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Quotes for
Bess (Character)
from Nancy Drew (2007)

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Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall (2013) (VG)
Bess Marvin: I, on the other hand, have been watching videos of otters. So good at stacking things. Additionally, I have kidnapped Ned.

Bess Marvin: All I want is to see the screen, and to not deal with jerks, to have a movie style romance, and for no one to get hurt, ever.

Bess Marvin: Put that on a billboard.

Bess Marvin: Ned, say something to uncrazy your girlfriend!

Bess Marvin: I have trained you well. Now go, Nancy, tattle like the wind!

Bess Marvin: Ned, do I have permission to do a spit-take in your living room?

Bess Marvin: I've never been a mom, but I have owned my fair share of fish.

Bess Marvin: Where does he fall on the cute-to-guilty spectrum?

Bess Marvin: You're just going to have to find a way to tell me that balances the public's need to know with Ned's presumably fragile ego.

Bess Marvin: Nancy, describe Colton's looks using the International Ned Cuteness Unit. We talkin' half a Ned? Two Neds?

Nancy Drew (2002) (TV)
Nancy: [on cell phone] What? You definitely know there's a God 'cause why?
Bess: Because at this very moment I am a girl on a raft in a sea of male cuteness. Remember all those years in high school when I was like, "Where are all the cute boys?" They were here Nancy, at River Heights University, all along. Cute football boys, cute skater boys, even cute computer geek boys! I feel like that "Crocodile Hunter" guy. I have found the sacred watering hole of the gorgeous male. I swear, if I'd known, I would have gone to college years ago.

Bess: [looks at Nancy while she is pulling out her notebook from her purse and points at her] I know that look. Like in the third grade, I know that look.
George: You snag a scoop?
Nancy: [serious expression as she writes in notebook] More like a bite on one of those tiny plastic spoons... and something tastes funny.

Bess: The VIP Section!
Teeny: Very Intoxicated Persons.

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design (2006) (VG)
Bess Marvin: Well, anybody who does business outside of a cafe can't be all bad.
George Fayne: He does business outside of a cafe?
Bess Marvin: Yeah. Nancy just said that. Didn't you?
Nancy Drew: Uh, no.
George Fayne: Your subconscious strikes again.
Bess Marvin: Dang. Am I good or what?