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Br'er Bear (Character)
from Song of the South (1946)

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Song of the South (1946)
Br'er Bear: I'm gonna knock his head clean off!

[Br'er Fox is preparing a new trap to catch Brer Rabbit, a Tar Baby]
Br'er Fox: That big-ol' rabbit won't get away this time. No, sir, we'll catch him sure. I'll catch him sure.
Br'er Bear: But, uh, that's what you said the last time before and the time before that and... look, let's just knock his head clean off.
Br'er Fox: Oh, no, indeed, ain't nothin' smart about that. I'm gonna show him who the smartest is, and the Tar Baby will do the rest. It sure will fool him! Yes, sir!
Br'er Bear: No, it ain't gonna fool nobody. It hain't got no eyes.
Br'er Fox: Eyes? Oh, yes, indeed, eyes! I'm glad I thought of that.
[He looks at Br'er Bear's buttons on his coat]
Br'er Fox: Let me see now... hmm-hmm-hmm. Let me see about this.
[He yanks the coat buttons off the bear's coat, ripping them off]
Br'er Fox: Just about this size.
[He places the buttons on the Tar Baby's head for eyes]
Br'er Fox: Now, lemme see. Oh, yes, a nose, too. Gotta have a nose, one of those very badly. Gotta have a nose. This is sure gonna do the trick.
[Br'er Bear covers his nose, but the fox instead snatches the bowl of the bear's pipe, rips it out, and jams the pipe stem back into the bear's mouth. At the same time, he places the bowl on the Tar Baby's face as its nose]
Br'er Fox: It's lookin' more natural all the time.
Br'er Bear: But it hain't... it hain't got no hair.
Br'er Fox: Uh, hair?
[He looks at Br'er Bear's hair; the bear shoves his down over his head and swivels his head away from the fox, who rips some hair off his buttocks. The bear yells while the fox places some hanks of the bear's hair on the Tar Baby's head]
Br'er Fox: There!
[Br'er Bear looks at his bare and throbbing rear]
Br'er Fox: All right, now c'mon and help me along, now. Help me along. Come on.
[He lifts up his end of the log on which the Tar Baby is seated and hands the other half to Br'er Bear, who takes it and they head out of the cave]
Br'er Fox: Us ain't got all day, come on...

[Br'er Rabbit had tricked Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear into taking him to his Laughing Place, which is actually a tree full of bees]
Br'er Bear: You said this was a Laughing Place. And I ain't laughing.
Brer Rabbit: I didn't say it was your Laughing Place, I said it was *my* Laughing Place, Br'er Bear.

Br'er Fox: [he has caught Brer Rabbit and tied him to a barbecue spit] You played your last trick on me, Brer Rabbit. Yes, you sure have, yes, sir. You played your last trick on me. Here, hold that knot.
[Brer Fox places his finger on a bow knot he is tying on the rope on the rabbit]
Br'er Fox: You sure look mighty good in that bow-tie, Brer Rabbit. Yes, sir, you look mighty good in that bow-tie. Don't he look good in that bow-tie, Brer Bear?
Br'er Bear: Duh, yeah...
Br'er Fox: I ain't never seen nobody look good in that bow-tie before. He's all dressed up for dinner.
Br'er Bear: Yeah, for dinner.
Br'er Fox: Yes, sir, he's really dressed up for dinner.
[he chuckles, then takes on a menacing tone to try and scare Brer Rabbit]
Br'er Fox: For *my* dinner, 'cause I'm gonna barbecue you this very minute... on that fire!

Br'er Bear: [tricked into going into Brer Rabbit's Laughing Place] Hey, there ain't nothing in here, except bees!

Coonskin (1975)
Doorman: This here's where Simple Savior runs his black revolution, brother. Natural black Jesus is the reverend's cousin, too. He gives people the strength to kill whites.
Brother Bear: Kill whites?
[to Preacher Fox]
Brother Bear: You hear that shit?
[to Doorman]
Brother Bear: Any whites?
Doorman: Yeah, any whites.
Brother Bear: Ain't this a bitch?
Preacher Fox: Anyone we want?
Brother Bear: Ain't this a bitch!
Preacher Fox: Huh. We can kill anyone we want?
Doorman: Any whites.
Preacher Fox: I have one special...
Brother Bear: [Grabs Fox and pulls him to the side] Stop it, Fox. Stop it.

Brother Bear: Preacher, why don't you shut up?
Preacher Fox: 'Cause I have an electric mouth!

Preacher Fox: [Talking to a gravestone] Ben, now don't you go believin' that I'm shaky! I still got it Ben! I don't lie to you, or God. I still take care of Rabbit and Bear you know!
[picks up gravestone and begins to carry it with him]
Preacher Fox: An' I don't want you or Mama to worry none 'cause ol' Fox here he doesn't gonna...
Brother Bear: [annoyed] Stop it, Fox, stop it!
Preacher Fox: I'm gonna be puttin' you back now, Ben!
[replaces gravestone]
Preacher Fox: Don't you worry 'bout a thing!