Gudrun Brangwen
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Gudrun Brangwen (Character)
from Women in Love (1969)

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Women in Love (1969)
Gudrun Brangwen: How frightfully kind of you!

Gudrun Brangwen: [having an orgasm] Oh, my God, Gerald! Shall I die?

Gudrun Brangwen: I am not married. Truth is best.

Gerald Crich: And who is "Gudrun"?
Gudrun Brangwen: In a Norse myth, Gudrun was a sinner who murdered her husband.
Gerald Crich: And will you live up to that?
Gudrun Brangwen: Which would you prefer me to live up to, Mr Crich? The sinner or the murderer?

Gudrun Brangwen: You don't think one needs the experience of having been married?
Ursula Brangwen: Gudrun, do you really think it need be an experience?
Gudrun Brangwen: It's bound to be possibly undesirable, but still an experience of some sort.
Ursula Brangwen: Not really. More likely to be the end of experience.
Gudrun Brangwen: Yes, of course, there is that to consider.

Gudrun Brangwen: Don't you find yourself getting bored with everything? Everything fails to materialise. Nothing materialises. Everything withers in the bud. Everything.
Ursula Brangwen: Frightening. Do you hope to get anywhere by just marrying?
Gudrun Brangwen: Well, it seems the inevitable next step. But you see... it's just impossible. The man makes it impossible.

Gudrun Brangwen: Well, I was born here and I'll die here until I fly away.

Loerke: What do you do?
Gudrun Brangwen: I'm a sculptress.
Loerke: And what do you sculpt?
Gudrun Brangwen: Animals, birds.
Loerke: Knick-knacks for the rich?. You're not an artist. You've never worked as the world works.
Gudrun Brangwen: Yes, l have and l do.
Loerke: Have you known what it was to lie in bed for three days because you had nothing to eat... in a room with three other families and a toilet in the middle... a big pan with a plank on it... and your father making love to a street whore in the corner?

Gudrun Brangwen: The whole point of a lover... is to reach a complete understanding of sensual knowledge.