Dr. Mark Sloan
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Dr. Mark Sloan (Character)
from "Diagnosis Murder" (1993)

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Diagnosis Murder (1992) (TV)
[Mark arrives at the murder scene]
Sgt. Steve Sloane: Here's our medical adviser, half an hour late!
Dr. Mark Sloane: First time in two years, my car wouldn't start.
[Notices Steve is wearing a baseball uniform]
Dr. Mark Sloane: Do you always go to work like that?
Sgt. Steve Sloane: I'm going straight to batting practice!

[Mark, Steve and a group of officers arrive at the H.Q. of the false company]
Sgt. Steve Sloane: Dad, I can't go in without a search warrant, and I don't have probable cause!
Dr. Mark Sloane: Not necessarily.
[Picks up a brick]
Dr. Mark Sloane: Besides, If I'm wrong, you can arrest me for breaking and entering!
[Mark smashes the window in the door with the brick]

The House on Sycamore Street (1992) (TV)
[Mark has disguised himself as a post operative patient, in order to investigate Dr Stern's treatment house]
Dr. Mark Sloan: Do I look like one of Dr Stern's post operative patients?
Dr. Jack Parker: You look like the Invisible Man!

[Kate has passed out from too much champagne]
Dr. Mark Sloan: [To Pedro the parrot] Did you really make a pass at her? I can't say I blame you!

"Diagnosis Murder: Sea No Evil (#2.18)" (1995)
Agent Gretchen McCord: I've never been able to stand the sight of blood.
Dr. Mark Sloan: And that didn't disqualify you from being an IRS Agent?