Lee Harvey Oswald
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Lee Harvey Oswald (Character)
from JFK (1991)

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"Quantum Leap: Lee Harvey Oswald - October 5, 1957 - November 22, 1963: Part 2 (#5.2)" (1992)
Lee Harvey Oswald: I admire the president very much!
Admiral Al Calavicci: You admire him, but you're gonna kill him.
Lee Harvey Oswald: That's what this is about! You're secret service and you're detaining me because you think I'm going to shoot the president.
Admiral Al Calavicci: I KNOW you're going to shoot the president. What I want to know is are you acting alone?
Lee Harvey Oswald: I don't even own a gun!
Admiral Al Calavicci: You own a 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle and an S&W .38 special. The rifle is wrapped in a blanket at Ruth Paine's house and the pistol is at your rooming house at 1026 North Beckley. You ordered both of these guns through the mail under the alias of Alex J. Hidell.
Lee Harvey Oswald: Marina! She told you these lies!
Admiral Al Calavicci: Marina told me nothing. But, when questioned, she'll talk about the shot you took at General Walker. And she'll talk about locking you in the bathroom when Nixon came to Dallas because she was afraid that you were going to try and shoot him too!
Lee Harvey Oswald: I want a lawyer!
Admiral Al Calavicci: There's no lawyer here, there's just you and me and the truth!
Lee Harvey Oswald: I know my rights. I'm a member of the ACLU and I have...
Admiral Al Calavicci: [grabs Oswald's shirt and pulls him close] You're going to shoot the president from the sixth floor window of the Texas schoolbook depository!
Lee Harvey Oswald: You're crazy!
Admiral Al Calavicci: You're damn right I'm crazy.
[pulls a gun out of his back pocket]
Admiral Al Calavicci: I'm crazy enough to blow your brains out through your ear if I don't get the truth!
Lee Harvey Oswald: I don't believe in killing someone just because I disagree with their politics!
Admiral Al Calavicci: ARE you acting alone?
Lee Harvey Oswald: I-I want a lawyer.
[Al pulls the trigger right next to Oswald's ear]
Lee Harvey Oswald: I'M DEAF! I'M DEAF!
Admiral Al Calavicci: You're gonna be dead in a minute if you don't tell me the truth!
Lee Harvey Oswald: Okay, Okay. Just don't hurt me. I'm not gonna shoot the president.
[Al grabs his shirt again]
Lee Harvey Oswald: But, I know is.
Admiral Al Calavicci: Who?
Lee Harvey Oswald: Hidell. The guy who ordered the guns in the mail. He's the one who -
[changes to Sam's voice]
Lee Harvey Oswald: I'm lying Al.
Admiral Al Calavicci: Sam!
Lee Harvey Oswald: [in Sam's voice] There is no conspiracy. I'm acting alone and you have got to stop me.
Admiral Al Calavicci: I can't reach you Sam. He's taken over completely!
Lee Harvey Oswald: [in Sam's voice] You have to. You have to, or else it's gonna happen all over again. You have to find -
[changes back to Oswald's voice]
Lee Harvey Oswald: - Hidell. Find Alik J. Hidell. That's the man who's going to shoot the president.

Lee Harvey Oswald: [looking at Sam's reflection in the mirror] I still don't get how you do this.
Admiral Al Calavicci: Well, i-i-it is a little difficult to explain.
Lee Harvey Oswald: You think I'm too stupid to understand?
Admiral Al Calavicci: Well, nobody understands it except Dr. Beckett.
Lee Harvey Oswald: Try me.
Admiral Al Calavicci: Try you. Okay. Let's start with the string theory. What's the string theory?
Lee Harvey Oswald: String theory?
Lee Harvey Oswald: [in Sam's voice] It helped close the conceptual gulf between relativity and quantum mechanics. It postulates that subatomic particles are not points, but strings, about one Planck-length long. The rate at which strings vibrate can generate the properties of all known particles.
Lee Harvey Oswald: [in his own voice] Hmm? How did I know that?

"Quantum Leap: Lee Harvey Oswald - October 5, 1957 - November 22, 1963: Part 1 (#5.1)" (1992)
Oswald: Hidell, Alex James. Private, first class. Serial number: 1522597.
Al: Hidell? You're saying your name is Hidell?
Oswald: What are you, hard of hearing?
[Al consults his handlink]
Oswald: What's that?
Al: Uh, it's a tape recorder. New model.
Oswald: You won't need it. I've already told you everything I'm obliged to tell you under the rules of the Geneva Convention.
Al: Well, you're obliged to tell the truth. 1653230, that's your real serial number, isn't it, Private Oswald?
Oswald: [pause] That's no tape recorder.
Al: So we both lied.

Al: You're not a prisoner of war.
Oswald: All members of the proletariat are prisoners in the class struggle.
Al: I thought you were a member of the Marine Corps.
Oswald: My status as a marine does not alter my membership in the exploited and oppressed class into which I was born.
Al: I was joking.
Oswald: I was not!
Al: Take it easy, kid. I'm on your side.
Oswald: Then I'm free to leave?
Al: Uh, no. Not exactly.
Oswald: Then I'm a prisoner.
Al: Okay, all right. You're a prisoner of the proletariat and...
Oswald: I'm a prisoner of the bourgeois and a *member* of the proletariat. You don't know your Marx, do you?
Al: [coldly] After six years in the Hanoi Hilton, I tend to repress it.
Oswald: Where?
Al: That's where I was held as a prisoner of war, and where they didn't give a damn about the Geneva Convention.

JFK (1991)
David Ferrie: Hey, Willie. I want you to meet Leon Oswald.
Willie O'Keefe: Hey, man! How you doin'?
Lee Harvey Oswald: What the fuck's he doin' here?
Willie O'Keefe: Fuck you, motherfucker!

Lee Harvey Oswald: I am not resisting arrest! I am not resisting arrest!

"The Drew Carey Show: Drew's Life After Death (#6.18)" (2001)
Lewis Kiniski: [Oswald laughs as he is reading a section of a newspaper] What are you reading, the comics?
Oswald Lee Harvey: No, no. I'm looking at a woman in a lingerie ad.
Kate O'Brien: Why are you laughing?
Oswald Lee Harvey: Because I'm getting turned on by the newspaper! I've reached a new low!

Rock & Roll Back to School Special (2001) (TV)
Oswald Lee Harvey: Do women ever explode?
Lewis Michealangelo Kiniski: My dad says yeah but it takes forever.