Marcus Junius Brutus
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Marcus Junius Brutus (Character)
from Julius Caesar (1953)

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"Empire" (2005)
Servilia: We must look to the men who will re-build Rome.
Brutus: You mean Cassius and Antony?
Servilia: And you... why not you, my son?

[Antony's speech about Caesar]
Brutus: What is he doing?
Cassius: Oh this isn't about Caesar's rein; it's about Antony's!

[On hearing Octavius is Caesar's heir the mob chant his name]
Brutus: Octavius?
Cassius: It is not to Caesar to anoint his successor!
Brutus: They're calling his name...
Cassius: Do you think I can't hear?

Caesar: Look at you, Brutus... A model senator! The army wouldn't recognize you...
Brutus: I've fooled them all.

[On Caesar's body]
Brutus: The mob will tear us apart when we take this...
Cassius: They won't see it!
Brutus: How could they miss?

Brutus: An alter asking the gods protection; for whom? And who placed it there, the Vestal Virgin, untainted by the crass self-interest of her senate counterparts, or a girl who has a crush on a prince?

Marc Antony: This is Caesar's ring and this is the declaration of Octavius, bequeathing all this inheritance to me.
Brutus: Before or after you murdered him?

Camane: Noble Pontifex...
Brutus: I'm not a noble Pontifex.

"Rome: The Spoils (#1.11)" (2005)
Marcus Junius Brutus: The plebs love to see the betters fight. It's cheaper than theatre and the blood is real.

Gaius Julius Caesar: You know I've always looked upon you as a son.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Oh dear, one of those conversations.

Marcus Junius Brutus: Had you told me you were to march on Rome, and asked me for my allegiance, I would have given it. I would have judged you insane, but I would have given you my allegiance because I look on you as my father. But you did not ask me for my allegiance. You demanded it at sword point. *I* betrayed nothing.

Gaius Julius Caesar: I trust you completely.
Marcus Junius Brutus: So much so that you would send me from Rome to govern Macedonia. Well. Thank you, I am honored, but I will not go.
Gaius Julius Caesar: It is in my legal power to insist that you do go.
Marcus Junius Brutus: As my father. As my father I looked on you!
Gaius Julius Caesar: For a year or so, no more. Until the city's stable.
Marcus Junius Brutus: [near tears] Forgive me. I feel unwell. Perhaps we can finish this game another time.
Gaius Julius Caesar: Be reasonable! You're on every wall with a knife at my throat! It would be foolish to ignore it.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Only tyrants need worry about tyrant killers.

Marcus Junius Brutus: Mother... I owe Caesar no more friendship. I must do my duty.

[Upon seeing graffiti depicting him, literally, stabbing Caesar in the back]
Marcus Junius Brutus: [to a slave] Erase that.
[Cassius appears]
Cassius: I don't know why you're bothering, it's on every wall, every hill in the city... I wouldn't worry too much about scribbles on the wall, Brutus. King Caesar knows you're his loyal friend.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Oh I'm not worried about that, it's just... Do I really look like that?
Cassius: It's near.
[Short pause]
Marcus Junius Brutus: But that's tragic.

"Rome: Pharsalus (#1.7)" (2005)
Gaius Julius Caesar: My poor boy.
Marcus Junius Brutus: I am sorry. I am so sorry.
Gaius Julius Caesar: Not at all. It is I who am sorry. I presented you with an impossible dilemma. You did only what you thought honourable.

Pompey Magnus: Why so melancholy, Brutus?
Marcus Junius Brutus: Oh, do I seem so?
Pompey Magnus: Mmm.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Forgive me. No, Caesar's defeat is a blessing. We cannot endure tyrants. But I cannot celebrate it. Caesar was as my father to me.
Porcius Cato: I feel for you. When do we strike?

[after their defeat at Pharsalus, Cato and Scipio says they must escape and rally fresh troops]
Marcus Junius Brutus: Might one ask where?
Porcius Cato: Africa. We must rally the cities of Africa!
Marcus Tullius Cicero: [bitter chuckle] Africa? Dear gods, we are fast running out of continents.
Marcus Tullius Cicero: And coin! We have taxed every last coin from Greece and spent it all! What shall we use to buy Africa's loyalty? Seashells?
Porcius Cato: We need buy nothing! We are the Senate of Rome...!
Marcus Tullius Cicero: We are old men with mud on our shoes!

[after Brutus announces that he plans to go with Cicero]
Porcius Cato: Without the force of your name, the cause of the Re...
Marcus Junius Brutus: Do not! Do not talk to me of the Republic! If I had known what wretched company and rotten food I would endure, if I had known what an old fool is Pompey, I would never have left Rome...!
[He realizes Pompey is standing behind him]
Marcus Junius Brutus: Forgive my anger. I'm not myself.
Pompey Magnus: Think nothing of it. I merit your disappointment.

Caesar (2002) (TV)
[of Caesar]
Marcus Brutus: He spared my life.
Caius Cassius: And took the life of Cato, your wife's father who treated you like a son... Has Portia ceased her mourning?
Marcus Brutus: No... and neither have I.
Caius Cassius: So, you're mourning over Cato's death?
Marcus Brutus: Cassius, yes, I and grieving... but private affections and public duty are not the same thing.
Caius Cassius: And yet they say that in your grief that you just weep and say prayers... and fill your wife's drinking cup and go to bed... And when Caesar comes to you tonight, you'll be like his boy, filling his cup too.
Marcus Brutus: *Who* is saying this? Who?

[Brutus is reading]
Caesar: Let me see... Plato's laws? Do you read this?
Marcus Brutus: Yes.
Caesar: And, what did you think of it?
Marcus Brutus: Well Plato thinks that democracy is doomed to failure; he thinks that a state should be run by a dictator, a dictator who's become enlightened through experience and learning.
Caesar: I don't think that your Plato would get on with your Uncle Cato.

[on Appolonius]
Portia: I'll bet he ran off to fight with the rebel slaves.
Julia: *Those* slaves are not like Appolonius. They aren't educated men with happy homes.
Portia: Well, we had a Morish cook who ran off about a month ago to join the rebels. We heard he had been promoted to commander. From cook to commander! It's so inspiring...
Marcus Brutus: You talk of it as if it's a game, Portia.
Portia: I don't!

[to Portia on slave rebellions]
Marcus Brutus: Think about it; over half of the population of Rome is made up of slaves. What would happen if they all decided to rebel? It would be the end of Rome.
Portia: You take the inspiration out of everything!
Marcus Brutus: Rome had to act.
Julia: What do you mean?
Marcus Brutus: Pompey.

"Rome: Kalends of February (#1.12)" (2005)
Marcus Junius Brutus: If we are to reckon with Caesar on the senate floor then we will have to reckon with Lucius Vorenus also.
Quintus Pompey: Kill him too, what does it matter?
Marcus Junius Brutus: He's a popular man!
Quintus Pompey: So? I'll kill him.
Servilia of the Junii: It is most important that we keep the people on our side - killing one of their heroes would mess the whole business. Only the tyrant dies!
Quintus Pompey: Then let's kill him in his bed! He doesn't sleep with this man does he?

Casca: What about bloody Lucius Vorenus?
Quintus Pompey: Lucius Vorenus is a son of a whore!
Marcus Junius Brutus: And you know him personally, it seems.
Quintus Pompey: I know him.

[On assassinating Caesar]
Marcus Junius Brutus: Gentlemen this is not some cheap murder! It is an honourable thing we do here. It must be done by ourselves, in the senate, on the senate floor, with our own hands... With my hand.

Marcus Tullius Cicero: He's here, in your hands. I'm merely stating the facts. I do not urge you to any particular course of action.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Nor will I take the course you do not urge.

"Rome: Philippi (#2.6)" (2007)
[after leading their reserve in an attack, Cassius is brought back to the headquarters on a stretcher, mortally wounded]
Marcus Junius Brutus: Cassius, what happened?
Cassius: Not sure, to be honest. Hell of a birthday...

[after the battle is lost, Brutus decides to go down fighting]
Marcus Junius Brutus: Give my best to my mother. Tell her... tell her something suitable.

[On the field of Philippi, shortly before the battle begins]
Marcus Junius Brutus: Heavens, I entirely forgot! Today's your birthday, isn't it?
Cassius: Is it? I believe you're right.
Marcus Junius Brutus: [shaking Cassius' hand] Happy Birthday. Sorry there's no cake.
Cassius: Next year, eh? You bake me an extra big one.
Marcus Junius Brutus: I shan't forget.
Cassius: No cinnamon. Makes me sneeze.
[On the other side of the battlefield]
Mark Antony: If you need to urinate, now would be the time.
Gaius Octavian: I'm fine, thank you.
Mark Antony: Sure? Let us begin then. Watch closely, boy. This is how history is made.
[raising his hand]
Mark Antony: Now, let's have some fun!
[He gives the signal to advance]
Antony's Centurion: ADVANCE!
[On the other side:]
Cassius: [raises his hand, then hesitates] Sorry, rude of me. Would you like the honor?
Marcus Junius Brutus: No no, you do it by all means.
Cassius: Thank you.
[gives the signal to advance]
Cassius's Centurion: ADVANCE!

"Rome: Caesarion (#1.8)" (2005)
Marcus Tullius Cicero: You should have no ill conscience. We did only what we had to do.
Marcus Junius Brutus: No doubt Saturn said something of the sort after eating his children.

[after warning Cicero, Antony starts to leave the Senate house]
Marcus Junius Brutus: Antony?
Mark Antony: Hmm?
Marcus Junius Brutus: You said you had good news for us.
Mark Antony: Oh, of course! How silly of me. A courier came from Alexandria. Caesar has lifted the siege and massacred the armies of Ptolemy. He is safe and sound, and master of all of Egypt.
Mark Antony: The man is a damn prodigy, eh?

"Rome: An Owl in a Thornbush (#1.3)" (2005)
Atia of the Julii: Pompeian scum at our very door! It's intolerable! If Timon and his men weren't here they'd be burning down the house!
Marcus Junius Brutus: Oh they're not *that* energetic.

Marcus Junius Brutus: Vae, mother! You, you are blinded by untapped lust. I'll get you a good big Cyrenian at the market and have done with it!

"Rome: The Stolen Eagle (#1.1)" (2005)
Servilia of the Junii: How is Caesar?
Marcus Junius Brutus: Who?
Servilia of the Junii: Don't be cruel. Is he well? Did he speak of me?
Marcus Junius Brutus: Did he? I can't recall. I think not. He did write you a letter though.
Servilia of the Junii: Oh you beast.

Marcus Junius Brutus: Of course, you have to imagine, long hair down to here, huge moustasches, the most terriffic stench, they eat only raw meat and never wash. Though they do have one admirable custom, they settle their political disputes by a single combat to the death.
Pompey Magnus: Excellent idea.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Isn't it? Mother is always nagging me to attend politics.
Servilia of the Junii: Well it's been our family's tradition and duty for, uhm, five hundred years?
Marcus Junius Brutus: Oh it's such dreadfully dull stuff. Now you see, if our senate conducted business in the German style I should certainly go and watch. Yeah, no tedious laws and endless debates, just swords, and daggers...

"Xena: Warrior Princess: Endgame (#4.20)" (1999)
Gabrielle: [as Brutus is being brought before Gabrielle] Hello, Brutus.
Brutus: Gabrielle, they told me you were the new leader of this tribe...
Gabrielle: [sarcastically] Thanks to you! You killed Ephiny! Our queen...
Gabrielle: My friend!
Brutus: Ephiny, that was her name. One of the best fighters I've met. She died as a warrior. And for that, I have no guilt in my actions...

"Rome: Passover (#2.1)" (2007)
Marcus Tullius Cicero: Mark Antony... the dog is dead I hope.
Marcus Junius Brutus: He is not.
Marcus Tullius Cicero: Mark Antony is alive? An error! I believe, a great error...
Marcus Junius Brutus: We are senators, not hired thugs...
[Short pause]
Marcus Junius Brutus: Kill him yourself.

"Cleopatra" (1999)
Marcus Brutus: Octavian, join us! Aid us in destroying this tyrant!
Octavian: No, I could never betray Caesar...
[Short pause]
Octavian: But I won't stop you either.

Julius Caesar (1953)
Brutus: Since Cassius first did whet me against Caesar/ I have not slept./ Between the acting of a dreadful thing / And the first motion, all the interim is / Like a phantasma, or a hideous dream: / The Genius and the mortal instruments / Are then in council; and the state of man, / Like to a little kingdom, suffers then / The nature of an insurrection.

The Little Drummer Boy Book II (1976) (TV)
[repeated line]
Brutus: Plato, you fool!

Carry on Cleo (1964)
Brutus: The senate are worried about matters in the east, the affairs involving Ptolemy and Cleopatra.
Julius Caesar: Are they having an affair? Oh do tell!

"Rome: Triumph (#1.10)" (2005)
Servilia of the Junii: He has fire in him. It warms me.
Marcus Junius Brutus: Light more lamps if you are cold!

"Rome: Utica (#1.9)" (2005)
Marcus Junius Brutus: I assure you mother; I am not proud of myself. Not proud at all. In lieu of a noble suicide you shall have to be content with that.

"Xena: Warrior Princess: The Ides of March (#4.21)" (1999)
Brutus: Chain her to the prophet!
Amarice: Oh please, can't you just break my legs?