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Det. Sgt. George Carter (Character)
from "The Sweeney" (1975)

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"The Sweeney: Taste of Fear (#3.5)" (1976)
[Regan and Carter have just found DS Hargreaves sobbing in a phone box after he panicked and deserted his colleagues during a shoot-out with Cook and Ames]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: What happens to him now?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Chief Medical Officer. If he's lucky, he'll end up helping old ladies across the street.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: It's a hard world, Guv.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Yeah, but keep it to yourself, George. No-one else wants to know.

[talking about DS Hargreaves]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Tall for his height, isn't he?

[Carter is interviewing Eileen Shaw over a drink in the pub where she works. Her drink is a sickly yellow colour]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: What do you call that?
Eileen Shaw: It's a snowball.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Looks like you could do with some stewed rhubarb in it, or an apple crumble, or something.

Det. Insp. Jack Regan: 'Ere, George. This jacket. Does it fit?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: You got a new bird or something?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Is it all right?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Here and there, yeah. How much did you pay for that whistle?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Forty quid.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Forty quid? You know you could have got a new one for that, don't you? No seriously, guv. If you ever want to get rid of it, I'll buy it off you.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Really?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Yeah, really.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: My mum's dog needs something to sleep on, you see!
[Jack throws his sandwiches at George]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: You git!

[after being reprimanded by Haskins for failing to catch Cook and Ames at the caravan site]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Do I write my statement, then get drunk? Or get drunk and then write it?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Why not just get drunk.

[talking about Hargreaves]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: The man doesn't swear, he doesn't drink - or when he does drink, it's cider... in halves.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: He's a cricketer.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Yeah, I was coming to that. And a pound to a penny, he's a God-botherer.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Well with his size, you see, his prayers don't have to go far!

[the Sweeney are about to break into a shop to end a siege. They come to a locked garden gate]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [humourously] It's all right, Guv, I've got the key.
[he delivers a hefty kick to the gate and it opens]

"The Sweeney: Hard Men (#4.2)" (1978)
[watching DS Freeth arrive off the train from Glasgow]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: What's he carrying? What's that in his hand?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: It's his breakfast, innit?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: I thought they ate porridge.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Well they used to - until they discovered that it was healthy.

[DS Freeth gives DS Carter some warrants to arrest violent criminals]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Assault with a deadly weapon, GBH, attempted murder. What are they? Rangers supporters?

[Regan, Carter and Freeth break into a flat. It seems that there is no-one home. Carter calls from another room]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: They left without making the bed. The reason could be there's a dead man in it.

Det. Insp. Jack Regan: There's only been a break-in at Windsor Castle.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: They haven't nicked the corgis?

"The Sweeney: Pay Off (#3.10)" (1976)
[Carter and Shirley have just made love]
Shirley Glass: Why are we grinning like a small boy?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Is there a law against grinning?
Shirley Glass: You should know - you're the policeman.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Well there isn't. Grinning is strictly legal.
Shirley Glass: Proved ourself, have we?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: I don't know what you mean!
Shirley Glass: I'm surprised you haven't asked me for marks out of ten.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: You mean content, presentation and star quality?
Shirley Glass: Don't get smug.

Ernie Millan: I'm a respectable motor trader now. They've asked me to join the round table.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: You'd look stupid in armour.

Det. Chief Insp. Frank Haskins: Who was your informant?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Eddie Glass.
Det. Chief Insp. Frank Haskins: Did Millan... put Glass in the frame, if you'll forgive the pun.

[Haskins is asking Carter about Shirley Glass]
Det. Chief Insp. Frank Haskins: Now I don't want to pry but just what is your relationship with this girl?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [embarrassed] Well it's... purely heterosexual...
[Haskins gives Carter a wry look]
Det. Chief Insp. Frank Haskins: Are you planning to see her again?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [eagerly] I 'ope so!

"The Sweeney: Abduction (#1.13)" (1975)
[Regan and Carter find Stanley Proctor's body lying on the floor of his ransacked shop]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: They really laid into him.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Poor little bastard.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [bitterly and sarcastically] He was sixty-three, five foot four and asthmatic - he must have *really* given them a bad time.

Det. Sgt. George Carter: [Looking at a wilted plant of Regan's] Hey, you haven't been waterin' this, have yah?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [Dryly] They don't like scotch.

Det. Sgt. George Carter: Look, how do you want to play this?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: The way it comes.

Det. Sgt. George Carter: It's dated today... coincidence?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: I don't believe in coincidence when a man's been murdered.

Sweeney! (1977)
[Carter pulls out a packet of cigarettes and puts one in his mouth]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Sorry, Guv, I've only got one left.
[Regan takes the cigarette out of Carter's mouth and puts it in his own]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: I only *want* one.
[Regan fumbles for his lighter]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: You got a light?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Nope.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Bastard.

Det. Sgt. George Carter: Do you know what, Jack? You're full of shit.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: I thought it was about time you made an intellectual contribution to this debate.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Bollocks.

Det. Sgt. George Carter: Guvnor? I think you've gone diddle-o.

Det. Sgt. George Carter: Jack you're full of shit. Bollocks, you're pissed off because they didn't go down on their hands and knees to you at Fulham - "Ah it's Jack Regan, mastermind of the Sweeney police come to help us out" - and you've bored me all night tryin' to prove otherwise!
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Well you don't have to stay, you know!
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Too bleedin' right I don't. See ya!

"The Sweeney: Big Spender (#1.11)" (1975)
[Barry Smith has just crashed his car and is seriously injured after being chased by Regan and Carter. In his car they find a case containing £10,000 in cash]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: One thing, Guv. How are we going to explain all this to Haskins?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: With long words and a dead straight face.

Det. Sgt. George Carter: [after taking his pencil out of Polly the Parrot's cage] Look what he's done to my pencil!

Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [to Wardle] Why don't you cut and run?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [laughably, pointing at a pair of high heeled shoes that Wardle is wearing] What, in those shoes?

"The Sweeney: Thin Ice (#1.3)" (1975)
Det. Sgt. George Carter: We live in a world of supply and demand - and you are in demand.
Moose: Like a toilet roll.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: If you say so, Moose

Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Did anyone recall Thorpe?
DS Matt Mathews: From the dogs' home, you mean?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Yeah, you did put Thorpe onto the kennels, didn't you?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Yeah, but you haven't told me to take him off.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Yeah I know I didn't tell you to, but I can't think of everything, can I?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Sorry, Guv. I just got so carried away with this caper.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Well what were your last instructions to him?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Wait there till he was relieved.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: How long ago was that?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [sheepishly] Three days.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: There are some times, George, when I believe you're incapable of looking after a potted plant, let alone personnel.

Charlie Norton: It was the night I got out. I came home...
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Is that your opening part? "It was the night I got out"?
Charlie Norton: Isn't that what I said?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Yeah, but come on, Charlie. You can do better than that.
DS Matt Mathews: Where were you the night you came out?
Charlie Norton: I was on the town, wasn't I? Celebrating. And I came home and there she was in bed, lying there with nothing on but a mink coat. "God," I said, "where did you get that?"
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: All right, Charlie, skip that bit. Tell us what happened on the night of the killing.
Charlie Norton: I'm leading up to it!
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Yeah, like a 19th-century novellist, three hundred boring pages.

"Armchair Cinema: Regan (#1.2)" (1974)
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: You heard the latest brainwave?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: No.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Flying Squad, Robbery Squad, Regional Crime Squad - all amalgamated into one sprawling mess. There'll be hundreds of little grey men, all working on top of each other, pots of tea and committees. I'm one of the best DIs in the Squad, d'you know that? They don't listen to me - they listen to committee men now.

[Cowley lived with his grandmother. Regan has just been to break the news to her that he is dead]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: How did she take it?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: D'you know something? That old lady's got no reason to go on living now. Whoever killed Cowley killed *two* people.

[Regan and Carter go to interview Morton at the ice rink]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: It's a bit cold in here.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [sarcastically] That's cos of the ice.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Thanks. How many O levels have you got?

"The Sweeney: Ringer (#1.1)" (1975)
Bernard Driscoll: Gentlemen, occasionally I do a little favour for Mr Kemble. Track tip, business gossip - that's all.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: What favours have you done him recently?
Bernard Driscoll: Told you - I owed him money?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: What for?
Bernard Driscoll: A motor I bought for my old lady. Already she's scratched it and the dog's spewed up in the back. Why did Adam ever bite that apple?

[Carter is eating a pot of yoghurt. Regan looks on in disgust]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: D'you eat much of that?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: About three a day.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Yuk.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [conspiratorially] Listen, this old Bubble told me it was an aphrodisiac. My wife won't buy it. So I get it delivered secretly - in handy thirty-gallon drums!

[talking about Kemble, and the Kray Twins who were notorious real-life gangsters of the 1960s]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: He's hard. He's one of the few that The Twins left alone.

"The Sweeney: Tomorrow Man (#3.4)" (1976)
[Regan and Carter have been sitting in the car for ages, staking out Burnham's office. Nothing has happened]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: If we sit here, patiently, sooner or later someone with a naughty mind's going to come along and pay him a visit. When that happens...
Det. Sgt. George Carter: ...We'll be too old to get out of the car!
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Exactly.

Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Grey saw Burnham, all right.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: How d'you know that?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: I was nice to the tea lady.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: You naughty old policeman!
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: She was a naughty old tea lady!

[Regan is reading a computer manual]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: It says here "The cursor will guide the operator..." What's a cursor?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Someone we nick for obscene language.

"The Sweeney: Jigsaw (#1.5)" (1975)
[talking about Eddie Boyse]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: He's got the Church and the Palace of Westminster on his side. Who have you got?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: My mum. She thinks I'm a genius!

Det. Sgt. George Carter: Excuse me for asking, guv'nor, but what the hell are we doing here?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Revisiting the scene of the crime. Don't you ever go to the pictures?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Well yeah, but there's something about Clint Eastwood that make it enjoyable.

Alison Carter: Guilty or innocent, Regan always gets his man.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: You got no reason to say that.
Alison Carter: I've got every reason - you! Because if you don't see through him, before long you're gonna turn out just like him. Look, George, I admire the work you do, the dedication, but times I'm jealous. I resent your involvement, the satisfaction you get from it, but Regan's an unhappy, mixed-up man. I think he's a headcase. At times he behaves just like a... monster!
Det. Sgt. George Carter: But he's a good copper.
Alison Carter: Is that the only way to be a good copper? Be tough? Be an anachronistic joke like Regan?

"The Sweeney: Faces (#2.2)" (1975)
[Carter chases Albert Milligan, a very small informer who has just legged it from a bookie's shop. He eventually catches up with him in an alley]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Dear me, Albert, you *can* shift for an economy size, can't you?

Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [to Carter, who has brought him his coffee, after drinking it] What is this, liquid concrete?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Yeah.

"The Sweeney: Stay Lucky Eh? (#2.9)" (1975)
[Regan arrives at work looking very rough]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [sarcastically] It's nice to see you so fresh and awake, Guvnor.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Someone put something in my drink last night.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: What?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Alcohol!

Det. Sgt. George Carter: Well I'd better get after Tommy Llewellyn, then.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Watch him. He's a weirdo - and he's hard enough to roller-skate on.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: I'd better get my skates on, then.

"The Sweeney: Jack or Knave (#4.14)" (1978)
[Last lines of the final episode, as Regan disappears in a taxi, vowing to quit the force]
Det. Chief Insp. Frank Haskins: He'll be back. He needs the job like an alcoholic needs booze.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [sarcastically] Yeah?

Det. Sgt. George Carter: Get your vest on, Sid, you're nicked!

"The Sweeney: Down to You, Brother (#3.9)" (1976)
Det. Sgt. George Carter: As far as C-11 are concerned, he's absolutely kosher.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [scornfully] Meadows? He's as kosher as butter on a ham sandwich!

[Regan and Carter are watching Meadows' house. A Rolls Royce is parked in the drive]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: I never fancied a Roller, myself. "Put the Rolls in the garage, James... I'll butter them later!"

"The Sweeney: One of Your Own (#4.10)" (1978)
[Carter is going undercover as a prisoner in Wormwood Scrubs and is working out his cover story]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: All right, then, what have I been nicked for?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [laughing] You're the Fulham Flasher, aren't you?

[Carter has just discovered that Regan has spent the night with Jenny, who was originally Carter's date]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [sheepishly] Well say something, George.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [indignantly] Like what? "Rank has its privileges", Sir?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [apologetically] Look, turn it in, George. I swear to ya, mate, *she* pulled *me*.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [sarcastically] Yeah of course she did.

"The Sweeney: Poppy (#2.8)" (1975)
[talking about suspects' alibis]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: D'you know where Toerag Smith said he was? "Seeking spiritual guidance"! He was with some hippy slag in Leicester.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Lucky Toerag!
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: You'll end up in an oxygen tent!

Det. Sgt. George Carter: [to his driver, Stan, after both being outsmarted by Mrs Labbett whilst tailing her] If you lose her, Stanley, you'll be back mending punctures!

The Sweeney (2012)
DC George Carter: If you're gonna tie the knot with someone make sure they're a 9 or a 3. A stunner or a complete shitter. If you fall in the middle you're fucked mate. It's never gonna work.

DC George Carter: He's either done all his beans and gone skint or an opportunity came his way and he simply just couldn't say no.

"The Sweeney: Stoppo Driver (#1.10)" (1975)
[to Brian Cooney after he has pursued a robber's Jag at high speed in a very hair-raising chase]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [snarls] Who taught you to drive? Evel Knievel?

Brian Cooney: Hang about.
[a man with a briefcase chained to his wrist walks by]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: That's no blagger, that's Mr Bun with the bread.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Oh, shut up.

"The Sweeney: Cover Story (#1.8)" (1975)
[Jack has taken Sandy Williams out for dinner, supposedly to question her]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: How was last night?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Well, from a legal point of view, we both committed a breach of the peace, were drunk and disorderly, used offensive language to three pedestrians, littered the Queen's highway to the extent of one empty champagne bottle and damaged a dustbin while reversing to park. From a human point of view,
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [cockney accent] we 'ad a bloody good night, Your Worship.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Find out a lot about her?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [smirking] Yeah!

Det. Sgt. George Carter: How old are you, Miss Williams?
Sandy Williams: Twenty-six.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: You'll be a lot older when you get out, sweetheart, and a lot less tasty.
Sandy Williams: Get stuffed!

Sweeney 2 (1978)
[Carter is asking a teacher to help identify people in a group photograph showing boys holding a trophy]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: D'you think we could trace that cup?
School Teacher: [sarcastically] Why not? The whole area's been demolished. The church school was pulled down ten years ago. I think you've as much chance of finding it as marrying a virgin.
[long pause]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: What's a virgin, miss?

Det. Sgt. George Carter: Bring in Gorran. I'm gonna beat the shit out of him and that scrubber of his!

"The Sweeney: Trust Red (#4.4)" (1978)
[the previous day, when a villain threatened Regan with a broken bottle, Regan froze for a moment. Now he wonders if he is getting too old to do the job]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: I'm overweight - you know that, George?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Is this strictly relevant?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: I drink too much, I smoke too much. Most of the time I sit on my arse, and when I'm not doing that, I'm chasing after some lunatic whose sole intention, given half the chance, is to smash me bloody head in.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: That is, if you manage to get there on time.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Right.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: You're not still going on about the other day, are you?
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: It happened, though, didn't it? And d'you know why?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [humourously] Your trousers fell down!
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Consequences, George. For one split second I thought of the consequences. For one split second I looked at that bottle in his hand, and I thought "If he uses that and I'm too slow...".

"The Sweeney: Drag Act (#4.3)" (1978)
WPC Julie Kingdom: Who are you, if you don't mind me asking?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: George Carter, Squad.
WPC Julie Kingdom: Awkward or Suicide?

"The Sweeney: Hit and Run (#2.5)" (1975)
[Carter and Alison's final conversation in the park before she is killed in a hit-and-run accident. Carter shows Alison a brown paper bag]
Alison Carter: What are they?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Lychees.
Alison Carter: You're joking!
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Titter ye not, Madam.
[Alison grabs the bag excitedly and then looks disappointed as she peers in it]
Alison Carter: There's only five.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: I'm only a sergeant.
Alison Carter: What d'you do with them?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [fake French accent] Well first you peel them, you see, and then you throw them away.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [normal voice] What d'you think you do? You eat them!
Alison Carter: They're like king-size grapes.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: No wonder the Chinese are so thin!
Det. Sgt. George Carter: They always remind me of fingers I saw once in the mortuary - after the quacks had peeled off the skins to reconstruct the prints.

"The Sweeney: Bad Apple (#3.6)" (1976)
Det. Sgt. George Carter: I'm trying to lose some weight.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Listen, if you're really serious about that, you ought to try the onion diet.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: I'm trying to lose a few pounds - not all my friends!
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: You haven't got any friends.

"The Sweeney: Feet of Clay (#4.9)" (1978)
[watching a home movie of Paul Ember driving a speedboat on a river]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: That's Paul's eighteenth birthday present. I used to have one of those... in my bath!
Det. Sgt. George Carter: You're only saying that because you know we didn't have a bath.

"The Sweeney: Hearts and Minds (#4.11)" (1978)
[backstage at the club where Morecambe and Wise are performing, a troupe of scantily-clad dancing girls walk past Regan and Carter]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [muttering lecherously, as each girl passes] I would. I would. I would.
[at the end of the line is a small, ugly, bandy-legged man]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [muttering] I wouldn't.

"The Sweeney: Jackpot (#1.2)" (1975)
[talking about Biggleswade who has stolen money to pay for his daughter's medical treatment]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: He's just another bastard, but with some bottle.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Yeah, I know. But I can't help taking my hat off to him.
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: If he'd have had a gun that day, he'd have taken your hat off - and your head with it!

"The Sweeney: Queen's Pawn (#1.4)" (1975)
[Sheila Lyon is dancing around, dressed in tight-fitting dress which shows off her fantastic cleavage]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [lustfully] Cor! That Sheila has got some lunch on her!

"The Sweeney: Chalk and Cheese (#2.1)" (1975)
Det. Sgt. George Carter: I'm Flying Squad.
Ibbitt: Thought your little mob was all seven feet tall and had wheels instead of feet.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Yeah, well I've not been well.

"The Sweeney: Nightmare (#4.5)" (1978)
[Regan is in hospital after being temporarily blinded by the laser sight on a machine gun. George, Haskins and Jane have gone to see him]
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: Got a fag, George?
Jane: Smoking in bed is dangerous.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: *Everything* he does in bed is dangerous!
Det. Insp. Jack Regan: [looking at Jane] Not half as dangerous as what she does!

"The Sweeney: Visiting Fireman (#3.3)" (1976)
[Carter reads a greeting in Turkish to welcome Captain Shebbeq. Shebbeq tells him what it means]
Capt. Shebbeq: "Happy birthday. May the horse-dung you are about to eat on this trip taste sweet."
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Is that an old Turkish greeting?
Capt. Shebbeq: Did you obtain it from the Cultural Officer of the Turkish Embassy?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: No, a Greek caff down the road.

"The Sweeney: Bait (#4.7)" (1978)
[Vic Tolman is holding Regan at gunpoint after an attempt to arrest him went wrong]
Vic Tolman: You dirty filthy festering scum!
Det. Sgt. George Carter: You even *bruise* him and you'll need an embalmer, not a brief.

"The Sweeney: The Placer (#1.7)" (1975)
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [to Kent, after escaping from the flat that he broke into] You lost your voice, or something?
Det. Sgt. Kent: What's up?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Didn't you see him?
Det. Sgt. Kent: Who?
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [to Bill, the driver] "Who", he says.
[turns back to Kent]
Det. Sgt. George Carter: Humphrey Bogart in a bulletproof Cadillac!

"The Sweeney: Messenger of the Gods (#4.1)" (1978)
Det. Sgt. George Carter: I want to ask you about last Wednesday. Were you in about eleven?
Dot Plummer: Oh, I'm always in, love - except when I go out.
Det. Sgt. George Carter: [sarcastically] Really?