Sister Jeanne
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Sister Jeanne (Character)
from The Devils (1971)

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The Devils (1971)
Jeanne: Satan is ever ready to seduce us with sensual delights.

Jeanne: They always spoke of your beauty, and now I see it with my own eyes and it is true.
Grandier: Look at this thing that I am and learn the meaning of love.

Jeanne: Oh, Christ, let me find a way to you. Take me in your sacred arms. Let the blood flow between us uniting us. (moans) Grandier. Grandier!

Louis XIII: Reverend Father, I notice that you don't speak to these creatures in Latin as is usual. Why is that?
Barre: They're not conversant with the language. You'll understand, sire, there are uneducated as well as educated devils.
Jeanne: [in a growling voice as she crawls like a crab] I haven't travelled much.
Louis XIII: Quite.

Jeanne: Whore! Strumpet! Hypocrite! You tell me you have no vocation? Of course you have a vocation! Fornicator! Fornicator! Sacrilegious bitch! Seducer of priest, that's your calling! Your place is in a brothel. You filthy whore! Get back to the gutter where you belong!