Ned Nickerson
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Ned Nickerson (Character)
from Nancy Drew (2007)

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Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase (1939)
Ted Nickerson: [trying to impress the maid with a joke] A duck is a chicken with snowshoes.
Nancy Drew: And a halfwit is a person who spends half their time trying to be witty.

Ted Nickerson: Gosh! I mean GOSH!

Ted Nickerson: [frustratedly] Some day I'm gonna get psychoanalyzed and find out why I'm such a dope.

Ted Nickerson: [to Nancy] I can only hope you can keep up with me when I start retreatin'.

Smitty, a Policeman: Watch your step, lady.
Ted Nickerson: [mumbling while in dress] "Lady".

Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter (1939)
Ted Nickerson: Why are there potatoes on the floor?
Nancy Drew: I put them there, that's how I cook potatoes, on the floor.

Ted Nickerson: [to the telegrapher] I'm going to give you some advice, mister. If you wanna get rich, stay away from women. I know from experience.

Ted Nickerson: [referring to their car] Turn it around! A wise general always leaves the road open for retreat. Don't you know that?

Ted Nickerson: [to Nancy] Now, look, will you cut the bubble gum talk and give?

Nancy Drew... Reporter (1939)
Nancy Drew: Ted, I'm positive that the woman who stole the tin can from me yesterday is Soxie's girlfriend. Now all you have to do is get him to tell you her name and where she lives.
Ted Nickerson: Maybe you'd like to know if she's got any bridgework! How will that help?
Nancy Drew: You remember Captain Tweety always said, "Cherchez la femme!" - find the woman! - the only smart thing he ever did say!
Ted Nickerson: Yeah, and he stole that!
Nancy Drew: It's true! You can always get information from women. They just love to talk!

Nancy Drew: Ted, why did you have to have a sister?
Ted Nickerson: Ask Ma!

Nancy Drew (2007)
Nancy Drew: Ned can I ask you a question?
Ned Nickerson: Mhm.
Nancy Drew: Can you tell when a girl looks at you and is thinking how much she likes you and is wondering if you like her and thinking how important it is for you to say how you feel before she says anything more about how she feels about you or anyone else they might be jealous of because she's already said how she feels how she's said in her own way?
Ned Nickerson: Uh, can you repeat the question?

Ned Nickerson: There it is. Just like clockwork.
Nancy Drew: What?
Ned Nickerson: Postpartum depression. You're sad the case is over.
Nancy Drew: That's ridiculous. I'm glad it all worked out.
Ned Nickerson: You're only happy when there is trouble. This I know for sure.

Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall (2013) (VG)
Ned Nickerson: Nickerson men laugh in the face of insecurity.

Ned Nickerson: Nancy, your newfound buddyship with that batty basement-dweller is freaking me out!

Nancy Drew: Detective (1938)
Theodore 'Ted' Nickerson: What's the matter, the Recession still on?

Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness (2015) (VG)
Ned Nickerson: You have that 'help people' gene. There's this fire within you. I firmly believe you're going to save the world one day. At times, I worry like crazy. Even if I'm out with my friends, or at a game, or in the middle of class. I've got one hand on my phone, terrified that I might get that call one day. A call that this time you didn't get lucky. And that used to terrify me, but now... I'm not afraid. What I'm trying to say is, I can't imagine life or the world without you. And even though I might get that call someday... I'm not gonna let fear hold me back. I love you Nancy. I love you so much.