Sir Richard F. Burton
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Sir Richard F. Burton (Character)
from Zero Patience (1993)

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Riverworld (2010) (TV)
Richard Burton: I think the fox has outfoxed the hounds.

Evgeny: But we're not fighting?
Richard Burton: Not *his* battles!

Richard Burton: Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton. My friends call me "Dick."
Samuel Clemens: Burton? The explorer? You know, I read one of your books. It was amateurish, unnecessarily crude and pathetically self-congratulatory.
Richard Burton: Mr. Clemens. You know, I'm confused. Are you talking about my work, or yours?

Richard Burton: Now, Mr. Clemens, if you'll set down your weapon, we can discuss the terms of your surrender.
Samuel Clemens: "Surrender" is not in my vast vocabulary.
Richard Burton: How about "bollocks?" Is that in your vast vocabulary?

Samuel Clemens: You, sir, are a most despicable example of human kind.
Richard Burton: Why, thank you. Mr Ellman, I'm disappointed, I saved your life once, where's the gratitude?
Matt Ellman: I'll send flowers.
Richard Burton: Roses, I find work for any occasion.

Richard Burton: Jessie. Yes, thank you for reminding me. She, uh, gave me a message to give to you. Now what was it?
Matt Ellman: You bastard.
Richard Burton: No, that wasn't it.

Allegra Braccioforte de Venezia: [Seductively] Does it involve adventure?
Richard Burton: If you call Armageddon a lark.

Amalie Fabarge: When I was a student, there was a boy. He didn't like the idea of women becoming engineers. So he came to my school and he shot every woman he could find. I remember, when he aimed his rifle at me, his eyes were blank. Reality didn't matter, other people's lives didn't matter, only the puppet show inside his head. You have the same eyes.
Richard Burton: If you had seen what I have seen, your eyes would be dead, too.

Richard Burton: Destroying the world as we know it works up quite an appetite.

Allegra Braccioforte de Venezia: [after making love] Show me that twisty one again!
Richard Burton: No, not now. Work to do. Worlds to end.