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Quotes for
Rima (Character)
from Green Mansions (1959)

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Green Mansions (1959)
Abel: [as they come upon a rare, solitary flower in the forest] What is it?
Rima: It's called the Hata flower. It blooms for the space of a moon and then disappears. Yet it never dies. That very moment it blooms again at another place, in another part of the forest.
Rima: If you look in this place tomorrow and it is gone, you must not be sad, because you know it still exists, not very far away.
Abel: [looking a little skeptical] That's a beautiful legend.
Rima: A legend?
Abel: A legend is a story that is handed down from generation to generation, until people come to believe it.
Rima: You do not believe it? You do not believe anything, do you?
Abel: I believe in what I have to do.
[kisses her on the forehead and walks away]