospital] What are we gonna do now? Selena? What are we gonna do now?
Selena: We move.
[as the two girls in red dresses walk down the hospital hallway to leave]

[Hannah tells Jim and Selena that they all need each other]
Hannah: Anyway, it isn't true what dad said. You need us just the same, as we need you. We need each other, and we'll never be safe in the cities. The soldiers could keep us safe. So, we have to try and get there.

[Selena and Jim eat their groceries from the supermarket]
Selena: Mmm! Oh, my God! I can, like, taste the Vitamin C.
Jim: [Jim mumbles with food in his mouth] Mmm. The raisins are so moist.
Hannah: [Hannah chuckles] What did you say?
Jim: [Jim talks with his mouth full] The raisins, huh? They're still moist!

[Frank tells Hannah his last words before becoming infected]
Frank: Hannah, I love you very much.
Hannah: What?
Frank: [Frank quietly warns Hannah] Keep away from me. Stay where you are.
Hannah: Dad?
Frank: [Frank begins shouting] Keep away from me!
Hannah: Dad?
Frank: [Frank dashes to Hannah and pushes her to the ground] Keep away from me! Keep away from me! Keep away! Keep away!
Hannah: Dad!

[Hannah talks to the scared Private Jones as he waits for his fellow soldiers to return]
Hannah: They've been a long time. What are you gonna do, if they don't come back? Will you be the officer if Henry is dead? Is that the way it works?
Private Jones: Shut up.
Hannah: [the lightning flashes] I don't think they are coming back. I think they've been killed.
Private Jones: I said shut up!
Selena: [Selena tries to quiet Hannah] Hannah.
Hannah: They're dead... and you're gonna be next.

[Selena and Hannah run away from the infected Mailer in the mansion]
Selena: We're gonna get out of here. Stay with it. Stay with me.
Hannah: [as Hannah is still on Valium] Don't worry. I feel fine, really.

[Hannah drives the car away from the mansion as she sees the gates locked]
Hannah: They're locked. The gates are locked!
Jim: Just fuckin' do it!
[Hannah puts her seat belt on and presses on the gas of the car]