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Kim Possible (Character)
from "Kim Possible" (2002)

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Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time (2003) (TV)
Ron: 'Scuse me, scary orb thing? Where are you taking us?
Robot: The attitude adjustment center.
Kim: Isn't that the high school?
Robot: Prepare to be drained of all individuality and spirit.
Ron: Yep, high school.

[Monique is commenting on Duff Killagan's modus operendi]
Monique: Golf balls that explode?
Kim Possible: Welcome to my world.

[explaning why he can't wait for Latin class]
Ron: Are you kidding? I can't wait for Latin class! The salsa dancing, the salsa eating...
[Rufus licks his lips]
Ron: ...I already know my research project: "The Down-Low on J-Lo".
Kim: Ron, this is Latin as in the language. The dead language.
Ron: No salsa?
Kim: No J-Lo.

Kim Possible: [exiting the sewers] So far so good.
Ron Stoppable: [frowning] Oh really? Tell that to my shoes.

Ron: The perfect school year just went down the tubes and... and the Possible-Stoppable team is right behind it.
[Rufus imitates a toilet flushing]
Ron: Nice!
Kim: What are you talking about?
Ron: Rufus! He just sounded like a toilet.
Kim: No, no. The end of the Possible-Stoppable team?
Ron: Think, Kim. How are we going to make that work from different continents?
Kim: Well... it'll be tricky... but doable.
Ron: You really think so?
Kim: Ron, I couldn't save the world without you.

Kim: [sadly watching Ron as he moves away] ... Bye Ron.

Kim Possible: Then we'll go lower.
Ron Stoppable: Sewers. Aw man! There's a whole rainbow of smells down here!
Rufus: Pee-Yuu!

Kim Possible: I'm tired of playing defense. I'm taking the fight to Shego.
Ron Stoppable: You're going to the future?
Kim Possible: Yeah.
Ron Stoppable: Okay, okay. From here on out...
[cracks his knuckles]
Ron Stoppable: We're in this together, KP.
Rufus 3000: But the danger to the time stream... it's impossible.
Kim Possible: 'Impossible?' Check my name.

Kim: [giving Ron his own communicator] Now you can call me or beep me, you know, if you wanna reach me.

Kim Possible: Didn't they miss me?
Future Jim & Tim: [Jim] Oh, yeah. But, Dad always said...
Dr. Possible: Well, at least Kimmie's just lost in the time stream and not staying out late with some BOY.

Kim: Okay, type in ""
Ron: Loading... Loading..."Kim Possible. She can do anything." Yeah, you know, it sounds a little braggy.
Kim: It's like a commercial, Ron. It's supposed to be braggy.

Kim: Shego is the Supreme One? Well, you could've mentioned that.
Rufus 3000: I thought it was obvious.
Ron: Uh huh, sure. But just run it down for Kim's sake.
Rufus 3000: Wasn't it clear that Shego was the only one smart enough to take over the world?
Kim: Uh, well, I guess it always seemed more like a guy thing.

Kim: [talking to Ron who is in Norway] Sounds like you're adjusting.
Ron: Oh, ja. That's Norwegian, or French.

Rufus 3000: I must return to the future, before more damage is done to the time stream! Also, I'm making cookies.
Kim Possible: Cookies?
Rufus 3000: Well, fighting an evil overlord works up a fierce appetite.
Wade: I hear that.

Rufus 3000: I am Rufus 3000. I have come for you from the future.
Kim Possible: This just got so much weirder!
Rufus 3000: Hicka bicka boo!
Kim Possible: Huh?
Rufus 3000: Hick-a-bick-a-boo.

Wade: I'm definitely picking up time cooties.
Kim Possible: Really?
Wade: No! There's no such thing as time cooties.
Rufus 3000: Actually, there are. And they really itch.

Kim Possible: Duff?
Duff Killagan: Aye, but now they call me "Robo-Duff!" The world's deadliest golfing cyborg!
Kim Possible: Wow, now that's a mouthful.
Ron Stoppable: And really, how many other golfing cyborgs are there? I mean, that cannot be a crowded field...
Duff Killagan: Ach, shut your yap, boy!

Kim Possible: [trying to make sense of it all] Wow... brain pain.
Rufus 3000: Time travel does that.

[sitting at their old desks at Middleton High, now converted into the Obedience Center, cuffs snap shut over their wrists]
Ron Stoppable: High school never had to resort to this sort of thing!
[a pair of collars pop up over their heads]
Kim Possible: Or that sort of thing!
Future Bonnie: Obedience collars. You'll learn to love them. Not that you'll have a choice.

Shego: I knew my past would come back to haunt me one day.
Kim: Shego. Ready when you are!
Shego: Sorry, Kimmie - the Supreme One always delegates. Dr. D? You're on!
Kim: You're gonna have *Drakken* fight me?
Ron: As a last line of defense? That's weak sauce!

[Kim and Ron's first meeting]
Preschool Ron: Did that one kid have opposable toes?
Preschool Kim: You're weird... but I like you.

Preschool Kim: Oh, I felt my baby sister kick!
Dr. Ann Possible: Now, Kim, remember it might be a baby brother.
Dr. Possible: Might be two.
Dr. Ann Possible: Don't even joke!

Kim Possible: So the Drama (2005) (TV)
Ron: [hiding in his old treehouse with a slingshot] I have a lethal weapon!
Kim: Put the slingshot down, Huck Finn, it's me.

Ninja: It's... impossible!
Kim: No, but real close.

Shego: You know what I really hate?
Kim: When someone kidnaps your boyfriend?
Shego: When someone doesn't know when to give up!

Kim: Do you know what I really hate?
Shego: That your... date melted?
Kim: Nah... you.

Ron: [both are tied up] There are guys out there that are better for you than Eric. Guys that are real, for one thing.
Kim: Do you really think there's a guy out there for me?
Ron: Out there... in here.
Kim: [realizing what he is saying] Oh. Really?

Kim: Monique, you were totally right.
Monique: I know... What was I right about?
Kim: The Bonnie problem. Non-issue. Who cares about "the food chain?" Ron and I are cool.
Monique: Stand by your Ron!

[after dodging a Sumo Ninja]
Kim: Oh, that move won the cheer-regionals.
[Ron gives the Sumo Ninja an atomic wedgie]
Ron: Whoa, better get some ice on that, champ.

Kim: [to Ron] Eric's not going to change what we're about.

Kim: [after listening to Drakken's speech on her weakness of being a teen] You're right, Drakken. Boys, dating, oh, it's hard. But this is easy.
[punches Drakken in the face]

Kim: [about finding a date for the prom] Okay, Bonnie's going out with Brick, so she gets all high-horse and she's all boys, and the prom, and the stupid food chain, and... and... and... I'm gonna end up with Ron!
Dr. Ann Possible: I don't see what the crisis is, sweetie. He's a very nice guy.
Kim: Mom, he's not a guy, he's RON.

Kim: I should have stuck to baby-sitting.

Ron: [In his treehouse; Eric is below them] He can't come up here.
Kim: Ron...
Ron: No, I mean he CAN'T come up here. This treehouse has a weight limit and while I'm holding this slingshot, we're already pushing it.

Kim: This is what happens when a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon reproduce.

Ron: Oh, man, I always wanted to use this on somebody.
Kim: You did once, don't you remember?
Ron: Arnie Custer?
Kim: Arnie Custer.
Ron: I was just trying to stop him from hurting you.
Kim: I pulled him off you because you beaned him with this slingshot.
Ron: We were six, okay? The details are sketchy.

Ron: Camp Wannaweep. The worst summer of my life.
Kim: I know, I know... the ticks, the poison ivy, the toxic lake, your mom stopped accepting your phone calls...
Ron: Yeah... you know, all that stuff was bad, KP, but you know what was worse? Spending a whole summer away from you.

Ron: [Removes and opens a container from Kim's backpack] Hmm. Knock out gas that looks like lip gloss or lip gloss that looks like lip glooos...
[Passes out on his feet and drools]
Ron: [Suddenly alert] Knock out gas.
Kim: [Takes the container] Thanks for checking.

Ron: Rufus, use the lipstick!
Rufus: [jumps into Kim's backpack, pops out with bright red lips]
Kim: The OTHER lipstick.
Rufus: [gets out Kim's lipstick laser]
Ron: Badical!

[on prom night, Kim unexpectedly has to fight a giant robot; after a near-miss from one of its weapons, she notices her scorched hem]
Kim: Do you know how much babysitting I had to do to pay for this dress?

Ron: So, what's the plan?
Kim: Ron, I... I got nothing!
Ron: That's *my* line, and what's worse, that's quitter talk!
Kim: Drakken finally won. I should've stuck to babysitting.
Ron: All right, KP, this pity fiesta is over! Drakken has not won, he played you! Now it's payback time.

Kim: [about Eric] Why couldn't I see that he was a fake?
Ron: Yeah, it don't get much faker than a synthodrone... oh! You kissed a synthodrone!
Kim: I never kissed him...
[Ron smiles]
Kim: ...but I wanted to.
Ron: Okay, too much info.

Kim: [trying on prom dresses] You think I can pull this off?
Monique: [sees the dress] Pull it off and throw it away!

"Kim Possible: Gorilla Fist (#3.11)" (2005)
Wade: Does the name Yamanuchi mean anything to you?
Kim Possible: That school in Japan that Ron went to last year?
Wade: Turns out it's a super secret school.
Kim Possible: I *knew* he crushed on someone while he was there!
Wade: That wasn't what I...
Kim Possible: What? You think I'm jelling! I am *not* jelling! Why would I jell!
Wade: Riiiight... Anyway...

Kim Possible: Weird.
Monique: Secret girlfriend weird?
Kim Possible: No, he'd tell me. I mean, why wouldn't he?
Monique: 'Cause you'd go all jell.
Kim Possible: Jell?
Monique: Green-eyed.
Kim Possible: So? I've always had green eyes.
Monique: "Jell"-ous. You'e jelling!
Kim Possible: I am not jelling!
Monique: Uh-huh.
Kim Possible: It's just my weird-ar's going off, that's all.
Monique: And you're jelling.
Kim Possible: So not!

Kim Possible: But it's cardboard caff pizza.
Ron Stoppable: Cheese on cardboard is still cheese.
Monique: Got you there.

Ron: Why couldn't she just tell me she likes me? She was being all ninja about it.
Kim: Well, you've got me...

Kim: [about Ron] Is this Yori girl dragging him around the world or something?
Wade: Hmmm, sounds familiar.

[on a "gravy ghost" haunting the school cafeteria]
Wade: I don't know what to tell you Kim. After watching the cafeteria security tape, I can't explain what happened either.
Kim Possible: Did you analyze the gravy sample?
Wade: Yup.
Monique: And?
Wade: You don't want to know.
Wade: Not till graduation.
Wade: From college.
Monique: I say we trust him on the gravy.

Ron Stoppable: Whoa! Are you freaking over my friend Yori?
Kim Possible: I am *not* freaking! I am *not* jelling!
Ron Stoppable, Yori: "Jelling"?
Ron Stoppable: What's jelling?
Kim Possible: Never mind jelling!

Yori: Everything is ready, Stoppable-san.
Ron Stoppable: Yori!
Ron Stoppable: Ha-ha! Um, Yori, this is Kim and Monique.
Yori: Ah! Kim Possible!
Yori: I have heard much.
Kim Possible: [glaring at Ron] Really? I haven't.
Ron Stoppable: Oh, sure, KP! You know, Yori, from seventh period History?
Ron Stoppable: No, no she's an old pal from Camp Wannaweep...
Ron Stoppable: We never met, actually. What do you want? Who are you, stranger-I-do-not-know?
Kim Possible: But you just said her name is Yori.
Ron Stoppable: Yori, well... it's a common name, ya know... in Japan. Well, I-I-I-I gotta go, bye!
[pulls Yori off with him]

Wade: And here's the kick: the sword uses Mystical Monkey Power!
Kim Possible: Ron has Mystical Monkey Power. You don't suppose...
Wade: Monkey Fist has tried to take the power from him before.
Kim Possible: So you think Yori's working for Monkey Fist?
Wade: Did I say that?
Kim Possible: No, I did. It's a theory.
Wade: It's... kind of jumping to a conclusion.
Kim Possible: [testily] Well, that's what theories are, right?
Wade: Man, you *are* jelling.
Kim Possible: Ugh... now that's conclusion-jumping.

Wade: I did some checking like you asked about Ron's *girlfriend*.
Kim Possible: [unamused] Friend.
Wade: Who's a girl.
Kim Possible: Wade!
Wade: Okay, okay, friend!

"Kim Possible: Mind Games (#1.8)" (2002)
Kim: You make my life sound like cake.
Ron: Let's see. You're smart, athletic, pretty and popular. Sounds pretty cakey to me.
Kim: OK, flip mode - Playing video games, watching wrestling, and downing snackage. It must be brutal being you.
Ron: Try the demands of raising Rufus as a single parent? Or the pressures of maintaining my image.
[Kim glares at him]
Ron: Okay, so I don't have an image yet. But I'm working on it. And frankly, it's exhausting.

Ron: Its Drakken's evil twin!
Kim: Ron, he's already evil.

[after they had their brains switched]
Ron: I told you not to get close to the brain switcher.
Kim: No you didn't!
Ron: Well I was thinking it, right before my brain got switched.

Kim: Lets get some, what do you call it... Lunchage?
Ron: Snackage! Kim, snackage. Never lunchage that sounds just stupid!

[being led by a prospector through mountainous area on donkeys]
Baxter: Thanks for helpin' buttercup out in her time of need.
Kim: That emergency delivery of her foal.
Baxter: In the dark.
Kim: In the rain.
Ron: In the middle of a landslide.
Kim: No problem.

[Ron accidentally finds the entrance to the lair]
Kim: Mr. Dumb Luck!
Ron: Not dumb luck, Kim. Dumb SKILL!

Ron: Have we been in this lair before?
Kim: They all start to look alike after a while, don't they?

Ron: [still in Kim's body, being chased by goons] Gimme a break here! I'm wearing a skirt!
Kim: Now you know what it's like!

Kim: [the time-share lair is about to self-destruct] You can't just destroy this place!
Dr. Drakken: So I lose the security deposit. It's worth it!
Ron: But that'll blow up the brain switcher! We'll never get back to normal!
Kim: Ron? We'll be blown up, too.
Ron: Aw, man!

"Kim Possible: Crush (#1.1)" (2002)
[Re: the school dance]
Ron: Well, we always go together.
Kim: Yeah but, that's as friends. This time I was thinking of lining up... you know.
Ron: An enemy?
Kim: A date!

Ron: Hey, I helped with that avalanche too you know.
Kim: Ron, you STARTED that avalanche.

Ron: Don't freak out, Kim!
Kim: I'm not.
Ron: Well that makes one of us!

[Kim throws Ron a small jar]
Ron: Badical! Back off, goons, 'cause I'm packin'!
Goon: [looks] Lip gloss?
Ron: [looks] Uh... yes. Lip gloss.
[the goons roar with laughter]
Kim: Ron, open it and hold your breath!
[Ron does so, releasing knockout gas from the jar that flattens all the goons]

Ron: Subject: Joshua Wendell Mankey.
Kim: I meant about Drakken's plot!
Ron: Oh yeah, I've got nothing.
Kim: Wait, his middle name is Wendell?
Ron: Well, it could be.
Kim: You've obviously done your research.
Ron: I assure you, the rest of my report is completely factual.
Kim: Gossip you've heard around school?
Ron: Moving on. Mankey has rejected invitations to the Spirit Week Dance from the following:
[Rufus holds up a series of photos]
Ron: Courtney Loop, Maria Rodriguez, Natasha Putin, Julia Roberts - no relation - and, of course, Bonnie Rockwaller.
[Bonnie's portrait is a crudely drawn sketch]
Ron: No current photo was available.

Kim: Thanks for the lift, Heinrich.
Heinrich: Kim, you silly. It's the least I could do after you saved our village from that avalanche last year.
Kim: No big.
Ron: So, Heinrich, got any teenage daughters who might want to go to a big American dance party?
Heinrich: Nein!
Ron: Nine? One's plenty! Well, maybe two.
Heinrich: Nein means no!
[Heinrich slams the door shut and drives off]
Ron: Hey, wait a minute. I helped with that avalanche!
Kim: You started it.

Kim: What's Drakken doing in a video game factory?
Ron: Duh. Do you know what this factory makes?
Kim: Video games?
Ron: The Z Boy. Only the fastest graphics system ever.
Kim: [scoffs] So, video games.
Ron: It's not even coming out back home until Christmas. It's the must have gift of the holiday season.
[He gasps]
Ron: Drakken's gonna steal Christmas!
Kim: Ron, I know my arch foe. Drakken wants to take over the world.
Ron: He wants to steal Christmas!
Kim: Take over the world.
Ron: Steal Christmas!
Kim: Take over the world.
Ron: Steal Christmas!
Kim: [she whispers] Take over the world.
Ron: [happily] Steal Christmas.
Kim: Shh! Fine, whatever.

Kim: I'll free the hostages, you take this. Jack it into the video.
Ron: You mean, I'm...
Kim: The distraction.
Ron: [dejected] Oh! Always the distraction.

"Kim Possible: Ill Suited (#4.1)" (2007)
Kim Possible: [about her battlesuit] Sorry, Professor, I'm not wearing it.
Professor Dementor: Do you think that I am fooled by your mouthful of lies? "No" is the correct answer!
Kim Possible: [indicates her cheerleading outfit] Hello? Does it *look* like I'm wearing full-body armor?
Professor Dementor: [confused] Well... well, no, now that you mention it. And yet my instruments very clearly say the suit is here. With that, what is up?

[after Ron scores a winning touchdown without Kim's battlesuit]
Kim Possible: You do me proud, Ron Stoppable, by just being you.
Ron Stoppable: Yeah. Who knew my mad running-away skills would have real world applications?

[Kim is mad that Ron had stolen her battlesuit to secure a position on the football team]
Kim Possible: You cheated your way onto the football team!
Ron Stoppable: Yeah, but that was just a perk. I was really trying to cheat on you...
Ron Stoppable: For you! To win you!
Ron Stoppable: Wait, wait! It's not what you think!
Kim Possible: Oh, so you're not a cheater, a liar, and a thief?
Ron Stoppable: [pause] OK, it is what you think.

Professor Dementor: I am impressed, Fraulein Possible. How did you know I would be here?
Kim Possible: Uh, your "To Do" list helped.
Professor Dementor: D'oh! I dropped that when I stole the ultrasonic drill, yes?
Kim Possible: Yeah, mmm-hmm, you did. And thanks for making our job that much easier.
Ron Stoppable: [reading] "Steal ultrasonic drill, break into top secret lab, call Mother, conquer world..."
Professor Dementor: Ah, I knew I was forgetting something! Mama gets so cross when I don't jingle.

Kim Possible: I have been foiled by a man in a dress.
Professor Dementor: IT'S A HOUSE COAT!

[about Professor Dementor masquerading as a little old lady]
Kim Possible: Cute little trap, Professor.
Professor Dementor: Why, thank you, yes, I rather like it. It's the details that really sell it, don't you think?
Professor Dementor: I picked out the curtains myself!

Bonnie Rockwaller: But you're a cheerleader! A senior cheerleader! You know what that means?
Ron Stoppable: New uniforms?
Bonnie Rockwaller: Well, yes, and they're so cute! But it also means you must date a jock. It's like a rule.
Kim Possible: Ron's the exception to the rule.
Bonnie Rockwaller: He's the *reason* for the rule!

Kim Possible: Not everyone has to date the quarterback, B.
Bonnie Rockwaller: Not everyone can, K.
[She tosses her hair and leaves]
Monique: Aw, that girl's sweet as ever.
[Rufus sticks a finger in his throat and gags, then blows a raspberry]

"Kim Possible: Attack of the Killer Bebes (#1.9)" (2002)
Dr. Possible: He never forgave us for that, and in a way, I guess we never forgave ourselves.
Kim: For a little giggle fit?
Dr. Possible: Oh no, we laughed for days. Long and loud. With youthful abandon!
Kim: Oh. That's bad.

[via Communicator]
Kim: Wade, Ron's missing. Can you find him?
Wade: Do you think I have him micro-chipped or something?
Kim: [Beat] Well, do you?
Wade: Yeah... hang on.

Kim: Do you think you could go a little faster?
Dr. Possible: Kim! It's a school zone!

Dr. Possible: I think it's cute that Ron wants to be a cheerleader.
Kim: Mother, boy bands are cute. Brown Bear backpacks are cute. Ron as a cheerleader - not cute.
Dr. Possible: He'll wear a different outfit, won't he?
Kim: Knowing Ron...

Kim: [over the radio] Ron? Ron, are you there?
Ron: [faking static] Sorry - kkk! Can't - kkk! - hear - kkk! - you!
Kim: Knock it off, Ron, I know you're doing that yourself.
Ron: Kkk- what? I'm only - kkk! - hearing - kkk! - every - kkk! - other - kkk! word!
Kim: Ron, don't be a - kkk - baby!

[about Ron's "Mad Dog" mascot costume]
Kim: Where did you get that mask?
Ron: I made it, with my Movie Makeup Magic Kit!
[Rufus pops up, wearing a mask likeness of Kim]
Rufus: What's the sitch?

[last lines]
Bonnie: [while Ron does his 'Mad Dog' routine] You like him?
Kim: Yeah. Kinda surprises me too sometimes.

"Kim Possible: Homecoming Upset (#4.18)" (2007)
Bonnie Rockwaller: Does the Wanna-Be wanna say something?
Kim Possible: Want to. Won't. Might not be able to stop at words!

Kim Possible: [seeing Bonnie kissing Ron] WHAT-IS-THE-SITCH?

Ron Stoppable: Hey, I was the kissee here, not the kisser!
Kim Possible: No kidding! It took you twelve stinking years to kiss me!

Bonnie Rockwaller: [crying and wailing]
Ron Stoppable: Uh, I don't speak hysteric.
Bonnie Rockwaller: [continues crying and wailing]
Kim Possible: Brick broke up with you?
Ron Stoppable: How do you know what she said?
Kim Possible: It's a girl thing.

Kim Possible: How are you at gate jumping?
Wade Load: Terrible, but I don't usually find it necessary.
[opens the gate with a remote]
Wade Load: After you.
Kim Possible: [pouting] But I LIKE jumping over stuff.

[during halftime]
Bonnie Rockwaller: Kim, will you be able to show your face after losing Homecoming Queen to me, or will you be way humiliated?
Kim Possible: I'll take my chances.
Monique: Back off, Bonnie! In case you didn't notice, now *Kim* is the one dating the star of the football team.
Kim Possible: That's not important to me, Monique... although Ron has broken more school records than Brick ever did.
Bonnie Rockwaller: [sulking] Brick... if he had just flunked senior year one more time, he'd be here to rule at my side, instead of off at college.

"Kim Possible: Bad Boy (#3.4)" (2005)
Kim Possible: Wade, I need you to keep an eye on Ron. You've still got him chipped, right?
Wade Load: Kim, we talked about the ethical ramifications of that.
Kim Possible: Wade...
Wade Load: Yeah, okay.
Kim Possible: Please and thank you!

Ron Stoppable: Kim Possible!
Kim Possible: Since when do you use my last name?
Ron Stoppable: Since I realized my full evil potential!

Ron Stoppable: Welcome, Kimberly Ann Possible!
Kim Possible: The middle name is so overkill.
Ron Stoppable: Overkill? Isn't that the idea? A-BOO-YAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

[about their costumes for infiltrating the Supervillain Trade Show]
Ron Stoppable: You call this incognito?
Wade Load: Zorpox The Conqueror! Issue 93 of the Villains' League of Evil Villains.
Kim Possible: [dressed in a spotted cat-suit] And I am...
Wade Load: Shee-La, of the Leopard People!
Kim Possible: I was gonna say, "not feeling one hundred percent on the cat suit."
Wade Load: I worked with what I had on hand.

Shego: Kim Possible?
Ron Stoppable: No! She's Shee-la! She's got spots, come on!
Shego: Why are you dressed in that stupid costume?
Kim Possible: [chuckles] You look in the mirror lately?

Ron Stoppable: KP, I don't know if I can do this.
Kim Possible: Just try chillin' like a villain.
Ron Stoppable: No, I mean my whole "bad boy" thing! It's just not working.
Kim Possible: [groans] Now, undercover as a supervillain, you realize this? Let's go. Walk the walk, Zorpox.

"Kim Possible: Bueno Nacho (#1.6)" (2002)
[Kim's parents suggest she get a part-time job]
Kim: Between a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon, the best idea you can think of is minimum wage?

[Ron has poured nachos onto a tortilla]
Kim: What are you doing?
Ron: Taco meets nacho. I call it the "naco"!
Kim: I call it "gross beyond reason."
Rufus: Mmm! Naco!

Dr. Possible: Your predicament reminds me of the time I applied for funding of a new propulsion system. The university told me money doesn't grow on trees. Well I told them...
[Kim sighs]
Dr. Possible: is made from paper and paper grows on trees. So, in point of fact, money does grow on trees.
Kim: And this relates to me how?

Ron: [Ron and Kim are eating al fresco at Bueno Nacho] What's wrong, KP? You won.
Kim: I'm very happy... really.
Ron: You don't sound happy.
Kim: OK, I know this is beyond shallow, but I saved the world and I'm no closer to owning that Club Banana jacket.
Ron: Maybe... Maybe not...
[presents Kim with Club Banana box]
Kim: [gasp adoringly] Ron!
Ron: Oh, it's no big deal. My Naco bonus was muy bueno.
Kim: [opens box to discover green jacket that she'd been saving for] You are too sweet! I love it! Thanks.
[Ned, her former Bueno Nacho boss, walks up wearing identical jacket]
Kim: Ned?
Ron: Dude, what are you wearing?
Ned: Somebody left this picture over the cheese machine, and I just had to have it! Viva me!
[Ned exits]
Ron: Exchange it.
Kim: Oh, yeah.

[Kim and Ron are bolted to a machine]
Ron Stoppable: Guess that wasn't much of a plan.
Kim: Not as great as your Bueno Nacho Bathroom Break chart.
Ron Stoppable: I gooned on Assistant Manager power. You were right.
Kim: I did resent your superior burrito technique. You're entitled to excell. Forgive me?
Ron Stoppable: Duh. Forgive me?
Kim: Totally.
Dr. Drakken: Aw, that's so sweet. Friends again. Just in time to be fried in magma.
Ron Stoppable: Remind me again why I rushed over?

Kim: Mom, reassure me. I just had a fight with Ron. He was all high-horse 'cause I bailed on work, and I really need to stop Drakken, but Ron thinks I quit because I can't take him being good at something, which would be way pathetic.
Dr. Ann Possible: I need a suture here.
Kim: Mom? Do you have me on speaker?
Dr. Ann Possible: Sorry, honey, I've got both hands in a sixty-two-year-old male's temporal lobe.
Kim: Mom!
Dr. Ann Possible: Gotta go, honey. See you at dinner. Dad's picking up nachos!

"Kim Possible: Bonding (#3.3)" (2004)
Dr. Possible: Interesting. There's a high density molecular process involved in this bonding agent.
Dr. Possible: It's a sticky situation!
Dr. Possible: Ha! Good one!
Dr. Possible: Thanks.
Kim Possible: So not helping.

[finding Dementor's lair]
Bonnie Rockwaller: A gift shop?
Kim Possible: I remember when it used to be about the villainy.

Kim Possible: Cocoa?
Bonnie Rockwaller: Hmm, no. How about a latte, soy decaf?
Kim Possible: You stole the kinetic modulator just to make cocoa?
Professor Dementor: It is very good cocoa. But I also plan to bend the vorld to my vill!

Professor Dementor: [explaining his evil plan] And there is nothing you can do to stop me, Kim Possible! NOTHING!
[he laughs, his face illuminated by a red light]
Bonnie Rockwaller: Hold up, Mr. Bad Accent Guy. Why are you telling us all this? Why don't you just get on with it?
Kim Possible: That's how these things go.
Bonnie Rockwaller: Well, it's dumb! And what's with the red light on his face?
[widen to show Dementor holding a tinted flashlight under his face]
Professor Dementor: What? You don't like my dramatic villain light?
Kim Possible: She's new to this.

Professor Dementor: When the machine is activated, you will both be vaporized! Poof!
Bonnie Rockwaller: Why are you going to such elaborate measures? Isn't there an easier way to do this?
Kim Possible, Professor Dementor: It's how it's done!

"Kim Possible: Roachie (#3.8)" (2005)
Ron Stoppable: You don't suppose there are any...
Kim Possible: Bugs? Come on, Ron! Bugs are no big. Literally. You flick 'em!

Ron Stoppable: [meeting a giant cockroach] Hey, look. That one's lost. Hey, little guy. You okay?
Kim Possible: It... it's touching you...
Ron Stoppable: Weird, huh? Guess I'm only freaked out by the little ones. The bigger ones are cute, like a shiny puppy, with a shell.
Kim Possible: Puppies don't have shells!
Ron Stoppable: [the roach starts licking Ron] Hey, he likes me! Can I keep him?
Kim Possible: [gags] The hurl factor's approaching critical here...

Kim Possible: Roachie listens to you?
Ron Stoppable: Well, except at bedtime, it's always "five more minutes" and "can I have a glass of dirty water?"
Kim Possible: You're like... the roach whisperer.

Ron Stoppable: You okay, KP? KP?
Kim Possible: [petrified] Bugs... b-big bugs...
Ron Stoppable: Oh, yeah, that's real nice. Just mock my weakness!
Kim Possible: B... b... big... bugs...
Ron Stoppable: Hey, you're not mocking, What happened to "just flick 'em"?
Kim Possible: Uh-huh, that was when they were little, and, uh, flickable?

Kim Possible: [giant roaches are attacking] My jeepers are officially creeped. You're the roach boy - you can handle this thing on your own, right?
Ron Stoppable: Kim, I got over my bug issues. You gotta deal, too, or we're chunked!
Kim Possible: We are *so* chunked. Look at that! Those bugs are just... ridiculous big!

"Kim Possible: Motor Ed (#2.27)" (2004)
Kim Possible: Felix, you go stand watch.
Felix Renton: You mean, "sit watch."
[Kim claps a hand to her mouth, mortified... ]
Felix Renton: Kim? I'm just playing with you.

Kim Possible: What's the sitch?
Wade Load: Major, Kim. We've got a hijacked shipment of high-output aluminum spark plugs in Germany, a stolen coolant nitrox injector lifted from a freighter in the Sea of Japan...
Kim Possible: A stolen nitro-whatsit?
Wade Load: Prototype automotive components!
Kim Possible: Uh... car parts?
Wade Load: [archly] And the Mona Lisa is a doodle.
Kim Possible: This is a guy thing, isn't it?

Kim Possible: I'm a cheerleader waiting by the phone for a guy with a mullet to call. Something's wrong with this picture.

Motor Ed: [dangling off of a monster truck] This is bogus, Red! A man should not be booted off his ride!
Kim Possible: Quit calling me "Red"!
[imitates him]
Kim Possible: "Seriously!"
Motor Ed: But, Red...
[Motor Ed crashes into a stoplight]
Kim Possible: I warned him.

Motor Ed: Don't you even wanna know my plan? I mean, come on, seriously!
Kim Possible: I thought this was just random destruction.
Motor Ed: I'm gonna crush stuff, and keep on crushin' it, until I've turned the whole world into humongous, rockin' scrap yard!
Kim Possible: Sounds a lot like random destruction!

"Kim Possible: Tick-Tick-Tick (#1.4)" (2002)
Dr. Drakken: And no doubt you have heard of me?
Kim: Uh, no.
Dr. Drakken: Now think about it... I'm a genius.
Kim: I really don't...
Dr. Drakken: Doctor?... Doctor D - Dr. Dra - *Dr. Drakken*!
Kim: Dr. Drakken?
Dr. Drakken: Aha! I see my reputation precedes me.
Kim: You have something that doesn't belong Dr., uh, what was it again?
Ron: Uh, Dr... He said it was "Duh" something.

Kim: [Ron is slurping the last of his drink] Is that really necessary?
Ron: Uh yea! Every drop counts when you're a thousand miles away from free refills!

Wade Load: Kim, look in your pack.
Ron: [doing so] Hmm, lipstick...
Wade Load: Actually, that's not ordinary lipstick it's...
[it explodes in Ron's face]
Wade Load: ...elastic constricting agent.
Kim: Oooh... my compact! I've been looking for this!
Ron: What does that do?
Kim: It's a small mirror that allows me to check my face.

[just before dropping Ron and Kim into a tank of sharks]
Dr. Drakken: I hope you can stay.
Kim: For lunch?
Dr. Drakken: I wasn't going to say that.
Ron: You were so "for lunch."
Dr. Drakken: Fine, stay for lunch!
[drops them in]

[Wade tells Kim that a villain's lair is on a supposedly-haunted island]
Kim: Haunted island? Keep out "meddling kids"? Please!

"Kim Possible: Hidden Talent (#2.17)" (2004)
Bonnie: [pushes her way through the talent show line] Step aside, people. This is all just a formality. My older sibs have won the this contest the last four years straight. I am not about to break the Rockwaller family tradition.
Kim Possible: Oh, please, Bonnie. I just ate
Bonnie: Just trying to save my fellow students from utter humiliation.
Kim Possible: And your talent is what? Singing... your own praises? Acting... obnoxious?

Kim Possible: [to Drakken, after escaping his elaborate death trap] Which part of "she can do anything" do you not comprehend?

Kim Possible: Ron, I cannot believe you signed me up for the Talent Show without even asking me! Do you not comprehend how critically wrong that is?
Ron Stoppable: Let's stick to the facts. Fact one: you *are* signed up. Fact two: you won't give Bonnie the satisfaction of backing out now.
Kim Possible: Fact three: I know sixteen styles of kung-fu!
Ron Stoppable: You really need to take this unproductive anger you're feeling towards me, and channel it into your act. Don't you think?
Kim Possible: You are so flawed.

Ron Stoppable: This is bad, Kim! You're gonna risk our reputation in front of the entire school and you can't even hit the high notes?
Kim Possible: Fact one: it's *my* reputation on the line here! Fact two: *you* are the one who got me into this! And fact three: I can and *will* hit the high notes! I can do anything!

Kim Possible: Is it really necessary to spy on Bonnie's rehearsal like this?
Ron Stoppable: We have to gather some intel on your competition.
Kim Possible: I just can't see Bonnie doing twelve hard years of ballet lessons.
Ron Stoppable: Hour after hour, staring at herself in a giant mirror? Yeah, believe it.

"Kim Possible: Team Impossible (#3.10)" (2005)
Kim: Save the world. It's what I do and nobody's going to stop me.

Kim: Hey, Dash?
[fighting stance]
Kim: I'm waiting?
Dash DaMont: I wish there was another way.
Ron Stoppable: [skeptical] Really?
Dash DaMont: No, I'm told we should always say that, for legal reasons.

Ron Stoppable: I figured since we dropped out of the hero biz I better find something to do with all my new free time.
Kim: Who said we were dropping out?
Ron Stoppable: Uh, the three big dudes with the super cool theme song? Can't get it out of my head!
Kim: Just because those greedy goons think we're cutting into their bottom line, that's no reason to quit.
Ron Stoppable: No? How about because they have a half a dozen *fists*?

Kim: Ron, we do not need a theme song!
Ron Stoppable: Did it occur to you that it gives Team Impossible an edge?
Kim: If they *had* an edge, which they do not!
[the doors to the lair explode and Team Impossible emerges with Dementor]
Professor Dementor: You three are positively amazing! What gives you your edge?
Kim: [to Ron, hissing] *Don't* even.

"Kim Possible: Odds Man In (#4.11)" (2007)
[hanging above a vat of melted chocolate]
Wade Load: Isn't this where you're supposed to say, "you'll never get away with this!"?
Kim Possible: [nervously] Only when I'm absolutely sure he won't.

Ron Stoppable: I'm telling you, Kim, actuarially speaking, you should have been toast in the tenth grade.
Kim Possible: Yet, here I am.
Ron Stoppable: Oh, would you mind moving over a lane? We're eight percent less likely to get into a bone-mangling accident.
Kim Possible: And you're about fifty percent more likely not to tick off your girlfriend if you're a hundred percent less annoying!
Ron Stoppable: [confused] Well, that doesn't make any sense... where did you get your numbers?

Ron Stoppable: Look, KP, I just want to keep you safe. Because if you got hurt... it's too big a loss to compute.
Kim Possible: [touched] That's the most weirdly romantic thing you've ever said to me!

[Ron overcame his fear to rescue Kim and Wade, and now is fleeing Shego's attacks, shrieking in terror]
Wade Load: On the upside, Ron is surviving way longer than I thought he would.
Kim Possible: [dreamily] Isn't it romantic?

"Kim Possible: Coach Possible (#1.11)" (2002)
Ron Stoppable: The team wanted me to talk to you about your coaching technique.
Kim: What about my coaching technique?
Ron Stoppable: Too much technique, not enough coach.
Kim: What's that supposed to mean?
Ron Stoppable: They just wanna have fun, Kim.
Kim: Winning is fun, Ron.
Ron Stoppable: See, that's your Kimness talking!
Kim: Well, I am Kim.
Ron Stoppable: It's just a game... with small children... who cry when they see you coming.

Kim: You know a lot about soccer?
Ron: Oh, yes. I will tell you everything I know. Soccer is the world's most popular sport. You can't touch the ball with your hands...
Kim: Unless you're the goalie.
Ron: Really? Well, that's it, then! The student has surpassed the teacher.

Ron: Kim, the team wanted me to talk to you about your coaching technique.
Kim: What about my coaching technique?
Ron: There's too much technique and not enough coaching!

Kim: Wade, do you think it's wrong to pitch in and help your team?
Wade: Like fund raising?
Ron: Like playing forward.
Wade: Oh. In that case, I'd have to say yes.

"Kim Possible: Two to Tutor (#2.3)" (2003)
Granny Crocket: We received this "anonymous" message this morning...
[on the screen, the only visible in the darkness is a pair of eyes]
Señor Senior Sr.: This message is to warn you, that two thieves will be attempting to steal your chocolate chip recipe.
Señor Senior Jr.: Father, what are you doing in the dark?
[turns the lights on]
Señor Senior Sr.: Junior, no! The lights!
[message cuts off]
Texan: [laughing] Ah, Yankees.
Kim Possible: Actually, they have their own European island.
Texan: Ain't from Texas, that's all I know.

[first lines]
[in a high-flying jet]
Kim Possible: Thanks for the ride, Colonel Dmitri. This is our stop.
[She hits a button, and the cockpit canopy pops off]
Ron Stoppable: [shivering] Uh, for once, couldn't we just, like, land, and, you know, taxi to a gate or something?
Rufus: [shivering] Please!

Ron Stoppable: You know, for someone who can disarm a doomsday device, you seem to have major mixer issues.
Kim Possible: Ron, this machine hates me!

Kim Possible: Too bad about your restaurant.
Ron Stoppable: Well, when the health inspector saw a live rodent, you know... serving the food, the die was cast.
Rufus: [whimpers] Sorry.

"Kim Possible: Downhill (#1.5)" (2002)
Ron: What you got there, Dr. P?
Dr. Possible: My home-made snowboard. I'm ready for shreddy!
Ron: Excuse me?
Kim: Dad's trying to act cool? I'm doomed!

Kim: It's been so long since I've skied without some crazed henchman after me.

Kim: Just once, I wish the villain's lair didn't have to blow up.

Kim: Bonnie knows about Pandaroo. Hope is lost.

"Kim Possible: The Full Monkey (#2.20)" (2004)
[Ron has been scarfing snacks from a bag, then hears Professor Acari talking about his research on the nutritional value of insects]
Professor Acari: Toasted chili peppers...
Ron Stoppable: Oh, phew!
Professor Acari: ...and mountain grasshoppers! Delicious, aren't they?
Kim Possible: Ron, maybe you should look before you eat.
Ron Stoppable: Crunchy and spicy has never betrayed me like this before!

Wade Load: Better hurry, we've only got a few minutes!
Kim Possible: Until what?
Ron Stoppable: Until you're a monkey permanently.
Kim Possible: Can this get any worse?
Ron Stoppable: [looks over her shoulder] Yes!
[Monkey Fist comes flying at her]

Weight Lifter: Hello, how you doing? What's with the ape?
Kim Possible: I'm a monkey. I have a tail.
Weight Lifter: Oh, ja. How much can your tail press?
Kim Possible: We'll see.
[Her tail grabs a barbell and flings it at Monkey Fist's gut, knocking him backward]
Kim Possible: Strong tail.
[Her tails pulls the pin from her cuffs and she bounds out of the room]
Lord Monkey Fist: Stop her!
Weight Lifter: I had a dog that ran away from me once. It still hurts, you know?

[last lines]
Kim Possible: Mom! What is *that* picture doing on the wall?
Dr. Ann Possible: What's that, honey? Oh, well the boys just loved it.
Jim Possible: It's your best school picture yet!
Tim Possible: Hoo-sha!
Kim Possible: Very funny, tweebs.
[She looks at the photo, which features Chippy in a puffy green dress, with the name "Kim Possible" under it]
Dr. Ann Possible: Well, you have to admit, dear, the Nana dress isn't your look, but Chippy pulls it off.

"Kim Possible: Steal Wheels (#3.1)" (2004)
Kim: [after Ron finds out she's jealous of Ron's new friend] Was it that obvious?
Ron: Kim, you ate all his nacos.

Kim: Motor Ed...
Motor Ed: Red!
Dr. Drakken: Red?
Kim: Drakken?
Dr. Drakken: Kim Possible?
Kim: How do my foes find each other?
Motor Ed: We're related.
Kim: Seriously?
Dr. Drakken, Motor Ed: Seriously.

Monique: [Kim is trying to make plans for the evening] Sorry Kim. I've got OT at Club Banana tonight. Did you try Tara?
Kim: Date.
Monique: Hope?
Kim: Grounded.
Monique: Bonnie?
Kim: Get real.
Monique: You could hang with the family.
Kim: Parents are going out.
Monique: Baby-sitting?
Kim: Tweebs have a sleepover.
Monique: I'm out of ideas, Kim.
Kim: I can handle some Me-time. Please! How pathetic do you think I am?
Kim: [later, sitting alone on the couch] I am SO pathetic!

[Drakken and Ed steal Felix's wheelchair]
Kim: This is low, even for those two.
Ron: Uh, news flash, Kim: they're bad men!

"Kim Possible: Rappin' Drakken (#3.9)" (2005)
Kim: [backstage at American Starmaker] Ron, this is so dumb, it can't work.
Ron: [writing in a notebook] Yeah, chill down, KP, it'll work.
Kim: [reading from Ron's notebook] "Yo, listen up, hap a holler from Ron?"
Ron: I wanted it to sound like me.
Kim: Why don't you shoot for "sound like English?"

Kim: Ron, what are we doing at Smarty Mart?
Ron: Research, KP. "How Ron Met Rufus." This is where it all began! And I need to get some ointment for toenail fungus.
Kim: Need I bother with the "Eeee-ugh," or is it a given?
[the Kimmunicator beeps]
Kim: Sitch me, Wade.
Ron: Hey Wade, what do you know about toenail fungus?
Wade Load: Eeee-ugh!
Kim: That's what I said.

Kim: So Drakken is self-foiling now? Spankin'!

Dr. Drakken: While Shego keeps you busy, I shall launch my hypertronic devastator drone!
[does so]
Kim: Wait, no countdown?
Shego: No, no, he's actually learning.
Dr. Drakken: During the time it takes the computer voice to count backwards from ten, you always manage to defeat me.

"Kim Possible: Graduation: Part 2 (#4.23)" (2007)
Dr. Drakken: Oh. Flower, take out that canon.
[Drakken's plant tendril wraps itself around a laser weapon and destroys it]
Kim Possible: [stunned] That is one tough mutant flower.
Dr. Drakken: Hahaha. I should have gone green years ago.

Kim Possible: [after being confined in the spacecraft prison] Ok, good.
Dr. Drakken: What aspect of held prisoner aboard an alien spacecraft is good?
Kim Possible: Good is that they are not paying attention to us. They think we are trapped here.
Dr. Drakken: Aren't we?
Kim Possible: Not for long.
Dr. Drakken: [annoyed] Urmm. I find your youthful optimism irritating.
Kim Possible: Would you just...
[a plant tendril creeps out of Drakken's collar]
Kim Possible: What is that?
Dr. Drakken: What is what?
Kim Possible: On your neck?
Dr. Drakken: On my neck? Is it a bug? Get it off, get it off.
[Sees the plant tendril]
Dr. Drakken: Oh, this again.
[petals poof up around his neck]
Dr. Drakken: This is not helping.
[yells at the flower]
Dr. Drakken: Beat it.
Kim Possible: Spanking!
Dr. Drakken: [annoyed] Arrggh! Tween slang!
Kim Possible: Drakken!
Dr. Drakken: What?
Kim Possible: Your flower.
Dr. Drakken: Just because it grew on me doesn't make it my flower. It's not like I can just say, 'Flower, attack Kim Possible and...
[the plant tendril wraps itself around Kim and hoists her up in the air]
Dr. Drakken: Oh.
Dr. Drakken: [the laser gun shoots at Kim and it seems she is destroyed] You were a worthy foe. You were indeed all that. Farewell Kim Possible.
Kim Possible: [standing up behind Drakken] Hello Drakken.

[in the alien ship's engine room; all yelling]
Kim Possible: Congratulations, you found the loudest room in the ship!
Shego: Try the central power core! Do some damage here, you'll get results!
Ron Stoppable: If I were an off switch, where would I be?
Dr. Drakken: No, this is highly advanced alien technology! It's not going to be as simple as finding an off...
[the room shuts down]
Dr. Drakken: ...switch.
[Rufus, next to the switch, chuckles. On the bridge, the ship shuts down]
Warmonga: What madness is this?
Warhawk: They found the off-switch!
Warmonga: Ah, long have I questioned the wisdom of that accursed switch!

Warhawk: [to Shego] You!
Shego: And you must be Mr. Warmonga.
Warmonga: She is the blue imposter's battle-mate.
Shego: Whoa, time out! Yeah, the two teens are a "thing," but there is nothing going on between me and Dr. D.!
Kim Possible: [slyly] Nothing?
Shego: *Nothing*!
Warmonga: Then why were you so threatened by my arrival?
Shego: I don't know, maybe because you're nine feet tall?
Warhawk: Denial. It's more than just a river... on the planet which we now control.

"Kim Possible: Ron Millionaire (#2.28)" (2004)
Kim Possible: This is way worse than when he got the froo-froo haircut.
Wade Load: Look at it this way: Ron's lost it much faster than usual, so maybe he'll snap out of it faster too.
Kim Possible: He's calling himself "The Ron."
Wade Load: ...or maybe he's lost to us forever.

Kim Possible: [reading a catalog for jewelry] "Jimmy Ding the Bling-Bling King?" I can't believe I just said those words with a straight face!

Ron Stoppable: Ah, the Naco. My wondrous invention for the Bueno Nacho Corporation.
Ron Stoppable: [voice-over] Part nacho, part taco, all delicious.
Ron Stoppable: Possible, come here! I want you!
Kim Possible: Oh, Ronald, it is a wonderment! It will change the world!
Ron Stoppable: Yes. Yes, it shall.
[dissolve to present]
Kim Possible: That's how you remember it?
Ron Stoppable: Pretty much.

Kim Possible: [about Ron's "Naco Royalties Check"] Open it, Ron. Maybe it's big enough for you to grande size.
[Ron does - and his eyes pop out]
Ron Stoppable: [stammering] I-it's for nuh... nuh... nuh...
Kim Possible, Bonnie Rockwaller: [looking] *NINETY-NINE MILLION DOLLARS?*
[Bonnie immediately starts tousling Ron's hair]
Bonnie Rockwaller: Ron Stoppable, you are such a hottie!
Ron Stoppable: Are you saying that because I'm rich?
Bonnie Rockwaller: Uh-huh.
Ron Stoppable: ...Cool!

"Kim Possible: Rufus in Show (#2.6)" (2003)
[Kim and Ron are tied above a pool of electric eels]
Kim: Aren't you going to leave now?
Falsetto Jones: Leave? What do you mean?
Ron: Well, usually the villain says his lame pun and leaves, you know, "leaving us to our doom".
Falsetto Jones: But then I'd miss the whole show. Where's the fun in that? I'm not going anywhere.
Kim: OK, but I feel I must warn you, you are really breaking a supervillain tradition here.

[Ron slips the judge a five-dollar bill to approve Rufus as a "Peruvian Hairless."]
Kim: Ron, this is a prestigious international competition!
Ron: And I'm speaking the prestigious international language of cold, hard cash!

Kim: There he is: Falsetto Jones.
Ron: Why do you think he's called Falsetto...?
Falsetto Jones: [high-pitched voice] Welcome, humans and canines alike, to my annual dog show!
Kim: Freak helium accident.
Ron: Ouch.

"Kim Possible: The New Ron (#1.3)" (2002)
Kim: I know what's best for Ron, even if he doesn't.

[Kim is explaining how the Seniors' reckless consumption affects others]
Kim: Yeah... um... you house sucks up so much power, it's causing blackouts all over Europe.
Senor Senior, Sr.: And these people without power, they are inconvenienced?
Kim: Very.
Senor Senior, Sr.: See, Junior, how awful it is to be poor?

[Wade arranges a helicopter ride out to the Seniors' island]
Ron: This cannot be safe.
[widen to show the pilot's chair is empty, and the helicopter being steered by remote control]
Kim: Uh, Wade? I'm kind of with Ron on this one.

"Kim Possible: Emotion Sickness (#3.2)" (2004)
Kim: [under "Moodulator" mind control] Now, about that favour...
Ron: Actually, KP, I...
Kim: [pouting] Tonight's the night of the big Middleton Days festival, and I don't have a date.
Ron: Wait, wait, wait! You want to go to the festival as my *date*?
Kim: [overjoyed] Oh, I thought you'd never ask!
[she kisses Ron deeply; Wade appears on her computer]
Wade: Hey, guys, I...
[spits out his drink and falls off his chair]
Wade: Ah! Um... bad time to call?
Kim: [giggles] Guess what the sitch is, Wade?
Wade: Um... I just wanted to tell you, I got a link to the Kimmunicator, and... were you guys just smackin' lips?
Kim: [gazing into Ron's eyes] Great, Wade!
Ron: [dreamily] Whatever you say...
Kim: I'm going to get ready for tonight. Rrrrr!
[she leaves]
Wade: Whoa! What's going on?
[Ron shuts the locker door on him]
Wade: This isn't normal! Hello?

Ron Stoppable: [whining] Kim, he's trying to get away and he's kicking me!
Kim: And you're surprised?

Kim: [a la Ricky Ricardo] Ron, you've got some 'splainin' to do!

"Kim Possible: Go Team Go (#2.19)" (2004)
Kim Possible: Everybody, listen up! Here's what we should do.
Mego: So it wasn't just Hego's strength, she also got his super-bossiness.

Shego: There is no way I can do this! Five minutes with my brothers and I'm ready to claw my own eyes out!
Kim Possible: Shego! I have brothers too. I know how annoying they can be, but you can't walk out.
Shego: Why not?
Kim Possible: Because if you don't help, I'll tell the world you used to be a good guy.
Shego: You wouldn't!
Kim Possible: I've got a website and I'm not afraid to use it!

Shego: What are we doing here?
Kim Possible: We needed to meet some place Aviarius doesn't know about to make our plan.
Hego: Well, the Go Tower is the ultimate fortress of goodness.
Kim Possible: Don't think so. You've got a giant viewscreen that your arch-foe can appear on whenever he wants. He talks to you, you talk to him. You don't think...
Hego: That he could use that technology to spy on us while we were planning our heroic efforts. Blast! The fiend! How come no one ever mentioned this before?
Shego: [weary] Because it was obvious?

"Kim Possible: The Ron Factor (#2.4)" (2003)
Ron Stoppable: I gotcha. G.J. needs Kim for some top-secret save-the-world action.
Dr. Betty Director: Actually, G.J. needs you, Ron Stoppable.
Kim Possible: [shocked] For... what?

[Gemini and Dr. Director confront each other]
Dr. Betty Director: You just can't leave me alone, can you... Sheldon?
Ron Stoppable: "Sheldon"?
Gemini: The name is Gemini! And this has nothing to do with you... Betty!
Kim Possible: "Betty"?

[Gemini fires missiles at Kim from his cybernetic hand]
Gemini: Let me give you a hand!
Kim Possible: How many times have you used that line?
Gemini: And it's still fresh!

"Kim Possible: Monkey Fist Strikes (#1.13)" (2002)
Cousin Larry: Give it to me. I have an idea.
Kim: This isn't one of your stupid science fiction games, Larry! Ron's facing a kung fu mutant with bio-engineered hands, and mystical monkey powers, and...!
[hands him the Kimmunicator]
Kim: Here.

Dr. Possible: Morning, honey. How'd Cambodia go?
Kim: Mixed. The good part, I rescued a priceless icon from a ferociously snakey, spiky pit. Less good, a ninja stole it.
Dr. Possible: Isn't that just like those darn ninjas?

Kim: And now, Larry drones on about these creepy conventions he goes to - in costume! And the video games? Last month I learned everything I never wanted to know about that stupid "Fortress" game.
Ron Stoppable: "Fortress"? The other night I spent six hours battling the hilltop fortress with nothing but a joystick and a will that could not be denied!
Kim: And to think: that's time you may have otherwise wasted.

"Kim Possible: Sick Day (#2.24)" (2004)
[last lines]
Kim Possible: I gotta know: what was this "X" thing designed to do anyway?
Scientist #1, Scientist #2: [beat] Cure the common cold.
Ron Stoppable: I hate irony.

Kim Possible: My mom is way cranked that I went out sick.
Dr. Ann Possible: [yelling from offscreen] "Cranked" is putting it mildly!

"Kim Possible: Grudge Match (#2.2)" (2003)
Kim Possible: Are you going to live in fear because of some rules that only exist in your head?
Ron Stoppable: Uh, yeah.

Ron Stoppable: What kind of chance do I have with a girl like that, anyway?
Kim Possible: [aside] Honest opinion or best-friend-fudge?
Monique: Fudge it, girl.

"Kim Possible: The Twin Factor (#1.17)" (2002)
Shego: [who has just endured being under mind control] DODGEBALL AND DODOS?
Dr. Drakken: Ooh.
Shego: Do you have ANY idea what listening to you is like? It is SO BORING!
[Shego chases Drakken away]
Ron: Shouldn't we go after them?
Kim: No, whatever Shego's going to do to Drakken is TEN times worse than anything *I* could come up with.

Kim: [after discovering that her brothers have trashed her room looking for her Kimmunicator] I'm about to become an only child!

"Kim Possible: Clean Slate (#4.17)" (2007)
Kim Possible: Kim? Kim who?
Ron Stoppable: Possible.
Kim Possible: What is?
Ron Stoppable: You are!
Kim Possible: I'm what?
Ron Stoppable: Kim Possible!
Kim Possible: That so doesn't sound like a name.

Ron Stoppable: Not to worry! I'll have KP back in time for dinner. After school, I'll give her a refresher around Middleton. It'll be like a second first date!
Kim Possible: Are you hitting on me?
Ron Stoppable: Um... Kim? We ARE dating. I'm your boyfriend.
Kim Possible: Boyfriend?!
Kim Possible: Oh, wait. You're serious?
Ron Stoppable: Oh ho. That wasn't painful at all.

"Kim Possible: Sink or Swim (#1.2)" (2002)
Ron: So on the next mission, I call the shots?
Kim: We'll see.
Ron: Oh, I know what that means.
Kim: It means we'll see.
Ron: Which is code for "not a chance".
Kim: Actually it's code for "ferociously unlikely".

Tara: This is just like those movies. Innocent teens, stranded in a camp in the middle of nowhere... then some creepo starts to pick them off, one by one!
Kim: So not the drama, Tara. This isn't a horror movie.
Ron: Oh, isn't it?
Bonnie Rockwaller: Okay, if it were a horror movie, there'd be more guys.
[points to Ron]
Bonnie Rockwaller: And they'd be way cuter than him.

"Kim Possible: Car Alarm (#4.5)" (2007)
[Fuming, Kim signs her brothers' contract]
Jim and Tim Possible: Woo-hoo, oh, yeah! Hoo-sha!
Kim Possible: Hey, no gloating!
Jim and Tim Possible: [points to the contract] Page 6, subparagraph 3: "Gloating is to be allowed."
Ron Stoppable: Whoat, they got you with a "niener" clause! Oh yeah, they're good.

Kim Possible: [after her latest brush with Motor Ed] No mocking the hair.
Ron Stoppable: [chuckles nervously] Are you kidding me? You know, I know the basic boyfriend rules, Kim. Your new haircut is fabulous! And those slacks are very flattering!
Kim Possible: Thanks for the sensitivity.
Jim and Tim Possible: Sorry, but we're contractually obligated to mock.
Kim Possible: Okay, just get it over with.
Jim and Tim Possible: It's no fun if you help.

"Kim Possible: A Very Possible Christmas (#2.15)" (2003)
Ron Stoppable: So where are we in the Possible family Christmas Eve schedule?
Kim Possible: Just started. Lighting the house is always first.
Ron Stoppable: [rubs his eyes because of all the lights] Right. Yeah, yeah, I caught that.

Shego: [Drakken hosts an impromptu Christmas gathering] Uh, Dr. D? Are you serious?
Dr. Drakken: Of course! Because: "To the people far and near..."
Ron Stoppable, Dr. Drakken: "... Snowman Hank brought holiday cheer!"
Kim Possible: This is... this is... I... I don't know what this is...
Dr. Drakken: [pushing Kim and Ron together] Look who's under the mistletoe!
Ron Stoppable: [laughs nervously] Well... really it's some old parsley I found in the dumpster, but...
[Kim kisses Ron on the cheek]
Ron Stoppable: Oh!
Rufus: Awww...

"Kim Possible: The Cupid Effect (#4.4)" (2007)
[Wade reads a love note for Monique that Ron gave him]
Wade Load: The humble earthworm is vital to agriculture, it moves through the soil by excreting lubricating mucus.
Kim Possible, Monique: Eww!
Ron Stoppable: Wait! That's my biology report! Oh no! That means...
[camera cuts to Mr. Barkin grading Ron's "biology report"]
Mr. Steve Barkin: [sniffs] That's a beautiful thought. A-plus, Stoppable!

[Last lines - Ron fears being hit with another "cupid ray"]
Kim Possible: Hey Ron, what are you doing?
Ron Stoppable: Nothing!
Kim Possible: You're weird.
Ron Stoppable: Kim...
Kim Possible: [romantically] Shhh. I like weird.

"Kim Possible: Number One (#1.7)" (2002)
Kim: I saved an ambassador.
Bonnie: Which is, you know, nice and all. But you have to ask yourself, "Did you give the squad a hundred and ten percent today?"

[Kim's moody]
Ron: Somebody's tweaked!
Kim: Am not.
Ron: Please, KP, you reek tweak!

"Kim Possible: Ron the Man (#1.20)" (2003)
Professor Dementor: Do you have any idea what the Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer does?
Dr. Drakken: Something very dangerous, I'm sure, or else it wouldn't be top secret.
Kim Possible: *How* dangerous?
Professor Dementor: The vortex it creates will be a contained disruption in the very fabric of reality!
Dr. Drakken: Space... time... e-energy?
Professor Dementor: All will be twisted in a vortex of PURE CHAOS!
[Drakken tosses the PDVI in an air vent then begins to walk away as Dementor follows]
Professor Dementor: Did I mention that the vortex will be the size of the state of NEVADA?
Dr. Drakken: Oh. We're in Nevada.
[nervous chuckle]
Dr. Drakken: How ironic.

Kim Possible: Wade, what have you got on Professor Dementor?
Wade Load: Ok, several days ago he stole a Pan-Dimensional Vortex Inducer from a research facility in the Rocky Mountains.
Kim Possible: Why am I just finding out about this now?
Wade Load: Um... Local, federal and international law enforcement are on the case. They... thought they didn't need you.
Kim Possible: Well, I guess they thought wrong.

"Kim Possible: October 31st (#1.14)" (2002)
[Kim and Monique are on the phone with each other]
Monique: Guess who's garage band is playing at *my party?*
Kim Possible: If you say Josh Mankey, I swear I'll scream.
Monique: Scream, girl!

"Kim Possible: The Truth Hurts (#2.25)" (2004)
Kim Possible: This is so my worst nightmare!
Ron Stoppable: My worst nightmare is the one where I'm in school in my underwear.
Kim Possible: Ron, you've actually done that.

"Kim Possible: The Mentor of Our Discontent (#4.15)" (2007)
Ron Stoppable: Okay, well, I have no idea what just happened, but I am clearly not cut out to help people make life choices.
Kim Possible: Oh, I wouldn't be so sure. You helped me choose... you.
Ron Stoppable: Okay, *that* time I was a genius.

"Kim Possible: Queen Bebe (#2.16)" (2003)
Bebes: So sorry, Kim. "Fool me twice," and all that.
Kim Possible: Oh, it's not over yet. I'm shutting you down and going to that dance.
Bebes: [points at Kim's mission clothes] Wearing that? How tacky.
Kim Possible: I have a dress!
Bebes: No doubt tackier still.

"Kim Possible: Pain King vs. Cleopatra (#1.12)" (2002)
[At a wrestling match]
Kim: Prepare to be body slammered Jackal!
Ron: That's body slammed Kim.

"Kim Possible: Naked Genius (#2.1)" (2003)
Kim Possible: Nice move, genius.
Ron Stoppable: I am what I is!

"Kim Possible: The Big Job (#4.2)" (2007)
Kim Possible: Jim, Tim, did you add aquatic capability to my car?
Jim and Tim Possible: Sure.
Kim Possible: Hit it, Ron!
[they drive into the water]
Ron Stoppable: Ok, which button?
Jim and Tim Possible: For what?
Kim Possible: Aquatic capability!
Jim and Tim Possible: Ohhhh! We thought you said "COULD you add aquatic capability!"
Ron Stoppable: Oh, I can see how they'd make that mistake. Ha-ha! Look! Fish!

"Kim Possible: Clothes Minded (#4.8)" (2007)
Kim Possible: Whatever you've stolen, give it back.
Shego: We haven't stolen a darn thing.
Dr. Drakken: [appears] I've stolen the darn thing, Shego! Let's go!

"Kim Possible: Overdue (#3.7)" (2005)
Kim Possible: [over the Kimmunicator] Hey, Wade.
Wade Load: What's up, Kim?
Kim Possible: Have you heard from Ron? I haven't seen him all day.
Ron: [on Wade's display] AH, AH! IT'S GOT ME! OH MAN, IT'S GOT ME...!
Wade Load: Ron? Uh... haven't heard a peep.
Professor Dementor: [laughing] With my mutagenic plants, I shall build a new world! A world that I control!

"Kim Possible: Mad Dogs and Aliens (#4.6)" (2007)
Ron Stoppable: Save the world, unwind with nacos and a movie. Bust a villain out of prison, it's the hoity-toity express to Super Spaville.
Kim Possible: Saving the world has other perks, too.
Ron Stoppable: Such as?
Kim Possible: Cuter boyfriends.

"Kim Possible: Oh No! Yono! (#4.16)" (2007)
Kim Possible: [surveying the wreckage of Ron's house after they've finally gotten Hana to bed] How did she...? I mean she's just a...!... and the walking on the ceiling! Ron, the ceiling?
Ron Stoppable: [wearily] Welcome to extreme babysitting, Kim.

"Kim Possible: Chasing Rufus (#4.19)" (2007)
Ron Stoppable: Oh, this is bad.
Kim Possible: Not entirely, I think Camile will be much easier to track down now.
Ron Stoppable: How so?
[Camile screams]
Ron Stoppable: Oh, ten miles away.
Kim Possible: Twelve tops!
Ron Stoppable: Were comin' Rufus!

"Kim Possible: Low Budget (#1.21)" (2003)
Kim: Ron! This is serious!
Ron Stoppable: Hello? Note: Serious face"

"Kim Possible: Car Trouble (#2.5)" (2003)
Ron: I'd just like to point out that was two fences I jumped over and I didn't rip my pants!
Kim: Let no one doubt your mad fence-jumping skills. Now come on!
[a loud rip is heard]
Ron: Oh!

"Kim Possible: Vir-Tu-Ron (#2.10)" (2003)
[Wade and Kim enter the virtual world of "Everlot," Kim's first time playing the game]
Kim Possible: Wade, you're a giant!
Wade Load: Actually, I'm normal size.
[Kim realizes she's the size of an insect, with fairy wings]
Kim Possible: Oh, great!
Wade Load: You're a Sprite-kin. You gotta start small.
Kim Possible: Stupid game!

"Kim Possible: Stop Team Go! (#4.12)" (2007)
[Ron gets hit by the Attitudinator]
Wego #1: Get him!
[They charge, Ron stops him]
Ron Stoppable: I think not! BOO-YAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAA!
Rufus: Uh-oh...
Kim Possible: Not again!

"Kim Possible: Mother's Day (#2.26)" (2004)
[Drakken has captured Kim and her mother]
Dr. Drakken: And so, Kim Possible and her... sister?
Dr. Possible: Is he hitting on me?
Kim: No, sidekicks really confuse him.

"Kim Possible: Graduation: Part 1 (#4.22)" (2007)
[Warmonga has revealed that revenge was her motivation to conquer Earth]
Kim Possible: So, payback's the sitch.

"Kim Possible: Trading Faces (#4.3)" (2007)
Steve Barkin: [Calling roll in Statistics class] Possible.
Kim Possible, Jim Possible, Tim Possible: [in unison] Here.
Kim Possible: Not my class! Ohh...
Steve Barkin: Three Possibles in the same Statistics class? What's the probability?
[class laughs]
Steve Barkin: It's not a joke, people! It's a pop quiz!