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Adolf Hitler (Character)
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Downfall (2004)
Adolf Hitler: In a war as such there are no civilians.

Adolf Hitler: The war is lost... But if you think that I'll leave Berlin for that, you are sadly mistaken. I'd prefer to put a bullet in my head.

Adolf Hitler: I always make mistakes when I'm dictating.

Adolf Hitler: That was an order! Steiner's assault was an order! Who do you think you are to dare disobey an order I give? So this is what it has come to! The military has been lying to me. Everybody has been lying to me, even the SS! Our generals are just a bunch of contemptible, disloyal cowards.
General der Infanterie Wilhelm Burgdorf: I can't permit you to insult the soldiers.
Adolf Hitler: They are cowards, traitors and failures!
General der Infanterie Wilhelm Burgdorf: My fuhrer, this is outrageous!
Adolf Hitler: Our generals are the scum of the German people! Not a shred of honour! They call themselves generals. Years at military academy just to learn how to hold a knife and fork! For years, the military has hindered my plans! They've put every kind of obstacle in my way! What I should have done... was liquidate all the high-ranking officers, as Stalin did!

General der Artillerie Helmuth Weidling: My Führer, as a soldier I suggest we try to break through the encirclement. During the fight for Berlin we've already lost 15-20,000 of the younger officers.
Adolf Hitler: But that's what young men are for.

Adolf Hitler: [dictating to secretary] My political statement. Since 1914, when I invested my modest strength in the First World War, which was forced upon the Reich, over 30 years have passed. In those 3 decades, all my thoughts, actions and my life were dictated by my love for and loyalty to the German people. Centuries will pass, but from the ruins of our cities and cultural monuments our hatred will be renewed for those who are responsible, the people to whom we owe all this: The international Jewry and its supporters.

Magda Goebbels: My Führer, I beg you to leave Berlin! My Führer, please. Don't leave us! What will become of us?
Adolf Hitler: Tomorrow millions of people will curse me, but fate has taken its course.

Adolf Hitler: [in a furious tirade upon hearing of Himmler's attempt to surrender] Has he gone crazy?

Adolf Hitler: [Screaming after Steiner didn't attack after giving an order] Traitors! I've been betrayed and deceived from the very beginning! What a monstrous betrayal of the German people, but all those traitors will pay. They'll pay with their own blood. They shall drown in their own blood!

Generalfeldmarschall Wilhelm Keitel: Even at the risk of repeating myself, the Ninth army must be withdrawn, otherwise it is surrounded and wiped out! We must now...
Adolf Hitler: The Ninth army will not retreat. Tell Busse to fight where he stands.
Generaloberst Alfred Jodl: My Führer, then the Ninth army will be lost.
Adolf Hitler: We will repel the Soviet troops advancing to the North and East, with a relentless and almighty assault.
Generaloberst Alfred Jodl: With what force, my Führer?
Adolf Hitler: Steiner's force will attack from the North and unite with the Ninth army.
General der Infanterie Hans Krebs: The Ninth Army is unable to move North; the enemy army outnumbers us ten to one.
Adolf Hitler: Wenck: he will support them with the Twelfth Army.
Generaloberst Alfred Jodl: But my Führer, the Twelfth Army is heading west to the Elbe.
Adolf Hitler: Then tell the army to turn around!
Generaloberst Alfred Jodl: But we would expose the Western Front!
Adolf Hitler: Are you questioning my orders? I believe I made myself clear!

Adjutant SS-Hauptsturmführer Otto Günsche: He is not in the bunker.
Adolf Hitler: What do you mean you can't find Fegelein? Keep searching for him! I want to see Fegelein at once! If he goes AWOL, that's desertion. Treason! Bring me Fegelein!
[slams desk]
Adolf Hitler: Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!

Adolf Hitler: Burgdorf, what's going on? Where's the firing coming from?
General der Infanterie Wilhelm Burgdorf: First of all, Happy Birthday, my Führer. My Führer, the city of Berlin is under artillery fire; grenades have hit near the Brandenburg gate, Reichstag, and the Friedrichstrasse station.
Adolf Hitler: Where is the firing coming from?
General der Infanterie Wilhelm Burgdorf: My Führer, we don't know, but I'm talking with Koller.
Adolf Hitler: Koller! Let me speak to Koller.
[takes phone]
Adolf Hitler: Koller. Do you know that Berlin is under artillery fire?
General der Flieger Karl Koller: No.
Adolf Hitler: Can't you hear the shooting?
General der Flieger Karl Koller: No, I'm in Wildpark Werder.
Adolf Hitler: The city is chaotic. The Russians have captured a railway bridge over the Oder.
General der Flieger Karl Koller: The enemy has no railway artillery in the Oder.
[takes paper from soldier]
General der Flieger Karl Koller: It's not long-ranged artillery; the divisional headquarters of the Flak and Zoo-Bunker report that the shells are ten to twelve calibers. The Russians went into position in Marzahn.
Adolf Hitler: That's only twelve miles from the city center. Are the Russians really this close? The Lufwaffe leadership must be hanged immediately!
[hangs up]
Adolf Hitler: This is outrageous. Outrageous! The Russians are twelve miles from the city center, and nobody told me anything. I had to ask.
General der Infanterie Hans Krebs: My Führer, it's probably long-range artillery, after all. You mentioned a railway bridge over the Oder.
Adolf Hitler: Nonsense.

Adolf Hitler: You see, gentlemen? I'll be proved right. Wenck will come.
[leaves generals]
Adolf Hitler: Wenck will come.
[passes by guards who salute to him]
General der Artillerie Helmuth Weidling: I want to immediately know if it's possible for Wenck to attack or not.
General der Infanterie Hans Krebs: It's unlikely that Wenck's small force can attack the Red Army...
Joseph Goebbels: [interrupts Krebs] How dare you say it's unlikely?
General der Infanterie Hans Krebs: Wenck has nothing to confront the Red Army!
General der Artillerie Helmuth Weidling: Why don't you tell the Führer? Have you all gone crazy?
General der Infanterie Wilhelm Burgdorf: The Führer knows it himself, but he will never surrender, and we won't either! I went through that before, and once is enough!
General der Artillerie Helmuth Weidling: Come on, I have to get out of here.
[leaves with Mohnke]

Adolf Hitler: General von Greim, I appoint you to Commander in Chief of the Air Force and General Field Marshal. A large responsibility rests on your shoulders. You must shake up the entire air force. Many mistakes have been made, so be ruthless. Life never forgives weakness. This so called humanity... is just priests' drivel. Compassion is a primal sin. Compassion for the weak is a betrayal of nature.
Joseph Goebbels: The strongest can only be victorious by eradicating the weak.
Adolf Hitler: I have always obeyed this law of nature by never permitting myself to feel compassion. I have ruthlessly suppressed domestic opposition and brutally crushed the resistance of alien races. It's the only way to deal with it.
[Linge enters with a folder in hand]
Adolf Hitler: Apes, for example, trample every outsider to death. What goes for apes goes even more for human beings.
[Hitler reads the folder]
Adolf Hitler: Himmler, in Lübeck, has made an offer to surrender to the western powers through Count Bernadotte... according to a report by English radio.
[finishes reading]
Adolf Hitler: Himmler... Of all people, Himmler! The truest of the true... This is the worst betrayal of all! Göring, yeah; he was always corrupt, of course. Speer, yeah: an idealistic, unpredictable artist. All the others, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
[puts folder down]
Adolf Hitler: But not Himmler. Has he gone crazy?
[stands up]
Adolf Hitler: He claimed authority by saying I was sick, perhaps already dead!
Adolf Hitler: Please leave me alone with Lord von Greim and Frau Reitsch.
[Everyone except the following stands up]
Adolf Hitler: Oh, and bring me Fegelein.
Heinz Linge, Kammerdiener: My Führer, we don't know where he is.
Adolf Hitler: But he's Himmler's adjutant. He must be here.
General der Infanterie Wilhelm Burgdorf: We haven't seen him for days.
Adolf Hitler: I want his report at once!
[Everyone leaves, and Goebbels is about to step out]
Adolf Hitler: Please stay, Doctor.

Martin Bormann: [reading folder in hand] My Führer, following your decision to stay in Berlin, do I have your approval as Vice Chancellor to immediately take charge of the entire Reich with the necessary power and authority? If I receive no answer by 10 p.m., I will assume that you have been incapacitated. I will serve the well-being of our people and fatherland.
[closes folder and puts it down]
Martin Bormann: He's betraying Germany... and you!
Walter Hewel: Göring's concern isn't unjustified. If our communication system breaks down, which could happen at any time, we'd be cut off from the world; we could no longer pass on orders.
Joseph Goebbels: I see it differently. Göring wants to seize power. I never trusted that mob he gathered at Obersalzberg; it stinks of a coup.
Adolf Hitler: That failure. That sponger... A parvenu! A lazybones!
[Albert Speer returns while Hitler rants offscreen]
Adolf Hitler: How dare he declare me unable to act? Tomorrow he might declare me dead!
Albert Speer: Hello, Frau Junge.
Traudl Junge: Herr Speer. How did you get into Berlin?
Albert Speer: It wasn't easy, but I must speak with the Führer.
Heinz Linge, Kammerdiener: I'd wait here if I were you.
Adolf Hitler: The Luftwaffe... What did he do with it? That was reason enough to execute him! That morphine addict... helped to corrupt this country! And now this...
[Hewel looks down in disappointment]
Adolf Hitler: He betrayed me of all people! Me of all people!
Adolf Hitler: I want Göring to be deprived of power and removed from office. If I don't survive the war, that man is to be executed at once.

General der Infanterie Hans Krebs: The enemy has broken through along a wide front. They've taken Zossen to the south, and are advancing to Stahnsdorf. They're now on the northern outskirts between Frohnau and Pankow. They've reached Lichtenberg, Mahlsdorf and Karlshorst to the east.
Adolf Hitler: Steiner's assault will bring it under control.
General der Infanterie Hans Krebs: My fuhrer, Steiner...
Generaloberst Alfred Jodl: Steiner couldn't mobilize enough men. He was unable to carry out the assault.
Adolf Hitler: [Removes glasses] These men will stay here: Kietel, Jodl, Krebs and Burgdorf.

"Hitler: The Rise of Evil" (2003)
Adolf Hitler: If a thief takes your money and you take it back, does that make you also a thief?

Adolf Hitler: Pride is a weapon!

Adolf Hitler: Traitors are defined not by themselves, but by the people they betray.

Adolf Hitler: [speaking about Hindenburg's death] Today, the old Reich and it's finest leader enter Valhalla. At the same time, we mark the beginning of a new era. A time of peace and prosperity awaits us. The thousand year Reich has began. Sieg Heil!
[Crowd repeats phrase]

Adolf Hitler: We were friends once, Ernst; you saw my potential before anyone else; you speak your mind unlike the others; and you love your men more than yourself, which is rare in a leader. But you refuse to bend. Why? You have power.
Ernst Röhm: I don't want power, I want justice. My men were promised...
Adolf Hitler: I don't care. I don't give a damn about promises! You know this!... you know this. Ernst, the SA are not now, nor will they ever be the official German army. You must stand down.
Ernst Röhm: You're right, Adolf. We were friends once; and I will *always* speak my mind; and I will *not* betray my men!

President Paul von Hindenburg: If I appoint you Chancellor, how will I answer to God?
Adolf Hitler: How will you answer to Germany if you don't?

Adolf Hitler: The SA are to be bridled, Ernst. They may sing, march, carry flags, but they are to keep calm unless I say otherwise.
Ernst Röhm: We're not a Sunday shooting club, Adolf. We're a militia.
Adolf Hitler: Not anymore. My personal security will now be handled by the SS. Your men give off the wrong impression.
Ernst Röhm: I don't give a damn about impressions, but without the SA, without us, our loyalty...
Adolf Hitler: The wheels of history have turned! The plan has changed.
Ernst Röhm: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
[clicks heels, salutes, turns and leaves without his dismissal]

Dr. Joseph Goebbels: The opposition papers are implying things about your relationship with your niece.
Adolf Hitler: Trust these Jews to paint everyone as dirty as they are.
Dr. Joseph Goebbels: But it's not just them. People in the party are also beginning to object...
Adolf Hitler: [outraged] *She's my niece, for God's sake! We go to the opera together!*

President Paul von Hindenburg: [upon ceremony of Hitler's Chancellorship] Do you solemnly swear to carry out the obligations of the office of Chancellor without Party interests and for the good of the nation?
Adolf Hitler: I do.
President Paul von Hindenburg: And do you further swear to uphold the Constitution, support the President and respect the right of the Reichstag, so help you God?
Adolf Hitler: I do.

Adolf Hitler: Either the enemy will pass over our body, or we will pass over theirs!

Adolf Hitler: Marx was a Jew. The Communist Party is run by Jews.

Adolf Hitler: [about his father] Stupid old fool!

Churchill: The Hollywood Years (2004)
Hitler: [Hitler is trying to pick up Elizabeth when he notices Eva Braun behind him] Oh. Eva. My little sister... cook... thing...

Hitler: What is this with you Americans? With the fucking this and fucking that and up ze butt and in ze ass. You can't even say this word proberly, as the English taught you. It is arse, arse arse!

Winston Churchill: Okay. Now whats it all about, Alfie? Huh? What'd they tease you at school? Is that it? Is that why you gotta make the whole fuckin' world pay? C'mon, tell me your story. I'm all fuckin' ears, man. C'mon, asshole!
Hitler: What is this with you Americans, with the: "focking this" and "focking that" and "up the bott" an' "in the ass"? You can't even say this word properly as the English taught you, it is - "arse"! "Arse!" "Arse!" Und jaaa, Sherlock Holmes, I waaas teased at school, but, I got over it. I breaked up the teachers in that school and set fire to it!
Winston Churchill: Well, that's a real nice story. But now, it's time for you to kiss your "arse" - goodbye.

Hitler: [to pet pug dog] Oooh, Waaaffles! Oh, my little Waffles. Little Liebchin, Waffles. My wuffly, puffly, woofly, poofly. Woof, woof, woof. Little Waffles, my little aeroplane. Yes, you are.

Eva Braun: God! You are so anal! "Aaanal Adolf." That's what all your friends call you.
Hitler: I have no friends!

Hitler: I am The Fuerher. I'd like you to know I have a complete set of testicles.
Princess Elizabeth: One is very pleased to hear that.

Goering: Mein glorious beloved Fuehrer. I, I thought a little relaxiation in a - fabulous Schloss like this could - cause no harm. Surely?
Hitler: Ja, you are permanently shlossed. I'd have you strung up with piano wire if I didn't think you'd enjoy it so much.

Hitler: [to Princess Elizabeth] Today at 3:00, we will be married. It will be a perfect marriage between the glorious 1000 year Reich und the British Empire. Und by 6:00 you will be installed in a glorious new Schloss deep underground in Hannover. Half a mile of reinforced concrete will lie between you and the - shops! You will want for nothing. You will have four sons; one every five months. They will be named: Adolf, Randolf, Gandolf, und little Ralf - who will be our favourite, until he gets too big - and then we will have him put down.

Hitler: [to Princess Elizabeth] Now; your father has invited me to attend the Royal Variety Show to see the famous Tommy Trinder.

Look Who's Back (2015)
Adolf Hitler: Even Poland still exists!

Adolf Hitler: Do I look like a criminal?
Kioskbesitzer: You look like Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler: Exactly.

Fabian Sawatzki: It's you. You're him.
Adolf Hitler: I never claimed to be anything else. History repeats itself. I guess it's my fate to have to part with my dearest companions.
Fabian Sawatzki: That way.
Fabian Sawatzki: Yes history repeats itself. You're fooling people with your propaganda.
Adolf Hitler: Oh, Sawatski. In 1933, people were not fooled by propaganda. They elected a leader who openly disclosed his plans in great clarity. The Germans elected me.

Adolf Hitler: [about current TV shows] I'm glad that Goebbels doesn't see this anymore.

Random Man: You have to learn from the past. Something like that should never be repeated.
Adolf Hitler: It won't be repeated. This time we're going to do this right.

Adolf Hitler: So you are representimg the national thing?
Ulf Birne: Well, you weren't available for a long time.
Adolf Hitler: I schedule my time.

Adolf Hitler: Those parliamentarians all put the whole money in their own pockets. I wonder that millions of people like you here don't stand up with torches und pitchforks in front of those parlamatarian barrel joints: 'What are you doing with our money?'
[voice over]
Adolf Hitler: But the German himself is not a revolutioner.
[to a man]
Adolf Hitler: Would you follow me too?
Random Man: It's a bad time now. I have to work.

Fabian Sawatzki: How did Hitler came up with his moustage?
Adolf Hitler: In the war I had to trim so it can fit into the gasmask.

Adolf Hitler: It is 20:45 and from now on we are broadcasting back.

Max (2002/I)
Max Rothman: So you're an anti-Semite.
Adolf Hitler: On the contrary, I admire the Jews.
Max Rothman: Really?
Adolf Hitler: Yes, they're very intelligent people.
Max Rothman: Well, there are intelligent ones and not so intelligent ones...
Adolf Hitler: No, no, no, they're all intelligent because they guard the purity of their blood.
Max Rothman: The what?
Adolf Hitler: The purity of the blood. Because the secret of the Jews lies in their pure Jewish blood. That's why they're the mightiest counterpart to the Aryan race.
Max Rothman: What's the secret?
Adolf Hitler: Is your father Jewish?
Max Rothman: Yes, he is.
Adolf Hitler: Mother?
Max Rothman: Why not ask whether she's a German? Isn't that a far more relevant question?
Adolf Hitler: Mensch! Of course your mom's Jewish.
Max Rothman: You're an awfully hard man to like, Hitler, but I'm gonna try, because if I've learned anything over the past four years, it's that we all shit the same, scream the same, and die the same.
Adolf Hitler: There's no need for vulgarity, Rothman.
Max Rothman: I know where you've been and God knows we've all been turned into assholes there. Now listen to me well: you may not think you're an anti-Semite, but in fact you are.
Adolf Hitler: I'm not.
Max Rothman: But in this, as in all things, there's a reason. Your own hero Nietzsche said anti-Semitism is the ideology of those who feel cheated.
Adolf Hitler: How do you know Nietzsche's my hero?
Max Rothman: Because you've obviously skimmed his ideas.
Adolf Hitler: Well, I don't feel cheated.
Max Rothman: Excellent. Then stop acting like it.
Adolf Hitler: Are you gonna smoke another cigarette? You just put one out.
Max Rothman: Exactly. But now where is my instinct, my secret instinct for self-preservation, I ask you? I've heard these theories all my life: blood science, eugenics; it's rubbish. It's complete nonsense. It's kitsch. Put it out of your mind. It's not modern. It's not scientific. It will hold you back as an artist.

Adolf Hitler: Listen Rothman, I've lost FOUR YEARS!
Max Rothman: Yes, we've *all* lost four years. Some of us a little more. Do you want a show?
Adolf Hitler: I'd kill for you if you gave me a show!
Max Rothman: Don't kill for me, please. Just do what you do. Be anxious, be nervous, *tell* me you're the unknown soldier come back to haunt us - with your brush, Hitler! With your brush - can you do that? 'Cause that's what you've got to do. You've got to take all this pent-up stuff you're quivering with, and you've got to hurl it onto the canvas. It doesn't have to be good and it doesn't have to be beautiful, it just has to be true.
Max Rothman: And even if it's a lie, make it an interesting lie, and I'll put it up. I swear.
Adolf Hitler: You do think I'm talented, don't you?
Max Rothman: I think there's definitely *something* rustling behind your curtain, yes.

Adolf Hitler: Politics is the new art!

Adolf Hitler: I am the new avant garde!

Adolf Hitler: "Would you die for the mother in law land?"! You're a menace, Rothman.

Max Rothman: Listen, do you wanna meet some girls?
Adolf Hitler: Girls?
Max Rothman: Yes, Hitler, girls! You know, those brilliant creatures who make you feel artistic without doing a stitch of work? Come on.

Max Rothman: I've heard these theories all my life: blood science, eugenics; it's rubbish. It's complete nonsense. It's kitsch. Put it out of your mind. It's not modern. It's not scientific. It will hold you back as an artist. Speaking of which, how's your work coming along? I mean, why are you making those appalling speeches for the army?
Adolf Hitler: I'm just keeping my hand in it.
Max Rothman: Keeping your hand in what?
Adolf Hitler: The army is paying my expenses.
Max Rothman: Ah, so you don't actually believe that rubbish.
Adolf Hitler: Don't tell me you're happy with the peace.
Esther: Hello, Max.
Max Rothman: Hello, Esther. How are you, sweetheart?
[Max stands up, kisses Esther on both cheeks, and sits back down]
Max Rothman: I think the peace is a travesty, but I don't think I can be bothered to pick up the German banner from the mud with my left arm. I gave at the office, you know.

[discussing Max's play]
Adolf Hitler: Rothman.
Max Rothman: What did you think? The other night? My disaster? Did it remind you of Ypres? Or was it just rubbish?
Art patron/friend of Max's: Yes, what did you think?
Adolf Hitler: It didn't remind me of Ypres
Max Rothman: No? What did it remind you of, if anything?
Adolf Hitler: It reminded me perhaps - - perhaps, of a particularly disgusting and depraved dream of Ypres.
Max Rothman: [sardonically] As opposed to the happy, glorious one.
Adolf Hitler: [sincerely] Exactly. Exactly! Which your piece implies is ipso facto impossible.

Max Rothman: Would you like a cigarette?
Adolf Hitler: They give you cancer of the lung.
Max Rothman: Are you a doctor?

Inglourious Basterds (2009)
Kliest: [in German; subtitled] Mein Führer, do you still wish to see Private Butz?
Adolf Hitler: [in German] Who and what is a "Private Butz"?

Adolf Hitler: [at the premiere of "Nation's Pride"] Extraordinary, my dear. Simply extraordinary. This is your finest film yet.
Joseph Goebbels: [Goebbels' eyes fill with tears] Thank you, mein Führer. Thank you.

Adolf Hitler: Kliest!
Kliest: Ja, mein Führer?
Adolf Hitler: [in German; subtitled] I have an order I want relayed to all German soldiers stationed in France. The Jew degenerate known as the Bear Jew henceforth is never to be referred to as the Bear Jew again. Did you get that, Kliest?
Kliest: Ja, mein Führer.

Adolf Hitler: [in German] NEIN, NEIN, NEIN, NEIN, NEIN, NEIN!
[turns to his men]
Adolf Hitler: How much more of these Jew swine must I endure? They butcher my men like they were fish bait! I have heard the rumors myself! Soldiers of the Third Reich, who have brought the world to its knees, now pecking and clucking like chickens. Do you know the latest rumor they've conjured up in their fear-induced delirium? The one that beats my boys with a bat. The one they call "the Bear Jew" is a golem!
General Frank: [in German] Mein Führer, that is just soldier's gossip. No one really believes that the Bear Jew is a golem.
Adolf Hitler: Why not? They seem to elude capture like an apparition! They seem to be able to appear and disappear at will. You want to prove they're flesh and blood?
[pounds on table]
Adolf Hitler: THEN BRING THEM TO ME! I will hang them naked, by their heels from the Eiffel Tower! And then throw their bodies into the sewers for the rats of Paris to feast on!

Fredrick Zoller: [shouting to the camera, acting in Nation's Pride] Who wants to send a message to Germany?
[Nation's Pride is interrupted by Shosanna's movie]
Shosanna Dreyfus: I have a message for Germany.
[Hitler and Goebbels watch in shock]
Shosanna Dreyfus: [her image on the screen smirks] That you are all going to die.
Adolf Hitler: [yelling in German] Enough! Stop it!
Joseph Goebbels: [yelling in German] Turn off the projector!
Shosanna Dreyfus: And I want you to look deep into the face of the Jew that is going to do it!
Joseph Goebbels: [in German as the audience begins to shout in protest and anger] I don't know what's going on! That does not belong in my movie!
Shosanna Dreyfus: [her image on the screen smiles] Marcel... burn it down.
Marcel: [standing behind the screen, he smiles] Oui, Shosanna.

Bridget von Hammersmark: There have been two recent developments regarding Operation Kino. One, the venue has been changed from the Ritz to a much smaller venue.
Lt. Aldo Raine: Enormous changes at the last minute? That's not very Germatic. Why the hell is Goebbels doin' stuff so damn peculiar?
Bridget von Hammersmark: It probably has something to do with the second development.
Lt. Aldo Raine: Which is?
Bridget von Hammersmark: [sits up] The Führer is attending the premiere.
Adolf Hitler: [cut to Hitler] I've been rethinking my position in regards to your Paris premiere of "Nation's Pride". As the weeks have gone on and the Americans are on the beach, I do find myself thinking more and more about this Private Zoller. This boy has done something tremendous for us. And I'm beginning to think my participation in this event could be meaningful.
Sgt. Donny Donowitz: [cut back to the Basterds] Fuck a duck!

Adolf Hitler: [in German, with subtitles] How did you survive this ordeal?
Pvt. Butz: They let me go.
Lt. Aldo Raine: [cut back to the ditch] Now, when you report what happened here, you can't tell 'em you told us what you told us. They'll shoot ya. But they're gonna wanna know why you so special, we let you live? So, tell 'em we let you live so you could spread the word through the ranks what's gonna happen to every Nazi we find.
Adolf Hitler: [cut back to Hitler's office] You are not to tell anybody anything! Not one word of detail! Your outfit was ambushed and you got away! Not one word more!
Pvt. Butz: Yes, mein fuhrer.
Adolf Hitler: Did they mark you like they did they did the other survivors?
Pvt. Butz: Yes, mein fuhrer.
Lt. Aldo Raine: [cut back to the ditch] Now, say we let you go, and say you survive the war. When you get back home, whatcha gonna do?
[Wicki translates to German]
Pvt. Butz: [in German] I will hug my mother like I've never hugged her before.
Cpl. Wilhelm Wicki: [to Aldo] Says he's gonna hug his momma.
Lt. Aldo Raine: Well, ain't that a real nice boy? Are you going to take off your uniform?
[Wicki translates]
Pvt. Butz: Not only shall I remove it, I intend to burn it.
Cpl. Wilhelm Wicki: Says he's gonna burn it.
Lt. Aldo Raine: Yeah, that's what we thought. We don't like that. You see, we like our Nazis in uniform. That way we can spot 'em just like that. But you take off that uniform, ain't no one ever gonna know you were a Nazi. And that don't sit well with us. So, I'm gonna give you a little something you can't take off.
[cut back to Hitler's office. He moves closer to Butz as Butz removes his cap to show a large swastika-shaped scar on his forehead]

"The Twilight Zone: He's Alive (#4.4)" (1963)
Adolf Hitler: In the past, I have given you suggestions. Now, I give orders!

Adolf Hitler: We sent them into the ovens, but always there was a handful left to point a finger.

Peter Vollmer: You picked me. You picked me!
Adolf Hitler: I did not pick you, Mr. Vollmer. You picked me!

Peter Vollmer: [demanding to know who the benefactor is] You, WHAT ARE YOU? You direct traffic from the darkness! YOU PLAN THE BATTLES BUT YOU'RE NEVER THERE WHEN THEY'RE FOUGHT! Why don't you come out into the light? Why don't you come up here alongside of me? Why don't you give me a name, and a face and a reason WHY?
Adolf Hitler: [In the shadows] Mr. Vollmer! I was making speeches before you could read them. I was fighting battles when your only struggle was to climb out of a womb! I was taking over the world when your universe was a crib! As for being in darkness, Mr. Vollmer, I *INVENTED* DARKNESS!
[Steps out of the light to reveal that he is Adolf Hitler]

Adolf Hitler: [Peter has returned after executing Ernst Ganz] ... What did you kill, Mr. Vollmer? A man?
Peter Vollmer: Not a man, a disease. One which had to be cured.
Adolf Hitler: [approving] Indeed. How did it feel, to cure this disease?
Peter Vollmer: ...It felt like I was *immortal.*
Adolf Hitler: [thunderous] Mr. Vollmer! WE *ARE* IMMORTAL!

Russian Rhapsody (1944)
Adolf Hitler: To bomb Moscow, I will send the best pilot in the Reich-ch-ch-ch! The greatest Superman of them all!
Man: Who's that? You, Führer?
Adolf Hitler: Eh, who else?

Adolf Hitler: [shouting] Stoupnegel Hamburger mit der Frankfurter und der Sauerkrauten
[long gasp]
Adolf Hitler: mit der Zoot Suit, mit der Reet Pleat, Zoot!
[long gasp]
Adolf Hitler: Schtunk Friz Freleng, mit der Heinrich Binder, und der What's Cookin' Doc!
[long gasp]
Adolf Hitler: Pumpernickel mit Sauerkrauten from der Delicatessen, mit Liverwurst, Hassenpfeffer, und der Chattanoga Choo-Choo! Gesundheit! Ve vill bomben der Moskau, bomben Schtalin, bomben that Irish general Tim O'Shenko!
Adolf Hitler: That O'Shenko... To bomb Moscow, I will send the best pilot in the R-r-reich-ch-ch! The greatest superman of all time!
Man: Who's that? You, Fuhrer?
Adolf Hitler: Eh-h-h-h, who else?

Adolf Hitler: Ach! A gremlin from the Kremlin!
Gremlin from the Kremlin: How do you do?

Adolf Hitler: [ala Lew Lehr] Nazis is the cwaziest peoples.

Valkyrie (2008)
Adolf Hitler: To understand National Socialism, you must understand Wagner.

Adolf Hitler: Do you recognize my voice?
Major Otto Ernst Remer: Yes, my fuhrer.

Adolf Hitler: The Valkyrie; handmaidens of the gods, choosing who will live and who will die, sparing the most heroic from an agonizing death. One cannot understand National Socialism if one does not understand Wagner.

The Empty Mirror (1996)
[first lines]
Adolf Hitler: Before us lies Germany, within us marches Germany, and after us comes Germany!

Adolf Hitler: The original footage, the original... reality, the truth, is now lost to them forever. The future führers must understand, no matter how carefully you plan or execute your production, you can never get it exactly right. But with editing... a Black Magic... I have edited the imagination of people not yet born.

[last lines]
Adolf Hitler: All this madness... the destruction... the human suffering... I, too, was trapped in the whirlwind we created - an empty mirror filled with hate. I expected God to reach down and stop me... but He never did. Please... please say something. Please help me.

Kung Fury (2015)
Hitler: Fuck you, Kung Fury. Nothing can stop me and my army of death.

[Kung Fury and his friends surround Hitler]
Hitler: I want to welcome, you and your friends, to Germany. We are not so different, you and I. I mean, we both got cool style. You know, with red, you know. So that's cool. We both like doing moves.
Hitler: Ja. Check it out.
[Hitler does some kicks]
Hitler: With killing people, I love it. You clearly do too. And that cool. Join me. We could be brothers, you and I. It's almost like we finish each other's...
Kung Fury: Balls.
Hitler: What?
[Kung Fury jumps and gives Hitler an uppercut to his crotch]

[Hitler points his gun at punk]
Hitler: Give me ze phone!
[Punk gives Hitler his cell phone. Hitler dials the police precinct. Meanwhile, the Chief is looking at a police report]
Chief: What the hell is this?
[Phone rings]
Chief: Chief McNickles speaking.
Hitler: Is this ze police?
Chief: Yeah, this is the police.
Hitler: Fuck you!
[Hitler shoots through the phone, killing the Chief. He then continues to shoot at the whole precinct through the phone before Kung Fury storms in and shoots down the phone]
Kung Fury: I need someone to trace that call!
Officer: But that's impossible.
Hacker Man: Not for me, it isn't.
Kung Fury: [narration] Hackerman. He's the most powerful hacker of all time.
Hacker Man: Follow me.

The Bunker (1981) (TV)
Adolf Hitler: I have no faith, Speer. I have no faith.

Albert Speer: The war is lost.
Adolf Hitler: [shouting] The war is not lost! The war is not lost! The war will never be lost! We're gonna beat'em, we're gonna beat'em all!

"The Winds of War: The Storm Breaks (#1.2)" (1983)
Adolf Hitler: So, what is new in all this?
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: Fuhrer, is is the army's final position. Case Yellow cannot proceed.
Adolf Hitler: Why not?
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: Because of the military fundamentals, as stated.
Adolf Hitler: Such as?
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: The season, to begin with. The meteorologists predict continuous soaking rains for weeks.
Adolf Hitler: It rains on the enemy, too.

Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: Fuhrer, even the supply of artillery shells is totally inadequate.
Adolf Hitler: Who says so?
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: General Thomas, my chief of economics and armaments.
Adolf Hitler: Do you know how many artillery shells of all calibers we have in the staging areas? Right this minute?
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: No.
Adolf Hitler: How many are in the reserve dumps in the west?
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: It's up to my staff to re...
Adolf Hitler: What the monthly annual production of shells is? Or the projected rise is in production, for the next six months, month by month?
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: Who keeps such figures in his head?
Adolf Hitler: I DO! The supply is adequate. I tell you so, and I am a field soldier who depended on artillery for four years to protect his life. Check with your staff. If one of those figures is wrong, you can postpone Case Yellow. Otherwise, YOU MARCH! And next time you come to see me, KNOW what you're talking about!
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: If we... if we march, unprepared as we are, defeatism will run rampant. It will destroy the Wehrmacht and the Fatherland. The morale of the army was low even in the Polish campaign against an enemy in collapse...
Adolf Hitler: You're questioning to me? TO ME? The courage of the German soldier?
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: I am talking facts.
Adolf Hitler: WHAT FACTS? Back up this monstrous assertion!
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: Well, I...
Adolf Hitler: In what units was morale low? What action was taken? How many death sentences were handed out for cowardice? Speak up! I will fly to the front and pass the death sentences myself! Name one instance of failure of nerve! One specific instance!
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: I... instances... It was common knowledge.
Adolf Hitler: COMMON KNOWLEDGE? What IS common knowledge is that Army Headquarters at Zossen CRAWLS with cowards. You opposed me on rearming the Rhineland. You opposed me on the Anschluss with Austria. You opposed me on Czechoslovakia, until the British came crawling to me! You dirtied in your trousers, you heroes of Zossen, at the idea of marching into Poland! Well... have I once been wrong? Have you once been right? ANSWER ME!
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: Mein Fuhrer...
Adolf Hitler: I know your go-slow tactics! I know your Zossen tricks, your Zossen schemes, your Zossen ideas! Tell everyone who signed this insubordinate Zossen rubbish... TO BEWARE! I will ruthlessly crush EVERYBODY, up to the rank of a field marshal who DARES to oppose me!
[Hitler turns to face the window, then stands next to his chair]
Adolf Hitler: You don't have to understand me. You only have to obey! The German people understand me. I am... Germany.

"Doctor Who: Let's Kill Hitler (#6.8)" (2011)
Adolf Hitler: Thank you, whoever you are. I believe you have just saved my life.,
The Doctor: Believe me, it was an accident.

The Doctor: Rory, take Hitler and put him in that cupboard over there. Now. Do it.
Rory: Right. Putting Hitler in the cupboard. Cupboard. Hitler. Hitler. Cupboard. Come on.
Adolf Hitler: But I am the Führer!
Rory: Right. In you go.

The Man who Crossed Hitler (2011) (TV)
[in court, Hitler is trying to defend Litten's allegations of brutality]
Adolf Hitler: When we first marched through Berlin in 1927, people threw flowers from their windows to greet us.
Hans Litten: [ironically] With the plant pots still attached, I believe.

[During the lunchtime break in court, a Jewish soldier has accosted Hitler and proved that he was just as patriotic as ethnic Germans when fighting in the First World War. This incenses Hitler and in private he rails against Jews as he is preparing to go back into court to face Litten's questions]
Adolf Hitler: [to himself] "Good day to you." You too, you foul disease-ridden sewer-rat. This city's no better than Jew-riddled Vienna. It's crawling with them. Who let them breed like this? Who let them fasten onto us? It's time to clear them out - the whole stinking nest. It is a question of honor. Can you imagine men achieving the supreme task with the withered spirits these courts demand? No, you can't. You cannot! It cannot be done! That lawyer. Clever tongue. Jabber, jabber, jabber. I will take a knife... and cut it out.

Hitler: The Last Ten Days (1973)
Adolf Hitler: It's good fortune for the government that the masses don't think. Otherwise, human society as we know it might cease to exist.

[Hitler has been informed that there will be no Steiner attack]
Adolf Hitler: An order of mine has not been executed... that is what we have come to.
[voice rising]
Adolf Hitler: An order of mine has not been executed - you LIED to me! I've been betrayed! Everyone has betrayed me, even the SS! Traitors and cowards, every one of you! You, the cheats of the General Staff!
General Jodl: I must insist, but there are no grounds on such an accusation!
Adolf Hitler: You spent years in military academies, and all you've learned is how to hold a knife and fork. But you understand nothing!
[beats his fist on the table]
Adolf Hitler: NOTHING... about the job of soldiering! I didn't go to a military academy, but I read Clausewitz and Moltke! I didn't even go to a cadet school, but single handed, I conquered Europe and half of Russia! And now you dare to disobey? Cowards! Traitors and cowards!
[stamps his feet]
Adolf Hitler: You'll be the ruin of me, and the ruin of the German people!

Legend Movie 2 (2011)
Steven: I brought a friend!
Dave: You brought a friend?
Steven: Yes, his name is Albert, I think.
Dave: Albert? Right.
Steven: Come on out, Albert.
[Hitler emerges, pointing a gun at his head]
Dave: Eh, excuse me but why are you pointing a gun at your own head?
Hitler: Because I want to end it all! I have lost the war!
Steven: Now don't be that way. Just look on the bright side of life.
Dave: Yes, always look for that second wind, buddy - Albert, or whatever your name was.

Hitler: Well, what do you do for fun around here?
Shakespeare: Well, you're asking two questions there. The first brings me back to...
[Hitler shoots himself on the head]
Shakespeare: Oh dear, what have I done? Hmm, this is a new poem I think!

Chillerama (2011)
Adolf Hitler: Here. Write depressing stuff in this as if the little girl wrote it. We'll sell it after the war and make millions.

Adolf Hitler: Boba Fett!

"War and Remembrance: Part I (#1.1)" (1988)
Adolf Hitler: [reading a report from Brauchitsch] Who is responsible for this driveling nonsense?
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: As ordered, mein Fuhrer: the Eastern front strategy to knock England out of the war.
Adolf Hitler: What has England to do with this... filthy rubbish?
[reads off the report]
Adolf Hitler: "General withdrawal in the east your positions... the front straightened and shortened. New front line chosen with an eye to... easy quartering... and simplified... supply... problems."
[slams the report onto his desk]
Adolf Hitler: Ah... yes! You gentlemen of the officer core, with your 'Von's before your names. You never dusted your polished boots in a trench... the kind of trench I served in for four years. Always looking for an easy war, for *simple* war, while you snicker behind my back, at the Bohemian Corporal, who KNOWS... from bitter experience... from lying gassed in a field hospital, THAT WAR IS HARD...! Vain... soft, *cowardly* wretches, be-neath contempt!
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: [quietly] I repeat my request to be permitted to resign.
Adolf Hitler: YES, NOW! Now that you have ruined my eastern campaign - I designed it with crystal clarity, it was BOUND to lead to victory if you had DONE AS YOU WERE TOLD... and driven for the Caucasus oil! But no... you knew better... you and your generals had to march on Moscow. You wanted your prestige successes! Fool!... Weak! Nincompoop. There will be no withdrawal on the eastern front. Not - one - inch! Every German soldier will hold, or die where he stands! My Wermacht will not turn its back on the Russians, and fall to pieces, like Napoleon's grand army!
Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch: I beg you... let me resign.
Adolf Hitler: [shrilly] Resign! You are DISMISSED, Herr Von Brauchitsch! From your post, from my armed forces, from all further service to the Fatherland... that you tried to betray with THIS... TREASONIST... FILTH!
[throws the report at Brauchitsch]

The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel (1951)
Adolf Hitler: Where's Goering?
Staff Member: He's on his way.
Adolf Hitler: Well, when you are fat you don't move so fast.

Plane Daffy (1944)
[Reading Daffy Duck's secret message]
Hitler: "Hitler is a stinker." That's no military secret!
Goering, Goebels: Ja, everybody knows dat!

"The Tomorrow People: Hitler's Last Secret: Seeds of Destruction (#6.4)" (1978)
Hitler: Young peoples of the world, I have come back to lead you! Your fathers have told you many lies about me!

"Heil Honey I'm Home!: Episode #1.1" (1990)
Adolf Hitler: [Answering the phone] Hi, Hitler here.
Adolf Hitler: No, BOB Hitler, who do you think?

"ITV Saturday Night Theatre: The Death of Adolf Hitler (#5.13)" (1973)
Adolf Hitler: Are you mad? Are you insane?

"Family Guy: Death Is a Bitch (#2.6)" (2000)
Hitler: Today on Hitler we will talk to Hollywood hunk Christian Slater.
Hitler: So tell me. In your next film. We get to see your but.
Christian Slater: Well ugh? I guess you do.
Hitler: Can we see it right now?
Christian Slater: Um? sure I guess so.
Hitler: Oh Oh he's going to do it!
Hitler: If you are in the Los Angeles area and you want to get tickets to Hitler then call 213-Du Werdest Eine Krankenschwester Brauchen!

Blitz Wolf (1942)
Adolf Wolf: [coming up to the First Pig's house of straw; speaking in faux German] Open the door! Or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!
First Pig: But Adolf, that would break our treaty. You're a good guy. Why, you hate war. You wouldn't go back on your word.
Adolf Wolf: Are you kidding?
[the wolf laughs and brings in "Der Mechanized Huffer und Puffer" to blow down the house, but the First Pig manages to escape]

"The World Wars: A Rising Threat (#1.2)" (2014)
Adolph Hitler: We will bomb the villages the farms, and the towns we will annihilate them.

Daffy - The Commando (1943)
Hitler: [Closing scene: After Daffy hits Hitler on the head with a mallot] SCH-U-ULTZ!

Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea (1977)
Klaus Abard: My führer, I can explain. That young man over there
[points at a young SS officer]
Klaus Abard: is me.
Adolf Hitler: Ah-ha.

The Madmen of Mandoras (1963)
Adolf Hitler: Mach schnell! Mach schnell!

"War and Remembrance: Part 12 (#1.12)" (1989)
Adolf Hitler: [after hearing there will be no attack by Steiner] EVERYBODY OUT! OOOOUTT! OOOUUUT! OUT!
[as they leave]
Adolf Hitler: Keitel! Boorman! Krebs! Jodl, stay!
[those four return]
Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel: Fuhrer, do not even say these words!
Adolf Hitler: Betrayed! Double-crossed, deceived, Surrounded by liars! I... I - can... I can... I can no longer go on! I shall die in Berlin! The war is lost! LOST! LOST! LOST STUPID, INCOMPETENT IDIOOOOTS!

They Saved Hitler's Brain (1968) (TV)
Adolf Hitler: Mach schnell! Mach schnell!

Which Way to the Front? (1970)
Adolf Hitler: Did you know that last year more people died from cigarette smoking than from bombings?
Brendan Byers III: What will you do about that, Führer?
Adolf Hitler: Increase the bombings!

"The Simpsons: Bart vs. Australia (#6.16)" (1995)
Bart Simpson: I can't get a straight answer out of this crazy hemisphere.
[tries another number]
Hitler: [as his car-phone's ringing] Eine minuten, eine minuten!
[ringing stops]
Hitler: Ach! Das wagen phone ist ein... nuisance phone!
Man on Pennyfarthing: Buenos notches, mein fuehrer.
Hitler: Ja, ja.

Inside the Third Reich (1982) (TV)
Adolf Hitler: No German is to inhabit land occupied by the enemy. Anyone who does so, any wretch will find himself in a desert, devoid of all the amenities of civilization. I repeat, I reemphasize: I want everything essential to the maintenance of life destroyed. All industrial plants, all gas and water and power, electrical works, telephone exchanges. I want them blown up! Destroyed completely! No more ringing! Dismantle them. Cut the telegraph wires. The relay offices, blow them up. And the spare parts... destroy all spare parts.All the cows, all the chickens, all the food supplies destroyed, I want all the farms burned down, all the livestock... That's it! Kill the cows! That's what I want you to do: kill all the cows! Let General Patton and his killers come through and smell their rotting carcasses! And pigs - kill all the pigs! And flood the mines, all of them! I want them unusable for the next hundred - thousand years! Tear down the castles, blow them up! The churches, the monuments, the opera houses, the theaters: level them! Flatten them to the ground! I don't want one stalk of German wheat to feed the enemy. Burn all the fields, all the wheat! Not one German mouth to give him information; not one German hand to help him! When the enemy gets here, I want every road to be blocked, every bridge destroyed! I want nothing but death, annihilation and hatred to meet him!

"Epic Rap Battles of History: Darth Vader vs. Adolf Hitler (#1.2)" (2010)
Adolf Hitler: I am Adolf Hitler / Commander of the Third Reich / Little known fact: / Also dope on the mic / You are Vader / With your little boots and cape / and helmet to cover up / that burnt-ass face / You have the force to move objects / I am a force truly evil / even went back in time / and turned you whack in the prequel / Cause look at you / you're not even a real person / I preferred you in Spaceballs / the Rick Moranis version!

Spies (1943)
[last lines]
Snafu: Now who in hell do you s'pose it was that let my secret out.
Hitler as the Devil: Vat vas zat I herd you zay, my little zouerkraut?
Nazi Devils: He vonders who the hell it vas who let his secret out?
[Hitler holds up a mirror in front of Snafu]

Herr Meets Hare (1945)
Goering: Heil him!
Hitler: Heil me.

Blubberella (2011)
Hitler: How was it in Africa?
Lt. Caspar Jaeger: I got shot.
Nathaniel Gregor: Whatchu know about gettin' shot, motherfucka?
Lt. Caspar Jaeger: [pause] Excuse me?
Nathaniel Gregor: I've been shot eighty times, motherfucka!

The Devil with Hitler (1942)
Adolf Hitler: [to Gesatan] Dummkopf! Don't stand there! Look, I am naked! Get me my nightie!

Full Frontal (2002)
Arty: [on the set of Arty's play, "The Sound and the Fuhrer"] Great. Now I have three hours to find a new Ava Braun.
Hitler: You know what? Fuck her. And here's why.
Hitler: Number One - Anyone who's offended by drinking blood, obviously doesn't drink blood.
Hitler: Number Two - Anyone who drinks as much blood as I do knows it has no effect.
Hitler: Number Three - There is absolutely no scientific connection between drinking a shot of blood a day and being an extraordinary actor.
Hitler: And Number Four - it is impossible to prove Number Three.

Ultrachrist! (2003)
Adolph Hitler: Ach! Ist der Ultrachriswitz!

Blazing Saddles (1974)
Man in Commissary Playing Hitler: They lose me right after the bunker scene.

The Gathering Storm (1974) (TV)
Adolf Hitler: You'll tell them that your visit alone has saved an invasion.
Neville Chamberlain: I can see in your face that you're a man I can trust.