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Kraven (Character)
from Underworld (2003)

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Underworld (2003)
Viktor: You know why I have been awakened, servant?
Kraven: No, my lord, but I will soon find out.
Viktor: You mean - when you find her?
Kraven: Yes, my lord.
Viktor: You must let her come to me. We have much to discuss, Selene and I. She has shown me a great many disturbing things. Things that will be *dealt* with soon enough. This covern has grown weak, decadent. Perhaps I should have left someone else in charge of my affairs.
Viktor: Still, her memories are chaotic. There is no sense of time.
Kraven: Please, my lord, let me summon assistance. You are in need of rest.
Viktor: I have rested enough. What you will do is summon Marcus.
Kraven: But he still slumbers, my lord. Amelia and the council members are arriving tomorrow night to awaken Marcus - not you, my lord. You have been awakened a full century ahead of schedule.

Kraven: Is there another way out?
Lucian: I guess it never occurred to you that you might actually have to bleed to pull off this little coup.

Kraven: Engaging with Death Dealers in public, and she has to run after some human, that is *not* what I had in mind! You were told, you were *told* to set up shop and lay low...!
Lucian: [grabs Kraven by the throat] Calm yourself, Kraven. The human doesn't concern you. Besides, I've laid low for long enough.
Kraven: Just keep your men at bay, Lucian, at least for the time being. Don't make me have to regret our arrangement.
Lucian: You just concentrate on your part. Remember, I've bled for you once already. Without me, you'd have nothing. You'd *be* nothing.

Kraven: Put on something elegant - and be quick about it!
[turns to leave]
Selene: Kraven, I'm serious!
Kraven: Other than food, why would a lycan stalk a human?

Kraven: Let me tell you a little something about your beloved dark father. He's the one that killed your family. Not the Lycans. He never could follow his own rules. Said he couldn't abide the taste of lifestock. So, every once in a while, he'd go out and gorge himself on human blood. I kept the secrets, and cleaned up the mess. But he's the one who crept room to room that night, dispatching everyone close to your heart. But when he got to you, he just couldn't bear the thought of draining you dry. You, who reminded him so much of his precious Sonja, the daughter he condemned to death.
Selene: Lies.

Underworld: Evolution (2006)
[Marcus has Kraven pinned to the wall by his talons]
Kraven: Marcus?
Marcus: The blood memories of this wretched creature...
[indicates Singe's body]
Marcus: ...have shown me that your treachery knows no bounds.
Kraven: My lord, I can explain.
Marcus: Why would I listen to your lies when the journey to the truth... is so much sweeter?
[Marcus bites into his neck, and see's visions of Kraven's past, including his bargain with Lucian and Selene killing Viktor]
Kraven: Please. I can assist you.
Marcus: [smiles] Oh, you already have.
[he pulls his talons free, then swipes Kraven's head off.]