Max Keenan
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Max Keenan (Character)
from "Bones" (2005)

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"Bones: The Boy with the Answer (#5.21)" (2010)
Special Agent Seeley Booth: [Max is trying to shoot Taffett with a rifle] You miss, you compromise the case. Taffet walks.
Max Keenan: I don't miss!
[They start fighting]
Special Agent Seeley Booth: When are you going to learn to stop messing with me?
Max Keenan: You're making a big mistake! Tempe could die.

Max Keenan: I was doing it for you.
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: No, I don't want you to kill people for me. Just buy me a sweater like a regular dad.

Special Agent Seeley Booth: Thanks for leaving me with the bill again. That's nice of you.
Max Keenan: Your fault Booth. My wallet got stolen in jail. Bye

"Bones: The Verdict in the Story (#3.13)" (2008)
Russ Brennan: What about that genius kid at your lab?
Max Keenan: With the oversized eyes and the toaster head, that guy?
Clark Edison: I'm sorry if my normal-sized head and eyes diminish your confidence.

Max Keenan: A country full of unscrupulous lawyers, and you find the *one* guy with scruples!

Max Keenan: I never killed anyone. I just poked them to keep them away.

"Bones: Judas on a Pole (#2.11)" (2006)
Father Toby Coulter: [as he's immobilizing Bones with her own handcuffs] I'm sorry. Listen to me, if you find somone you can trust, hold on to him. Remember that.

Russ Brennan: Dad, get in!
[Booth pulls up and exits Caroline's car; they both stare at each other]
Father Toby Coulter: You take care of her!
[gets in the truck with Russ]

"Bones: The Killer in the Concrete (#2.18)" (2007)
Dr. Temperance Brennan: Have you turned Russ into a criminal, too?
Max Keenan: Hey, I haven't committed a crime in over fifteen years. I'm straight.
Dr. Temperance Brennan: Except for killing, gutting and burning the Deputy Director of the F.B.I.
Max Keenan: He was trying to kill Russ, and then he was going after you. It is not a crime to protect your family.
Dr. Temperance Brennan: Well, some fathers do it without killing.

Max Keenan: [to Bones] I need your car.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: [lying on the ground still immobilized] Max Kennan, you're under arrest.
Max Keenan: Not if I get the keys.
Dr. Temperance Brennan: They're in the ignition.
[Max kisses Bones on the forehead and leaves]
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Wha?
Dr. Temperance Brennan: Well, it's not like I actually *gave* him the keys.

"Bones: The Change in the Game (#6.23)" (2011)
Max Kennan: I don't know. Something weird here. You're - you're almost polite to each other. What is it? You have a fight?
Dr. Temperance Brennan: No, I just really really want to be there when Angela's baby is born.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Right. So how soon before I can become a Thunderball?

Max Kennan: [as Bones is looking through Amber's bag] Don't you need a warrant for that?
Dr. Temperance Brennan: If Buck and I ever have a child, she will *not* turn out like Amber.
Max Kennan: Yeah, Temperance, it's just us monkeys. You don't have to keep up the cover story.
Dr. Temperance Brennan: I find it helpful to remain in character.

"Bones: The Bone That Blew (#4.10)" (2008)
Max Keenan: Can I ask you a question?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Sure.
Max Keenan: You - are you - uh are you sleeping with my daughter?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: No.
Max Keenan: Why? Are you gay?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: [chuckles] No.
Max Keenan: She not attractive enough?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Bones is beautiful.
Max Keenan: Is it because of me. Because I killed one man and we *both* know he deserved it.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: All right just cut it out, Max. I'll talk to her. Probably won't do any good. I'll talk to her.
Max Keenan: You're a good man. And I want that for her.

Dr. Lance Sweets: Can I ask you what's really going on between you?
Max Keenan: Tempe doesn't want me working at the Jeffersonian.
Dr. Lance Sweets: Why?
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: It's a conflict of interest, we catch criminals, my dad is a criminal.
Dr. Lance Sweets: That would be valid...
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Thank you.
Dr. Lance Sweets: If it were your *real* reason. But it's not.

"Bones: The Bullet in the Brain (#6.11)" (2011)
Angela Montenegro: Uh, I think I know why you're here.
Max Keenan: Well, it's not to clear my good name. That- that ship saild a long time ago. I really don't care what anybody thinks unless it's my daughter.

Max Keenan: I'm sorry, honey.
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Why are you apologizing?
Max Keenan: I just always thought you and Booth would get over the nonsense and settle down.
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: I don't want to talk about.

"Bones: The End in the Beginning (#4.25)" (2009)
Max Keenan: Why is it so hard for your husband to see the ways of the world.
Temperance 'Bren' Brennan: Because he wants me to be proud of him.

Max Keenan: [speaking of Seely] He's a man of principle. And I mean that as a terrible insult. If he had just paid me off, none of this would have happened.

"Bones: The Future in the Past (#8.1)" (2012)
Max Keenan: This guy Pelant. He needs killing, Booth.

"Bones: The Past in the Present (#7.13)" (2012)
Max Keenan: [to Temperance, just before Christine's christening] Alright. Take a minute. Forget about everything. Except Booth and Christine.

"Bones: The 200th in the 10th (#10.10)" (2014)
Max Keenan: This is my daughter, Temperance
Aldo Clemens: Well, she's quite easy on the eyes, Chief
Temperance Brennan: You won't have eyes if you keep talking like that

"Bones: The Woman in White (#9.6)" (2013)
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Come on Aldo, will you just cut me some slack here?
Aldo Clemens: Okay, I'm jealous! What you and Temperance have is the reason we draw breath! If you screw this up Booth and it will be worse than any hell God can dream up for you!
Max Keenan: I agree! I'm Max. I'm Tempe's father. This guy, he thinks that I am still a crook
Aldo Clemens: Aldo. He still thinks that I am a priest

"Bones: The Putter in the Rough (#10.14)" (2015)
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Max, you gotta give us something here.
Max Keenan: I gave you Barlow. Isn't that enough? I mean, you didn't even know where he was until I dug him up.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Which is why I got the charges dropped.
Max Keenan: And I appreciate that.

"Bones: Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van (#3.2)" (2007)
Max Keenan: I always liked Booth. Nicest guy to ever arrest me.