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Lady Dedlock (Character)
from "Bleak House" (2005)

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"Bleak House: Episode #1.1" (2005)
Sir Leicester Dedlock: Is it still raining, my love?
Lady Dedlock: Yes my love. And I am bored to death with it. Bored to death with this place. Bored to death with my life. Bored to death with myself.

Sir Leicester Dedlock: Is it still raining, my love?
Lady Dedlock: Yes.
Sir Leicester Dedlock: Remarkable.
Lady Dedlock: And I am bored to death with it.
Lady Dedlock: Well...
Lady Dedlock: Bored to death with this place, bored to death with my life, bored to death with myself.

"Dickensian: Episode #1.7" (2016)
[Outside her house, Frances bids farewell to Sir Leicester]
Frances Barbary: My sister's delighted with your visit, Sir Leicester.
Sir Leicester Dedlock: She hides her delight very well.
Frances Barbary: She's extremely shy in betraying her emotions with a gentleman as distinguished as you.
Sir Leicester Dedlock: So, I would not make a fool of myself were I to... pursue an interest?
Frances Barbary: She'd be thrilled to see you again, sir.
Sir Leicester Dedlock: Good night.
[Sir Leicester leaves, his hopes rekindled, while Frances goes back indoors]
Sir Leicester Dedlock: [Honoria is in the hallway]
Honoria Barbary: For the last time, I am marrying Captain Hawdon and that is the end of it.
Frances Barbary: What kind of marriage will you have to a penniless soldier, compared to one with a wealthy baronet?
Honoria Barbary: A kind I fear you'll never know: a happy one.