Grace's Father
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Grace's Father (Character)
from Manderlay (2005)

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Manderlay (2005)
Grace's Father: [in his letter] I hope we meet up some day so you can tell what you actually meant by, new times at Manderly. Love, your dumb old dad.

Grace's Father: Now, they will not admit it, but it's a fact. Deep down inside, there isn't a woman alive who doesn't nurture these fantasies... whether they involve harems, being hunted through the jungle by torch-bearing natives. However much they go on and on about civilization and democracy, sexy it ain't.

Dogville (2003)
The Big Man: Rapists and murders may be the victims according to you, but I, I call them dogs. And if they're lapping up their own vomit, the only way to stop them is with a lash.
Grace: But dogs only obey their own nature, so why shouldn't we forgive them?
The Big Man: Dogs can be taught many useful things, but not if we forgive them every time they obey their own nature.