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Anna Nicole Smith (Character)
from Anna Nicole (2011) (TV)

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Anna Nicole (2013) (TV)
Anna Nicole Smith: [picks up phone; sighs] This is Anna Nicole.
Georges Marciano: It's your agent, Anna. I just got word from Marciano at Guess. It seems they might've heard about all that crazy crap you did at the hotel.
Anna Nicole Smith: [scoffs] They were, like, spyin' on me?
Georges Marciano: [almost deadpan] They didn't need to, Anna; you weren't exactly discreet. Seems they've decided not to pick up the last two years of your contract.
Anna Nicole Smith: Well, forget them, then; just find me something... bigger, something better.
Georges Marciano: Actually, Anna, we've decided we're terminating our relationship with you, too.
Anna Nicole Smith: What?
Georges Marciano: [enunciating] You are no longer our client.
Georges Marciano: Goodbye.
[click; dial tone; Anna switches off the telephone, sighs and sits dejected]
Middle Danny: [comes in through double doors] Hey, Mom!
[Anna is softly sobbing into her hand]
Middle Danny: What's wrong, Mom?
[looks at Danny and turns her head back sadly]