Lynda Moss
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Lynda Moss (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (2005)

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"Doctor Who: Bad Wolf (#1.12)" (2005)
The Doctor: The human race. Brainless sheep, being fed on a diet of - mind you, have they still got that program where three people have to live with a bear?
Lynda: Oh, Bear With Me? I love that one!
The Doctor: And me. The celebrity edition, where the bear...
The Doctor, Lynda: in the bath!
[both smiling]
The Doctor: But it's all gone wrong! I mean, history's gone wrong. Again!

Captain Jack Harkness: That's impossible. I know those ships. They were destroyed.
The Doctor: Obviously they survived.
Lynda: Who did? Who are they?
The Doctor: Two hundred ships. More than two thousand on board each one. That's just about half a million of them.
Male Programmer: Half a million what?
The Doctor: Daleks.
[cut to the interior of the ship]
Dalek: Alert! Alert! We are detected!

Lynda: She's been evicted... from life.

Captain Jack Harkness: [as The Doctor tries to patch into the computer system, Jack turns to Lynda and smiles, offering his hand] Hey there!
Lynda: [bright friendly smile] Hello.
Captain Jack Harkness: [as they shake hands] Captain Jack Harkness.
Lynda: Lynda Moss.
Captain Jack Harkness: Nice to meet you, Lynda Moss.
The Doctor: [not looking up, sounds annoyed] Do you mind flirting outside?
Captain Jack Harkness: [mildly defensive] I was just saying hello.
The Doctor: For you, that's flirting.
Lynda: [hand still linked with Jack's] I'm not complaining.
Captain Jack Harkness: [smiles back] Muchas gracias.
[kisses her hand]

Lynda: A hundred years ago. What?
[follows him to another door]
Lynda: You were here 100 years ago?
The Doctor: [glances back briefly as he walks] Yep.
Lynda: Well, you're looking good on it.
The Doctor: [turns around to face her; pointedly] I moisturize.

Lynda: You got chosen.
The Doctor: [the Doctor looks confused] Chosen for what?
Lynda: You're a housemate, you're in the house!
Lynda: Isn't that brilliant?
Strood: That's not fair! I've been here all eight weeks, I've played by all the rules and then he just comes swanning in!
Crosbie: If they keep changing the rules like this I'm going to protest, I am. I'm gonna... paint the walls!

Lynda: You were here a hundred years ago?
The Doctor: Yes.
Lynda: Well, you're looking good on it.
The Doctor: I moisturize.

Lynda: There's 100 different games
The Doctor: Like what?
Lynda: There's 10 floors of Big Brother, there's a different house behind each of these doors, and then beyond that there's all sorts of shows. It's nonstop. There's Call My Bluff, with real guns. Countdown, where you got 30 seconds to stop the bomb going off. Ground Force, which is a nasty one. You get turned into compost. Wipeout, speaks for itself. Oh, and Starts in Their Eyes, literally, stars in their eyes. If you don't sing, you get blinded.
The Doctor: And you watch this stuff?

"Doctor Who: The Parting of the Ways (#1.13)" (2005)
Dalek: Proceed to next level.
Lynda: They're flying up the ventilation shaft. No, wait a minute. Oh, my God, why are they doing that? They're going down.
[cut to Floor zero. The Daleks suddenly burst in and begin to corner the hundred people stranded there]
Daleks: Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!
Rodrick: [shocked] It can't! You don't exist! That's not fair! I don't want to die! I should be rich! Not dying! You can't do this to me!
Daleks: [shouts] Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!
[cut back to Lynda as she hears the massacre. Horrified, she turns the radio off]
Lynda: Floor zero. They killed them all.

Lynda: I've got a problem.
Dalek: Human female detected.
Lynda: They've found me.
The Doctor: You'll be all right, Lynda. Their side of the corridor's reinforced against meteors.
Lynda: I hope so. You know what they say about Earth workmanship.