Cordelia Flyte
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Cordelia Flyte (Character)
from Brideshead Revisited (2008)

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"Brideshead Revisited: A Twitch Upon the Thread (#1.10)" (1981)
[Cordelia has been telling Charles that she has recently met Sebastian living a dissolute and drunken life in a Tunisian monastery after his lover has killed himself]
Charles Ryder: It's not what one would have foretold. I suppose he doesn't suffer.
Cordelia Flyte: Oh, yes, I think he does. One has no idea what the suffering may be - to be as maimed as he is. No dignity, no power of will. No-one is truly holy without suffering.

Cordelia Flyte: Tell me, Charles. When you first met me last night, did you think "Poor Cordelia. Such an engaging child, grown into a plain and pious spinster, full of good works"? Did you think "thwarted"?
Charles Ryder: [chuckles] Yes, I did. But now I'm not so sure.
Cordelia Flyte: It's funny, you know. That's exactly the word I thought for you and Julia when I saw you up in the nursery with Nanny - "thwarted passion", I thought.

"Brideshead Revisited: Home and Abroad (#1.2)" (1981)
Cordelia Flyte: If you weren't an agnostic I should ask you for five shillings to buy a black god-daughter.
Charles Ryder: Nothing would surprise me about your religion.
Cordelia Flyte: It's a new thing that a priest started last term. You send five bob to some nuns in Africa and they christen a baby and name her after you. I have got six black Cordelias. Isn't that lovely?
[Ryder looks utterly bewildered]