Josef Stalin
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Josef Stalin (Character)
from "World War Two: Behind Closed Doors" (2008)

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Stalin (1992) (TV)
Stalin: You think I don't know? Stalin knows. I know what you say, what you do, who you screw. I know everything about you.

Stalin: Hitler will go the way of Napoleon... to defeat, to despair, and to his death.

Stalin: [Referring to an ill Lenin] May I talk to him?
Nadezhda Krupskaya: Since when do you ask permission?

"Reilly: Ace of Spies: The Last Journey (#1.11)" (1983)
Stalin: You have so much power, Felix. You don't have to do anything to undermine my power. You merely have to exist.
Dzerzhinsky: You question my loyalty?
Stalin: I want you to demonstrate it... by arresting Sidney Reilly.

Stalin: Power is power. It's the one element of the human condition you can't fake.

Stalin (2006)
Stalin: If you were born to a mother and a father, then attack me before you attack my family.

Stalin: While you are holding me back to stop me, your hand is touching my heart. Dont you feel the power inside my heart?

Lenin in 1918 (1939)
[last lines]
Joseph Stalin: Comrade Voroshilov, Tsaritsin Soviet Military Commander of the Front: Give our fraternal greetings to the revolutionary armies who are fighting unselfishly in support of the workers' and peasants' power. Hold high the red banners, carry them before you fearlessly, and destroy the Enemy mercilessly.
Vladimir Lenin: And show the whole world that the Socialist Revolution is invincible.

World War II: When Lions Roared (1994) (TV)
Joseph V. Stalin: Experience has taught me to face up to reality, no matter how unpleasant it may be, and to tell the truth.

The Inner Circle (1991)
Stalin: I know everything about everything.

Children of the Revolution (1996)
Stalin: Yuri, have you been smoking?
Yuri Nikolayev: No, Comrade Secretary.
Stalin: [sniffs air] Who has been smoking?
Yuri Nikolayev: Punin. Pezyriv. Slepak. Druchin. Yermolinsky.
Stalin: [pats Yuri's back] Good.
Yuri Nikolayev: Askenov.
Stalin: Ah.
Yuri Nikolayev: [turns to leave, continues denouncing people] Troepolski. Ezvekov.
Stalin: Good.
Yuri Nikolayev: [walking away] Yegorov.
Stalin: Yeah.
Yuri Nikolayev: [exits Stalin's office] Mikhalov.
Stalin: Good.
Yuri Nikolayev: [from next room] Troegubov.
Stalin: That's enough!

"Seventeen Moments of Spring: Seriya 2 (#1.2)" (1973)
[first lines]
Narrator: Having received today the Center's instructions, Stirlitz could not know that 6 days ago Stalin, upon familiarizing himself with the latest reports of Soviet agents, summoned late at night the chief of intelligence and told him...
Stalin: The detection of any fascist attempts at coming to terms with the most aggressive imperialist groups of the West should be regarded by you as number one priority.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert (1996) (VG)
Josef Stalin: When you kill one, it is a tragedy. When you kill ten million, it is a statistic.