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Jack O'Hara (Character)
from Commandos 2: Men of Courage (2001) (VG)

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Commandos 2: Men of Courage (2001) (VG)
Francis T. Woolridge: It's no good. I can't shoot him from here. This sniper knows how to hide.
Jack O'Hara: He won't hide for long until I get to the shore, believe me.

Jack O'Hara: [Communicating via radio] Where are you guys? Are you not on the aircraft carrier?
Thomas Hancock: No I think we're trapped!
Paul Toledo: There's a warehouse in the West. I'm certain that without your help, we are not going to get out of here.
Jack O'Hara: Try not to make any noise. I'll be there to rescue you soon. First though, I have to meet my contact, the shopkeeper. He should be able to know of Natasha's whereabouts.
Paul Toledo: I can't believe that you're going shopping, instead of coming to rescue us.
Thomas Hancock: Well, I can't believe I trusted you, when you said the sign outside said 'munitions depot'.

Jack O'Hara: [as the Diver are sailing them towards Savo island, a heavily fortified home of artillery] Stop, we're close enuff! We've come here to destroy the cannons, not the other way around.

Jack O'Hara: [during the shooting of training camp 2] Okay guys! This group of allied soldiers has been isolated from their squad. Let's see if we can offer them a hand... Or, a knife!