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Biography for
Slater (Character)
from Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

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Captain Slater was in charge of the Umbrella troops stationed at the facility in Nevada. Their duty was to protect the scientists while they worked on a way to overcome the T-Virus, which had taken over the world and turned most of its population into flesh eating zombies. It was the head researcher, Dr. Isaacs, who had come closest to creating a cure to the T-virus using blood samples that he had extracted from Project Alice, and was now using them to create clones of Alice to test against zombies. slater became furious at Isaacs for endangering his men, whom Isaacs had been sending to capture zombies for his experiments. When Isaacs himself became infected by a zombie bite, he tried to cure himself by injecting all remaining samples he had of Alice's blood. Slater shot Isaacs in the heart and tried to take control of the facility, but Isaacs immediately reanimated and mutated into a hideous monster with clawed tentacles. Isaacs attacked Slater, using his clawed tentacles to gouge out Slater's eyes and tongue, leaving him to bleed to death, while he rampaged through the facility, killing all Umbrella employees and impaling them on spikes.

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