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Christina Delassalle (Character)
from Diabolique (1955)

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Diabolique (1955)
Christina Delassalle: Don't you believe in Hell?
Nicole Horner: Not since I was seven.
Christina Delassalle: I do.

Christina Delassalle: [to Nicole] I'd like to die and not see him anymore.
Michel Delassalle: Die, darling! Die and do it quickly!

Plantiveau, le concierge: Watch out, ma'am. That's the deep part where you are.
Christina Delassalle: There is no danger. I can swim.
Plantiveau, le concierge: That don't mean a thing. It's always the ones who know how that get drowned. The ones who can't, don't go near the pool.

Michel Delassalle: Swallow it.
Christina Delassalle: It's not my fault. It won't go down.
Michel Delassalle: Swallow!

Christina Delassalle: So it's a coincidence?
Nicole Horner: A coincidence, yes.
Christina Delassalle: And Fichet. Was his being at the morgue a coincidence? And the suit. And the hotel. And now the children! Is it a coincidence that it's getting closer and closer?

Christina Delassalle: Who's there? Who's there?

Christina Delassalle: Why are you trying to be nasty?

Michel Delassalle: A sick person shouldn't worry about her appearance.
Christina Delassalle: I'm not sick.
Nicole Horner: She's delicate, you know it.
Michel Delassalle: Delicate? Yes, when she came from Caracas. Today, she's a cute little ruin. She doesn't risk anything. Ruins are indestructible. She'll bury us all. Won't you, my little ruin?

Christina Delassalle: There is only one possible end. We are monsters. I don't like monsters.
Nicole Horner: If it's only him, I feel better. I'll save the grain of sand falling from the hands of providence for my morality lessons.