Petra von Kant
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Petra von Kant (Character)
from The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972)

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The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant (1972)
Petra von Kant: It's easy to pity, Sidonie, but so much harder to understand. If you understand someone, don't pity them, change them. Only pity what you cant understand.

Petra von Kant: Of course he took me seriously, respected my opinions... but nevertheless, he wanted to be the breadwinner. That way, oppression lies, that's obvious. It's like this, 'I hear what you're saying and of course I understand, but who brings home the bacon?' So there you are, two sets of rules!

Petra von Kant: ... he hit a bad patch. At first it was almost funny seeing his ridiculous pride being hurt, and to be honest, I quite enjoyed it.

Petra von Kant: He stank like a man. The way men stink. What had once had its charms now turned my stomach and brought tears to my eyes.

Petra von Kant: I felt nothing for him anymore. Far from it, it got worse. When we ate together his chewing... it was like an explosion. When he swallowed my gorge rose. The way he cut meat, held his cigarette, his whiskey glass... it all seemed so absurd, so affected. I was ashamed for him because I imagined everyone must see him as I did. Of course, it was hysteria. Panic, Sidonie. There was nothing left to save. The end.

Petra von Kant: I think people need each other, they're made that way. But they haven't learnt how to live together.

Petra von Kant: Talented? She's not talented, she just knows how to sell herself.

Petra von Kant: It's a waste of time being nice to servants.

Sidonie: It's Karins fault.
Valerie von Kant: Karin? What's it to do with Karin?
Sidonie: Everyone knows Petra's mad about her.
Petra von Kant: Mad? I'm not mad, Sidonie. I love her! Love her as I've never loved anything in my life... that girl's little finger is worth more than the lot of you.

Petra von Kant: It's sad, believe me, when you realize that the distressing things by far overweight the beautiful things you feel.

Petra von Kant: Where were you last night?
Karin Thimm: I went dancing.
Petra von Kant: Till 6 in the morning?
Karin Thimm: What about it?
Petra von Kant: They're not open that long.
Karin Thimm: No?
Petra von Kant: No.
Petra von Kant: Who did you go "dancing" with?
Karin Thimm: What?
Petra von Kant: Tell me who you went dancing with?
Karin Thimm: With a man.
Petra von Kant: Oh yes?
Karin Thimm: Yes.
Petra von Kant: What man?
Karin Thimm: A big black man with a big black dick.

Petra von Kant: You're with someone in a car or in a room and you want to say something, but you're afraid. Or you'd like to be affectionate but again you're afraid. You're afraid of losing points, of being the weaker one. It's a terrible moment when you can no longer go back and start again.