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The Phantom (Character)
from The Phantom (1996)

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"Phantom 2040: Generation Unto Generation: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1994)
[first lines]
Kit Walker, Jr.: In the summer of 2040 I had a different life planned. I was going to leave Metropia to work in the jungle preserves of New Brazil. I wanted to be an ecological engineer. I thought that was why in the midst of the city I dreamt of the jungle. I didn't belong in Metropia. No one did. What I didn't know was that I didn't have to go to the jungle. The jungle was coming to me. And it was bringing my true destiny with it. Of course, the day it all began I had more important things on my mind than saving the world.

Jenna: Kit, you're an expert at these games. The real excitement of the game is in the tenth level, not the jungle. That's for neos.
Kit Walker, Jr.: You know what my aunt thinks about guns and violence.
Jenna: But Battleworld's just a virtual-reality game.
Kit Walker, Jr.: Its jungle simulation is real enough.
Jenna: There's still some real jungles around, aren't there?
Kit Walker, Jr.: Only in the preserves like New Brazil. And even they don't have all the plant species the simulation shows.

Jenna: Kit, you study so much the rest of the class thinks you're half-biot.
Tranh: Yeah, loosen up. I keep tellin' you: do what you like. Not what you have to.
Kit Walker, Jr.: But I *like* ecology.
Jenna: You mean you *like* any course Professor Archer teaches.
Kit Walker, Jr.: Yeah, but the professor remembers the old days, back at the turn of the century before the Resource Wars when there were real...
Jenna, Tranh: We know: real jungles.

Tranh: Besides, who cares about seeing the real thing when we can get virtual?
Kit Walker, Jr.: Tranh, the Earth's ecosystem is collapsing all around us. Everyone has to be willing to...
Tranh: Power down, Kit. It was a joke.

Kit Walker, Jr.: I'll see you bits in class.

Guran: I am Guran.
Kit Walker, Jr.: I am Kit Walker. Junior.
Guran: I know. How else could you have found me?
Kit Walker, Jr.: I don't understand.
Guran: In your heart you do. You are your father's son. You wear his ring.
Kit Walker, Jr.: My father?
Guran: In your dreams you have seen this jungle. In your heart you have always understood. The Phantom walks again, Kit Walker. Generation unto generation. Father unto father's son.
Kit Walker, Jr.: My father was... The Phantom.
Guran: And as it has been for almost five-hundred years, you are The Phantom now.

Guran: In the year 1566, a sailing ship was attacked by pirates in the Bay of Bengala. All crew and passengers perished, save one. A boy. Rescued by the Bandar tribe, taught their secret ways. To swear an oath on the skull of his father's killer, to fight injustice wherever it may be found. So The Phantom lives in the whispers of twenty-three generations. The role passed on from father to son, so the world believes there is only one. The Man Who Cannot Die. The Guardian of the Eastern Dark.
Kit Walker, Jr.: The Ghost Who Walks.

Kit Walker, Jr.: I've always felt there was something missing from my life, but...
Guran: You are your father's son, Kit Walker. And now it is your turn.

Guran: The suit also has a digital camouflage system, that can project a holographic picture of your surroundings, making you appear almost invisible.
Kit Walker, Jr.: I don't care what the suit can do; it has nothing to do with me and my life.
[Guran smiles]
Kit Walker, Jr.: What's so funny?
Guran: You remind me of your father, when he was young.

Kit Walker, Jr.: [Presses a button to cause his suit to fade off Kit's body but one piece remains] The mask you must remove yourself.

Kit Walker, Jr.: Do you know what happened to my parents?
Guran: Some questions, only The Phantom can answer.

Enforcer: [blocking him] No looters!
Kit Walker, Jr.: My friends are trapped in there.
Enforcer: Who cares?
Kit Walker, Jr.: *Someone* has to care!
Enforcer: Not these days.

Kit Walker, Jr.: [looking at the ring] No. I won't. But I'm not The Phantom. I don't want to *be* The Phantom.

Kit Walker, Jr.: Just this once. I'll do it *just* this once.

Jenna: What're you gonna do now?
24th Phantom: I'm open to suggestions.

Jenna: Who are you?
24th Phantom: Jenna, I'm K-
[glances at the observers]
24th Phantom: I'm... The Phantom.

The Phantom (1996)
The Great Kabai Sengh: You're not immortal. I know your secrets, Phantom.
The Phantom: Take them to your grave, Kabai Sengh.

Diana Palmer: [about Devil] Your dog's a wolf!
The Phantom: [almost laughing] I know. Come on.

The Phantom: [after coming through the laundry shoot, seeing Sala and Diana] What is this, a ship full of women?
Sala: [smiling] All my pilots are women.
The Phantom: Interesting. Excuse me.

Xander Drax: All right, what's your name? Why do you want that skull so badly?
The Phantom: Kit Walker.
Xander Drax: Huh, and who is Kit Walker?
The Phantom: I am.
Xander Drax: And what about the skull?
The Phantom: It'd go well with my drapes.

Phantom's Dad: [the Phantom is conversing with his father's ghost] So, tell him to step on it.
The Phantom: Can you go any faster?
Al the Cabby: You talking to me now?

Diana Palmer: I came here to do a job and that's what I'm gonna do.
The Phantom: Good-bye.
[leaves the skull cave]

The Phantom: [as Kit Walker] Now, I read about what happened. Are you alright?
Diana Palmer: Oh, I'm fine. It started out bad, but all turned out okay.

Xander Drax: [becomes amazed after unleashing the power of all three skulls] These skulls are more powerful than I ever imagined! I've harnessed the energy of the sun! Who needs a fourth skull?
The Phantom: I do and I know where it is. I've worn it all my life. For protection. I never really understood what that meant until right now.
Xander Drax: Ha! What a cheap jungle trick!

Diana Palmer: Before I go... take off your mask? Let me see your face... Kit.
The Phantom: You know, I'm not really permitted to reveal all of my secrets, Diana.
Diana Palmer: You're not?
The Phantom: Actually, I am. That's only to one person.
Diana Palmer: Who's that?
The Phantom: The woman I intend to marry.

The Phantom: [as Kit Walker] I gotta say, Diana, you look great. You got changed a bit.
Diana Palmer: You just vanished, Kit.
The Phantom: [as Kit Walker] I guess I did.
Diana Palmer: Without a word, without a letter, not even a phone call.
The Phantom: [as Kit Walker] No.

"Phantom 2040: The Magician (#1.15)" (1995)
24th Phantom: What's the big hurry, Guran? I still had at least a hundred meters to fall. You told me this kind of work was supposed to be exciting.
Guran: Maybe there is a way I can make it up to you.

Steele: After that, my partner went home to work on the African miracles, I was still a crime-fighter, though not as fast as I used to be. Which would not have been so bad, except, Maximum invented Biots. And Biots cannot be tricked by my illusions. So I thought it was time to move on to something else. I turned my talents to making defensive weapons and other devices for your father the 23rd Phantom. But when he died in the Sector Zero train crash, I... retired completely.
24th Phantom: [snaps his fingers] You built my phase-suit! And my power cuffs. All this equipment!
Steele: Yes, but your father never had the chance to use the latest versions I sent him.

Heloise Walker: I see we have a visitor, from the past.
24th Phantom: Aunt Heloise, you'll never believe who this guy is!
Steele: [they smile at each other for a moment] Heloise.
Heloise Walker: [as he kisses her hand] It has been a long time since Paris.
Steele: Ah, but your beauty is such that none would guess a single day has passed since last we met.

24th Phantom: Uh, I don't want to stop this walk down Memory Lane, but Steele said the Phantom is it danger?
Steele: I'm afraid the Phantom is in danger precisely because I not only walk down Memory Lane, I own it.

24th Phantom: Nice suit.
Steele: A good tux never goes out of style, my boy. But didn't I tell you to wait in the garage?
24th Phantom: Would my father have waited?
Steele: No. He didn't have any sense either. That is why we were friends.

24th Phantom: Hey, no offense, but we'll need more than magic to get this old junker past that particle-canon.
Steele: As I've told you, I've added a few modifications. Hero, activate Phantom mode
[the car converts into a more technologically-advanced version]
24th Phantom: O-ho-ho, a *few* modifications?

24th Phantom: [flying Hero in Phantom mode] Not bad for an antique.

24th Phantom: Scanners indicate no lifeforms remain in the mansion.
Steele: [sadly] Only ghosts.

[last lines]
Sagan Cruz: Now just tell me one thing. Has there always been one Phantom, or are you...
Guran: The Phantom is The *Ghost* Who Walks. The Man Who Cannot Die. He was, he is, he will be. As long as injustice walks in this world.
24th Phantom: Maybe if you knew for sure, the Phantom would be just like anyone else. A little mystery makes him stronger. A little mystery... and a little magic.
Steele: [listening from the cruiser with Heloise] I couldn't have said it better myself.
[creates a flower and offers it to her, they lean in closer]

"Defenders of the Earth: A House Divided (#1.4)" (1986)
Young Kurt Walker: [snatching his mask] You just wait! I'll show you I'm worthy! I'll make you pay for this, Kit!
[runs off]
Young Kit Walker: [reaching after him] Kurt -!
26th Phantom: No! Let him go. Kurt must find his own destiny.

Jedda Walker: I don't understand. How did this happen?
The Phantom: It all started the day our father put us to the ultimate test.

26th Phantom: I'm sorry, my son, but you have never learned that The Phantom is meant to serve others.

The Phantom: I hoped the years would have given you wisdom. I see they haven't. I'm sorry for you.

N'dama: This is my moment of triumph!
26th Phantom: [emerging from the photo of him with his sons] Triumph? This is your moment of shame.

Guran: Don't think of me; destroy the demon.
The Phantom: [sighs] What do you want, Kurt?

Jedda Walker: Dad, you can't.
The Phantom: With all these people's lives at stake, I have no choice.
Jedda Walker: Then let me go to the mountain ahead of you. I'll make sure it's a fair race.
The Phantom: Not this time, Jedda. This is something between Kurt Walker and Kit Walker.

The Phantom: [vaults off the cliff he forced him to hang off of to grab his ankles and be carried across the gap] Thanks for the ride, brother.

"Defenders of the Earth: The Deadliest Battle (#1.55)" (????)
Ming the Merciless: [the adult Defenders have arrived just after Rick, Jedda, and L.J. have baffled him with constant elluding] Where are you? Show yourselves!
Flash Gordon: We're right here, Ming.
L.J.: And we're over here too.
Mandrake the Magician: [No matter which way he turns, he sees one of the groups] We're everywhere, Ming.
Ming the Merciless: AHH! I'll destroy you!
The Phantom: [watching him shoot - at no one] Are you casting any illusions, Mandrake?
Mandrake the Magician: No. Ming is hallucinating.

"Defenders of the Earth: A Demon in His Pocket (#1.3)" (1986)
Flash Gordon: What on Earth is that?
The Phantom: The answer, my friend, is not of this Earth.