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Quotes for
Atia (Character)
from "Rome" (2005)

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"Rome: An Owl in a Thornbush (#1.3)" (2005)
Atia of the Julii: Pompeian scum at our very door! It's intolerable! If Timon and his men weren't here they'd be burning down the house!
Marcus Junius Brutus: Oh they're not *that* energetic.

Octavia of the Julii: Mother I would rather it were not you who killed me. If you have no objections.
Atia of the Julii: Why ever not? You can't still be angry with me!

[Atia is considering commiting group suicide to avoid being raped and murdered by street thugs]
Atia of the Julii: Castor, be sure to cut Octavia's throat before you cut mine!
Octavia of the Julii: Please, Castor, let mother do it! I won't deny her one last pleasure. It would be undaughterly.

[as they prepare to commit suicide]
Atia of the Julii: Octavian, my honey, who would you rather killed you?
Gaius Octavian: I'm old enough to take care of myself, mother.
Atia of the Julii: Oh, that's my brave boy.

"Rome: Egeria (#1.6)" (2005)
Atia of the Julii: You've put off this moment long enough, my dear.
Gaius Octavian: Mother...
Atia of the Julii: You *will* penetrate someone today, or I will burn your wretched books at the yard.

Atia of the Julii: I've been thinking. We should get married.
Mark Antony: Married? Why should we want to do that of all things?
Atia of the Julii: Perhaps I love you.
Mark Antony: Ah. You're joking. For a moment there, you had me worried.

Atia of the Julii: Allied with my house you would have both coin and the nobility to make yourself king, if you wished it so.
Mark Antony: And you would be queen.
Atia of the Julii: I would be your loving and obedient wife.
Mark Antony: Only if I were willing to desert a friend. A man of your own blood.
Atia of the Julii: Too honorable for that, are you?
Mark Antony: I like to appear so.
Atia of the Julii: But I don't think you'd die for the sake of appearences.
Mark Antony: Why not?
Atia of the Julii: Well Caesar will die in any case, but you're far too clever to share his fate needlessly.
Mark Antony: I had not realised until now... what a wicked old harpy you really are.

Atia of the Julii: A large penis is always welcome!

"Rome: Passover (#2.1)" (2007)
Gaius Octavian: You heard what Servilia said, she wants you to run away.
Atia of the Julii: More fool her, she'll have to find me first.
Gaius Octavian: She will find you; you have no talent for hiding.

Gaius Octavian: Mother, I must stay in Rome.
Atia of the Julii: Eh?
Gaius Octavian: I must stay in Rome. I am Caesar's son. I must protect my legal rights.
Mark Antony: There's blood? Quite the little Spartan.

[On the morning of Caesar's funeral, Mark Anthony is still lying in bed]
Mark Antony: I don't think I ever fucked a woman in a funeral dress before.
Atia of the Julii: Nor shall you now.
Mark Antony: Now that's a shame. It'll have to be Merula, then
[referring to Atia's elderly servant, who looks up startled]
Mark Antony: . Come here, old girl. Jump on!
[pats his crotch]
Atia of the Julii: She'd eat you alive. Come on, this is no morning for foolery. Just get up.
Mark Antony: [Grabs her arm and pulls her towards him] Aw, come here!
Atia of the Julii: [Struggles free] Stop fooling around and just get up!
Mark Antony: I am not rising from this bed until I've fucked someone!
Atia of the Julii: Fine, fine. Merula, fetch that German slut from the kitchen.

"Rome: Son of Hades (#2.2)" (2007)
Atia of the Julii: Wake up! Wake up at once! What is the meaning of this!
Gaius Octavian: What?
Atia of the Julii: The money! You've given the plebs their money!
Gaius Octavian: Is it so late already! I overslept
Atia of the Julii: I don't care! What about the money?
Gaius Octavian: I've promised it. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before now, I knew you'd object. I've decided to enter public life, and it seem as a best way to introduce myself to the people
Mark Antony: That would be seen, as a direct challenge to ME!
Gaius Octavian: Yes, but that is not my intention at all. I suggest we make a public display of unity, to call such notions
Mark Antony: A public display of unity? But you...
Gaius Octavian: It makes sense. Our interests are conjoined, while you're a consul, my name, will lend weight to yours, and when your consulship is over and you retire from politics as you have promised, I will step in as leader of the Cesarion party
Mark Antony: I see.
Gaius Octavian: You will need protection from your enemies in the senate and I can provide that.
Mark Antony: [he angrily charges and grabs Octavian by the ears] WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
Gaius Octavian: [fighting back] I'm Caesar's rightful heir!
Atia of the Julii: [holds Antony back] Would you stay calm! He doesn't have the money, so he can't give it away can he? This is all just childish talk.
Gaius Octavian: The money is legally mine! I was able to borrow against it!
Atia of the Julii: Borrow? How much did you borrow?
Gaius Octavian: It's not so much in the great scheme of things.
Mark Antony: [getting angrier] How much?
Gaius Octavian: Three million Sestertii!
[Atia gasps hysterically]
Mark Antony: Oh, Juno's... CUNT!

Atia of the Julii: What sort of woman is she?
Mark Antony: Who?
Atia of the Julii: The Egyptian girl.
Mark Antony: Oh her... barely met her. Skinny thing. Talks too much.
Atia of the Julii: Well, she must have something. To lure a cold fish like Caesar.
Mark Antony: She's a Queen. Caesar would have fucked Medusa if she'd worn a crown.

Atia of the Julii: [to Cleopatra, whispering] Die screaming, you pig spawned trollop.

"Rome: De Patre Vostro (About Your Father) (#2.10)" (2007)
Livia Drusilla: Excuse me...
Atia of the Julii: Yes?
Livia Drusilla: Oh, I don't mind really, but it is I who should go first. You will find if you consult the priests, the wife takes precedence.
Atia of the Julii: I don't give a fuck what the priests say. I'm not letting a vicious little trollop like you walk ahead of me!
[long pause]
Atia of the Julii: I go first.

Atia of the Julii: [to Livia] You are swearing now that some day... some day you will destroy me... Remember, far better women than you have sworn to do the same. Go and look for them now.

Imperium: Augustus (2003) (TV)
Atia: Whose glory is Octavia's marriage?
Octavius: For Rome.
Atia: Rome, who is he? I don't know him. Does he have a sister too?

Atia: Whose destiny is Octavia's marriage to insure?
Augustus: Rome's
Atia: Rome, I don't know him. Does he have a sister too?

"Rome: How Titus Pullo Brought Down the Republic (#1.2)" (2005)
Atia of the Julii: You. Leave this house this moment.
Glabius: I will not! Octavia's my rightful wife.
Atia of the Julii: You defy Caesar?
Glabius: A fig for Caesar!
Atia of the Julii: By the five Furies, if I was not a gentle woman, I would have you flayed, and hung from a bracket at the door!

Atia of the Julii: Well, this is a merry do. Octavia, my honey, look alive at least. Poor Antony must think himself dead and swimming in Lethe water. Talk to the poor man, ask him questions.
[to Antony]
Atia of the Julii: One would think she'd been raised by Germans.
Octavia of the Julii: General Antony, does my mother's screaming irritate you?
Mark Antony: Excuse me?
Octavia of the Julii: When you and my mother are in coitus, there is a deal of screaming. I find it extremely irritating. I wondered whether you did also. Perhaps you like it. A testament to your skills.
Atia of the Julii: So spiteful, and for what? You shame only yourself.
[Octavia fakes a loud, obnoxious orgasm]
Mark Antony: [to Atia] She has you exact.

"Rome: Philippi (#2.6)" (2007)
[Right before Octavian and others go riding out to meet Brutus/Cassius' legions]
Atia of the Julii: Octavian please, for my sake, be good to Anthony.
Gaius Octavian: [annoyed] I am pledged to it, mother.
Atia of the Julii: He's an arrogant shit, I know, but he's a good and honest man

"Rome: The Ram Has Touched the Wall (#1.5)" (2005)
[On Caesar and Servilia's affair]
Gaius Octavian: Calm yourself, mother. You're over-reacting. Who cares who he beds, it is trivial.
Atia of the Julii: You take after your father, simple as milk - and it isn't "trivial", if Caesar were not in bed with that witch he'd be chasing down Pompey - they republic is at stake!
Gaius Octavian: Since when do *you* care about the republic?
Atia of the Julii: I care *deeply* about the republic.
Gaius Octavian: It would not be wise to interfere with this...
Atia of the Julii: Of course! It doesn't matter away; affairs like these tend to ruin themselves anyway.

"Rome: Death Mask (#2.7)" (2007)
Gaius Octavian: Something tells me you have something to say...
Atia of the Julii: Yes, if there were to be a marriage between your two houses then all would know your alliance's strength.
[Antony looks at Octavian]
Mark Antony: I don't care if all of Italy burns; I won't marry him!

"Rome: Triumph (#1.10)" (2005)
Atia of the Julii: [to Octavia] My poor little grump. Oh, I didn't realize until now how much I missed your gloomy presence around the place.

"Rome: Utica (#1.9)" (2005)
Atia of the Julii: You fucked your sister, you little pervert!

"Rome: Testudo et Lepus (The Tortoise and the Hare) (#2.4)" (2007)
Atia of the Julii: [Atia pauses while torturing Duro] "Who is this?"
Octavia of the Julii: Jocasta
Atia of the Julii: She's a bad influence