Ursula Brangwen
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Ursula Brangwen (Character)
from Women in Love (1969)

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Women in Love (1969)
Gudrun Brangwen: You don't think one needs the experience of having been married?
Ursula Brangwen: Gudrun, do you really think it need be an experience?
Gudrun Brangwen: It's bound to be possibly undesirable, but still an experience of some sort.
Ursula Brangwen: Not really. More likely to be the end of experience.
Gudrun Brangwen: Yes, of course, there is that to consider.

Gudrun Brangwen: Don't you find yourself getting bored with everything? Everything fails to materialise. Nothing materialises. Everything withers in the bud. Everything.
Ursula Brangwen: Frightening. Do you hope to get anywhere by just marrying?
Gudrun Brangwen: Well, it seems the inevitable next step. But you see... it's just impossible. The man makes it impossible.

Rupert Birkin: I abhor humanity, I wish it was swept away. It could go, and there would be no loss if every human being perished tomorrow.
Ursula Brangwen: So, you want everybody in the world destroyed?
Rupert Birkin: Yes, absolutely. Don't you yourself think it's a wonderful, clear idea? A world empty of people... just uninterrupted grass and a rabbit sitting there?
Ursula Brangwen: You don't seem to see much love in humanity. What about individual love?
Rupert Birkin: I don't believe in love any more than I believe in hate or grief. Love is an emotion. You feel or don't feel, according to your circumstances.
Ursula Brangwen: If you don't believe in love, what do you believe in? Just in the end of the world and rabbits?
Rupert Birkin: The point about L-O-V-E is that we hate the word, because we've vulgarised it. lt should be taboo, forbidden from utterance for many years... till we've found a new and better idea.

Ursula Brangwen: Say you love me. Say "My love" to me.
Rupert Birkin: I love you right enough. I just want it to be something else.
Ursula Brangwen: Why? Why isn't it enough?
Rupert Birkin: Because we can go one better.
Ursula Brangwen: We can't. We can only say we love each other. Say "my love" to me. Say it.
Rupert Birkin: Yes, my love. Let love be enough, then. I love you, then. I'm bored by the rest.

Ursula Brangwen: I'm too big a fool to swallow your cleverness. You go to your women, your spiritual brides. Or aren't they common and fleshy enough? No, you're not satisfied, are you? You'd marry me for your everyday use... and keep your spiritual brides for tripping off into the beyond. Yes, I know your dirty little game. You think I'm not as spiritual as Hermione. Well, Hermione is a fishwife. So you go to her. That's what I say. Go to her. In her soul, she's as common as dirt. And all the rest is just pretence.

Ursula Brangwen: And all men are either lovers or husbands. Why not both?
Rupert Birkin: No. One excludes the other.

Rupert Birkin: It almost breaks my heart. My beloved country. It had something to express, even when it made this chair. Now all we can do is to fish amongst rubbish heaps... for remnants of the old expression. There's no production in us anymore... just sordid and foul mechanicalness.
Ursula Brangwen: I hate your past. I'm sick of it.
Rupert Birkin: Not as sick as I am of the accursed present.
Ursula Brangwen: Well, I don't want the past to take its place. I don't want old things.
Rupert Birkin: The truth is, we don't want things at all. The thought of a house and furniture of my own is hateful to me.