Erika Kohut
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Erika Kohut (Character)
from The Piano Teacher (2001)

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The Piano Teacher (2001)
[first lines]
The Mother: Good evening, child.
Erika Kohut: Evening, mama.
The Mother: [sarcastically] Home already? I'm so happy.
Erika Kohut: I'm going.
The Mother: Not so fast.
Erika Kohut: Please. Leave me be. I'm tired.
The Mother: I can quite believe it. Your last pupil left 3 hours ago. Might I know where you've been all this time?
Erika Kohut: [trying to go to her room] Please.
The Mother: No, you don't. Not until you tell me.
Erika Kohut: I went for a walk. Do you mind? I spent 8 hours in my cage. I was tired and needed some air.
The Mother: For 3 hours?
Erika Kohut: Absolutely.

Walter Klemmer: Just then, I was under your window and I was jerking off. That's what you want, huh? You want to...
[making obscene signs]
Walter Klemmer: is that it? You're a witch, a pervert! You want to give everyone your illness, don't you? Not me!
Erika Kohut: I did apologise.
Walter Klemmer: Fuck your stupid apologies!

Erika Kohut: Do you like me calling you darling?
Walter Klemmer: It's absolutely marvelous.
Erika Kohut: You must be patient. I'll give you all the names, we'll play all the games you want.
Walter Klemmer: You know you really stink? Sorry, you stink so much, no one will ever come close to you. You'd be better leave town until you don't stink so bad. Rinse your mouth more often, not just when my cock makes you puke.

Erika Kohut: Schubert's dynamics range from scream to whisper not loud to soft. Anarchy hardly seems your forte. Why not stick to Clementi? Schubert was quite ugly. Did you know? With your looks, nothing can ever hurt you.
Walter Klemmer: Why destroy what could bring us together?
Erika Kohut: Mannerism is no...
Walter Klemmer: [interrupting her] Why can't I look at you? Because if I do, I won't resist the temptation to kiss you on the neck. May I kiss you on the neck?
[she walks away]

Erika Kohut: Don't look at your cock. Look at me!

Erika Kohut: After all, love is built on banal things.