Nick Wilson
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Nick Wilson (Character)
from Evil on Queen Street (1996)

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Evil on Queen Street (2002) (V)
Detective 'Mad Dog' Anderson: When the hell did you get back in town?
Nick Wilson: I'm like a bad penny... I always turn up.
Detective 'Mad Dog' Anderson: Alright smart ass, you listen up and listen good! I never did like you, you smart ass little bastard. Seems funny to me when you turn up in town all these murders start happening.
Nick Wilson: You know, you really ought to read those files before you file them in the file cabinet. Cause I was a professional thief, not a murderer.
Detective 'Mad Dog' Anderson: Maybe you snapped, damned if I know how the human brain works.
Nick Wilson: You know, I think you got a real bad stash of donuts and it's really gone to your head. I'm out of here.
Detective 'Mad Dog' Anderson: You ain't going anywhere, until I say you can!

Nick Wilson: Where the hell are you going with that?
Alexia Thompson: I'm going after this bastard myself!
Nick Wilson: Hey, that's not smart.
Alexia Thompson: Get out of my way, Nick!
Nick Wilson: What the hell is your problem, Alex?
Alexia Thompson: He killed my friend and now he's gonna pay!