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Quotes for
Xavier Red (Character)
from The Doom Generation (1995)

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The Doom Generation (1995)
Amy: I'm so mad at you, I could rip your testicles off and staple them to your ankles. What the fuck did you have to go and tell Jordan for?
Xavier: Tell him what?
Amy: What do you think, doorknob? That we got together!
Xavier: Well, didn't you utterly dig it?
Amy: That is not the point!
Xavier: Well, what is the point then, get it? Guilt is for married, old people!
Amy: You're incredible. You're not even human, are you? You're like a life-support system for a cock!

Xavier: You always have to be a pessimist, don't you? Little Miss Doom and Gloom. Well fuck you.

Xavier: Girls have no sense of adventure.

Xavier Red: Sniff my finger. Come on, sniff my finger and tell me it doesn't smell like your girlfriend's sweet, juicy snatch.

[last lines]
Xavier Red: You want a Dorito?

Xavier: What, mommy and daddy won't be all worried about their baby girl?
Amy: My mom used to be a heroin addict, and now she's a Scientologist.