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Walter Paisley (Character)
from A Bucket of Blood (1959)

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A Bucket of Blood (1959)
Walter Paisley: I didn't mean to hurt you, Lou. But if you'd have shot me, you'd be moppin' up my blood now.

Alice: You could use a little more heat around this place...!
Walter Paisley: It's bad for the clay! You'll get used to it!

Maxwell H. Brock: I will not wish you good luck.
Walter Paisley: Why not?
Maxwell H. Brock: It would imply you could not succeed on your own.

Maxwell H. Brock: To be uncreative you might as well be in your grave... or in the Army.
Walter Paisley: [Looking slightly puzzled, and amused] They tried to draft me once. I couldn't pass the test.

Carla: [Admiring Walter's rather bizarre statue, "Murdered Man."] Walter, it's a masterpiece. I've never seen anything like it before... And I hope I never see anything like it again.
Walter Paisley: Neither do I.

Walter Paisley: [Entering The Yellow Door, dressed in a rather absurd-looking artist's costume] Sylvia, didn't you see me wave my zen stick?
Sylvia: [Surprised, not recognizing him at first] Why, it's Walter Paisley!
Walter Paisley: Bring me a cappuccino, and a piece of papaya cheesecake... and, uh, and a bottle of Yugoslavian white wine.
Sylvia: Yes sir, Mr. Paisley!

Alice: [Unimpressed with Walter and his new-found fame as a sculptor] Oh, let's change the subject. I'm sick of hearing about sculptors. Nobody knows how to do that anymore, much less the busboy from The Yellow Door.
Walter Paisley: [Offended] Who do you think you're talkin' about?
Alice: Don't shout at me!
Walter Paisley: I don't like you...
Alice: [Mocking laughter] Nobody asked your opinion, Walter! You're just a simple farm boy, and the rest of us are sophisticated beatniks.

Will: Have some breakfast, man.
Walter Paisley: What're ya' having?
Maxwell H. Brock: Some soy and wheat germ pancakes, organic guava nectar, calcium lactate and tomato juice, and garbanzo omelettes sprinkled with smoked yeast. Join us?
Walter Paisley: No thanks... Sounds great, though!

Walter Paisley: Be a nose! Be a nose!

Hollywood Boulevard (1976)
Candy Hope: Wow, Walter, what a neat car!
Walter Paisley: Yeah, it's a Rolls Canardly.
Candy Hope: A Rolls Canardly?
Walter Paisley: Yeah, it rolls down one hill and can 'ardly get up the next.

Walter Paisley: You been in pictures?
Robby: Not recently. I don't do nudity.