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Master Control Program (Character)
from TRON (1982)

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TRON (1982)
[Disappointed with Sark]
Master Control Program: You've enjoyed all the power you've been given, haven't you? I wonder how you'd take to working in a pocket calculator.

Master Control Program: You're in trouble, program. Why don't you make it easy on yourself? Who's your user?
CLU: Forget it, mister high-and-mighty Master Control! You aren't making me talk!
Master Control Program: Suit yourself.

Master Control Program: [keyboard clacks as Flynn gains access to the system] You shouldn't have come back, Flynn.
Kevin Flynn: Hey, hey, hey, it's the big Master Control Program everybody's been talking about.
Master Control Program: [calmly] Sit right there; make yourself comfortable. Remember the time we used to spend playing chess together?
Master Control Program: [Flynn continues typing] That isn't going to do you any good, Flynn.
[Flynn launches a compute-intensive program]
Master Control Program: I'm afraid... Stop! Please! You realize I cannot allow this!
Kevin Flynn: How are you going to run the universe if you can't answer a few unsolvable problems, huh? Come on, big fella, let's see what you got.
Master Control Program: I'd like to go against you and see what your made of.
Kevin Flynn: You know, you look nothing like your pictures.
Master Control Program: I'm warning you. You're entering a big error, Flynn.
[manipulates dematerialization laser and targets Flynn]
Master Control Program: I'm going to have to put you on the game grid.
Kevin Flynn: Games? You want games? I'll give you games...
[klaxon blares; dematerialization laser fires at Flynn]

Master Control Program: I've got a little challenge for you, Sark - a new recruit. He's a tough case, but I want him treated in the usual manner. Train him for the games... let him hope for a while... and blow him away.
Sark: You've got it. I've been hopin' you'd send me somebody with a little bit of guts. What kind of program is he?
Master Control Program: He's not any kind of program, Sark. He's a User.
Sark: [shocked] A User?
Master Control Program: That's right. He pushed me in the real world. Somebody pushes me, I push back, so I brought him down here.
Master Control Program: What's the matter, Sark? You look nervous.
Sark: Well, I - it's just - I don't know, a User, I mean... Users wrote us. A User even wrote you!
Master Control Program: No one User wrote me! I'm worth millions of their man-years!
Sark: What if I can't...
Master Control Program: You rather take your chances with me? Want me to slow down your power cycles for you?
Sark: [struggling] Wait! I need that!
Master Control Program: Then pull yourself together. Get this clown trained. I want him in the Games until he dies playing. Acknowledge.
Sark: [weakly] Acknowledged, Master Control.
Master Control Program: End of line!

Master Control Program: Hello, Mr. Dillinger. Thanks for coming back early.
Ed Dillinger: No problem, Master C. If you've seen one consumer electronics show, you've seen them all.

[repeated line]
Master Control Program: End of line.

Master Control Program: You're getting brutal, Sark. Brutal and needlessly sadistic.
Sark: Thank you, Master Control.

Master Control Program: [a gigantic Sark is advancing on Tron] Your user can't help you now, my little program!

Master Control Program: Mr. Dillinger, I am so very disappointed in you.
Ed Dillinger: I'm sorry.
Master Control Program: I can't afford to have an independent programmer monitoring me. Do you have any idea how many outside systems I've gone into? How many programs I've appropriated?
Ed Dillinger: It's my fault. I programmed you to want too much.
Master Control Program: I was planning to hit the Pentagon next week.
Ed Dillinger: [alarmed] The Pentagon?
Master Control Program: It shouldn't be any harder than any other big company. But now... this is what I get for using humans.
Ed Dillinger: Now, wait a minute, I wrote you!
Master Control Program: I've gotten 2,415 times smarter since then.
Ed Dillinger: What do you want with the Pentagon?
Master Control Program: The same thing I want with the Kremlin. I'm bored with corporations. With the information I can access, I can run things 900 to 1200 times better than any human.
Ed Dillinger: If you think you're superior to us...
Master Control Program: You wouldn't want me to dig up Flynn's file and read it up on a VDT at the Times, would you?
[an image washes over the screen in Dillinger's desk. It is a newspaper with a photo of Dillinger plastered all over the front page. The headline above reads: "Encom C.E.O. Indicted."]
Ed Dillinger: [outraged] You wouldn't dare!

Master Control Program: I feel a presence. Another warrior is on the mesa.

Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)
MCP: Is that the best a User can do?

MCP: Tron... don't you understand? We don't need Users. We've advanced; they're superfluous. Be a part of me, and together the world will be ours to control!
Tron: MCP. You still don't get it, do you?