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Cindy Brady (Character)
from "The Brady Bunch" (1969)

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"The Brady Bunch: To Move or Not to Move (#1.23)" (1970)
Jan Brady: It gives me a funny feeling to think about someone else in our room, even though it hasn't been our room very long.
Marcia Brady: It does sort of, I wonder if it'll miss us?
Cindy Brady: I feel sorry for it.
Marcia Brady: Don't, some nice girls will move in.
Cindy Brady: What if it's a mean old man?

Cindy Brady: She means we'll feel like orphans.
Marcia Brady: Orphans don't have mothers and fathers, not brothers.
Cindy Brady: Then what are you when you don't have brothers?
Jan Brady: Lonesome.

Cindy Brady: That terrible noise woke us up!
Bobby Brady: What do you suppose it was?
Alice Nelson: [a loud creaking sounds] Or is?
Carol Brady: Well sometimes a loose board will make a house creak.
Cindy Brady: You sound just like Daddy.

Cindy Brady, Bobby Brady: [all hear a loud slamming noise] What was that?
Carol Brady: [taken aback] Ub, hey, wa, it's probably the wind, uh, banging against the shutters.
Alice Nelson: That would be a good guess, Mrs. Brady, if there *was* a wind, and we had shutters.

A Very Brady Sequel (1996)
Cindy Brady: You can't take my mommy!
Marcia Brady: Cindy's right! Take Jan!

[Asked where Marcia is]
Cindy: She's over there getting lei'd by those Hawaiian boys.

Carol: Careful, Mike. he's got a gun.
Roy: I don't need a gun to take care of you. I am going to kick your Brady butt.
Cindy: He said the "B" word.

[all the Brady kids and Alice are tied together by a staircase from Roy Martin, who left and kidnapped mom, they all think in their heads]
Bobby Brady: If I had been a better detective, I would've been on Mr. Martin sooner. This is all my fault.
Cindy Brady: If I wasn't too busy looking for my doll, I would've seen something suspicious. This is all my fault.
Kitty Carry-all: I bet he wouldn't have tied me up if I was Barbie. This is all my fault.
Peter Brady: What a dumb-head I am. I guess Roy was not much of a hero after all. This is all my fault.
Alice: I must've not put enough mushrooms in his spaghetti sauce. This is all my fault.
Greg Brady: Marcia looks great in those ropes... Wait a minute, what am I saying? This is all my fault!
Jan Brady: It was wrong to make up George Glass. This is all my fault!
Marcia: This is all Jan's fault.

The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)
Mr Dittmeyer: Why don't you hop back on the Swiss Miss package where you belong huh?
Cindy Brady: Okay!

Cindy Brady: [lisps] Mom asked me to ask you if there's any mail for us here by mistake.
Mr. Dittmeyer: I don't understand you. What do you want?
Cindy Brady: Mom asked me to ask you if there's any mail for us here by mistake.
Mr. Dittmeyer: What?
Cindy Brady: Mom asked me to ask you if there's any mail for us here by mistake.
Mr. Dittmeyer: Nope, not a clue.
Mrs. Dena Dittmeyer: She wants the Brady's' mail, Larry!
Mr. Dittmeyer: Thank you, darling! So kind of you to climb out from under your hangover.

Carol Brady: Why don't you help Alice bake some cookies?
Cindy Brady: Okay Mommy
[talking to Alice]
Cindy Brady: Can my doll help too?
Alice: As long as it's not Betsy Wetsy. She makes my cookies soggy woggy.

Marcia Brady: [in Jan's thought] But Jan, you don't have friends. You're just jealous Jan.
[Jan wakes up, holds a pair of scissors like a knife, and starts to cut Marcia's hair]
Cindy Brady: Jan, what are you doing?
Jan Brady: Go back to sleep Cindy!
Cindy Brady: Jan don't. Marcia's hair is so beautiful.
Jan Brady: Exactly. That's why I'm gonna make alot of money when I sell it.
[Jan continues to cut Marcia's hair]
Jan Brady: [laughs psychotically]
Cindy Brady: [Screams]
[Carol and Alice come into the room]
Carol Brady: Jan, what are you doing?
[Marcia's got a new hairdo]
Carol Brady: Oh Marcia, I love your hair!
Alice: What a groovy hairdo!
Cindy Brady: Oh, you're so beautiful!
Jan Brady: No! She was supposed to look bad! No! No!
[Jan wakes up]
Jan Brady: What a horrible dream.

"The Brady Bunch: A Fistful of Reasons (#2.8)" (1970)
[Cindy and Peter are walking home, after school, but they are followed by numerous other school students]
Peter Brady: Why are all these kids following us for? They don't walk home this way.
Cindy Brady: I guess they wanted to watch.
Peter Brady: Watch what?
Cindy Brady: The fight.
Peter Brady: How do they know there might be a fight?
Cindy Brady: I guess, maybe I mentioned it.
Peter Brady: Aw, Cindy!
[they all walk to Buddy Hinton's 'tree' and stop temporarily]
Buddy Hinton: Well, if it isn't baby talk and the chicken again. Hey, chicken, let's hear you cackle.
Peter Brady: Let's not start this again, Buddy.
Buddy Hinton: I want to hear you cackle, chicken, come on.
[Buddy Hinton then started making clucking sounds, much like imitating a hen, when laying an egg]
Peter Brady: That's dumb. Why not just cut out all the teasing?
Buddy Hinton: Hey, baby talk. Itty-bitty, itsy-bitsy baby talk.
Peter Brady: Cut it out.
Buddy Hinton: What will you do about it?
Peter Brady: Let's reason. Let's talk about it.
Buddy Hinton: Shut up or fight!
Peter Brady: Don't you want to talk about it?
Buddy Hinton: You heard me! Shut up or fight!
Peter Brady: Okay, if that's the way you want. I'm ready.
Buddy Hinton: You asked for it!
[Peter ducked or avoided Buddy's attempted fist strike and then Peter successfully struck Buddy Hinton to the ground]

[Just after Buddy Hinton missed striking Peter and Peter knocked Buddy down to the ground]
Peter Brady: Gee, Buddy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you, really, I didn't.
Buddy Hinton: You knocked my tooth loose.
Peter Brady: I did what?
Buddy Hinton: [lisping] It's looth. It's looth. Don't you see how it wiggles?
Cindy Brady: You sure talk funny.
[Other students quickly start laughing at Buddy Hinton's lisping]
Buddy Hinton: It's not funny.
Cindy Brady: Baby talk, baby talk, it's a wonder you can walk.
[Other students laugh again again and even harder, forcing Buddy Hinton to quickly get up and runs away from everybody]

Cindy Brady: She sells seashells by the seashore. She sells seashells by the seashore. She sells seashells by the seashore.
Marcia Brady: Cindy, would you mind practicing somewhere else? Arithmetic is kind of hard.
Cindy Brady: So are S's.

"The Brady Bunch: Bobby's Hero (#4.17)" (1973)
Bobby Brady: You're supposed to be on the train.
Cindy Brady: No I'm not, now I'm the posse hunting you down.

Cindy Brady: [chasing Bobby into the kitchen where Alice is mopping] Jesse James, you're under arrest!
Bobby Brady: No way, you can't arrest me here.
Cindy Brady: Why not?
Bobby Brady: I just crossed the Rio Grande River, THIS is Mexico.
Alice Nelson: Well vamoose you caballeros, because all of Mexico is going to get mopped up.

"The Brady Bunch: You Can't Win 'Em All (#4.22)" (1973)
Bobby Brady: Hey, Cindy, you want to play in the tipi?
Cindy Brady: Don't be silly.
Bobby Brady: What's silly about it?
Cindy Brady: I might get dirty.
Bobby Brady: So what?
Cindy Brady: Television stars don't play in tipis and they don't get dirty.
Bobby Brady: Who's a television star?
Cindy Brady: I am. That's who.

Alice Nelson: Hi, Cindy. You want to lick the bowl?
Cindy Brady: No, thanks. It's not lady-like.
Alice Nelson: Lady-like?
Cindy Brady: Yes. What are we having for dinner?
Alice Nelson: Swiss steak and spaghetti.
Cindy Brady: Not me.
Alice Nelson: Honey, those are two of your favorites!
Cindy Brady: Not anymore they're not. They are rich and fattening.
Alice Nelson: Well, sure, all that good stuff is.
Cindy Brady: Just fix me a small salad, please.
Alice Nelson: Hey, wait a second. Do you mind telling me why the special diet?
Cindy Brady: A star can't go on television, all fat and broken out.

"The Brady Bunch: Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up? (#2.15)" (1971)
Cindy Brady: Jan, what happened? The top of your head turned black.
Jan Brady: Don't be silly, it's a wig.
Marcia Brady: Where did you get that?
Jan Brady: Oh, I bought it this morning. What do you think?
Marcia Brady: Jan, I think it looks awful.
Jan Brady: Who asked for your opinion?

"The Brady Bunch Variety Hour: Pilot (#1.0)" (1976)
Cindy Brady: How would you like to eat your teeth?
Bobby Brady: How would you like to sit on a frog?
Carol Brady: My babies, they're so close.

"The Brady Bunch: The Liberation of Marcia Brady (#2.19)" (1971)
Cindy Brady: I still don't see why we all can't go.
Carol Brady: Honey, the initiation ceremony is just for the Frontier Scouts.
Jan Brady: But this is a big victory for us girls. From now on, we'll be treated the same as boys.
Alice Nelson: At your age, that's victory. At mine it's defeat.

"The Brady Bunch: The Tattle-Tale (#2.10)" (1970)
Jan Brady: Marcia, what are the seven wonders of the world?
Marcia Brady: Seven wonders?
Jan Brady: I've got six so far.
Jan Brady: [as Cindy walks into the room glumly] What's the matter?
Marcia Brady: What happened downstairs?
Cindy Brady: [sadly] Can't tell you. It's tattling.
Marcia Brady: If Cindy won't tattle, there's your seventh wonder.

"The Brady Bunch: Try, Try Again (#5.10)" (1973)
Cindy Brady: Hi, anybody seen Jan?
Carol Brady: She went to the library, honey, why?
Cindy Brady: Oh, I just thought I'd let her beat me at checkers.
Mike Brady: Why you want to do that?
Cindy Brady: To give her confidence. To make her think she's good at something. That's what we've been doing.
Carol Brady: How long are you and your brothers and sisters plan to keep losing to Jan?
Cindy Brady: I don't know. A couple months. I'll ask Greg.

"The Brady Bunch Variety Hour: Episode #1.5" (1977)
Cindy Brady: Aren't we making a movie?
Carol Brady: I think we better get this television show on first.
Bobby Brady: Really! If we don't hurry up, people are gonna turn us off and go to the movies!

"The Brady Bunch: Cindy Brady, Lady (#3.21)" (1972)
Cindy Brady: Why did I have to be born so young?

"The Brady Bunch: Top Secret (#5.19)" (1974)
Marcia Brady: [excitedly] It looks like Sam is finally going to ask her to marry him.
Cindy Brady: That's great!
Jan Brady: That's fantastic. How do you know?
Cindy Brady: Did Sam say so?
Marcia Brady: He didn't have to.
Jan Brady: Did Alice say so?
Marcia Brady: She didn't have to.
Cindy Brady: Did Mom say so?
Marcia Brady: She didn't have to either.
Jan Brady: Then who told you they were getting married?
Marcia Brady: [excitedly] Nobody!
Jan Brady: That's good enough for me.
Cindy Brady: Me too!

"Robot Chicken: Suck It (#2.1)" (2006)
Cindy Brady: Mommy, Kitty Carryall said lisps aren't cute, and recommends corrective surgery.

"The Brady Bunch: Jan, the Only Child (#4.8)" (1972)
Jan Brady: How come everybody is so nice to me all of a sudden?
Cindy Brady: Cause we're supposed to be.
Jan Brady: What do you mean 'supposed to be'?
Cindy Brady: We're supposed to be nice to you until you get over your problem. Then we can forget about you again.

"The Brady Bunch: Hawaii Bound (#4.1)" (1972)
Cindy Brady: I'm sure glad Greg didn't get hurt. It would have ruined our picnic tomorrow!
Alice Nelson: Well, that's certainly looking on the bright side of things!

"The Brady Bunch: 54-40 and Fight (#1.15)" (1970)
Carol Brady: [exasperated] Oh, the peace and quiet of home.
[Greg and Marcia begin to argue heatedly in the background]
Bobby Brady: That doesn't sound very quiet.
Cindy Brady: And not very peace.

A Very Brady Christmas (1988) (TV)
Belinda: [answering the phone] Steve?
Mike Brady: No, it's not Steve.
Belinda: Rory?
Mike Brady: No.
Belinda: Russ? Tyler? Richard?
Mike Brady: No, I'm sorry. It's Mike.
Belinda: [sweetly] Oh hi, Mike. Wow, you sound older.
Mike Brady: Well, I probably am. I'm Cindy's father.
Belinda: [hands Cindy the phone] It's for you, it's your dad. He sounds cute.
Cindy Brady: He's not cute, he's... dad.