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Melanie Bush (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: Time and the Rani: Part Two (#24.2)" (1987)
The Doctor: Let me feel your pulse.
Melanie Bush: Don't touch ME!
The Doctor: Ah ha, the proof of the pumpkin's in the squeezing!
Melanie Bush: You don't even TALK like the Doctor, you miserable fraud!

Melanie Bush: But if you're the REAL Doctor, then why do you look like THAT?
The Doctor: [sadly] I've regenerated. And I'm suffering from post regeneration amnesia, as far as I can remember.

Melanie Bush: Let's hightail it back to the TARDIS and get out of here.
The Doctor: [standing before the keypad of a locked door] And leave the Lakertyans to the machinations of the Rani? Impossible. Given time I'll work out the combination.
Beyus: [from behind the door] 9-5-3.
The Doctor: [to Mel] Do you hear a voice or am I hallucinating?
Beyus: 9-5-3.
Melanie Bush: Well, go on, quick. 9-5-3.
The Doctor: [bemused] Who'd've thought she would've been so obvious? Huh! It's my age -and the Rani's.

Melanie Bush: Look, look, I'm, I'm grateful for your help, of course, but the gratitude isn't going to turn me into a puppet.
Beyus: I've already come to that painful conclusion.

"Doctor Who: Dragonfire: Part Three (#24.14)" (1987)
Melanie Bush: Oh, all right, you win.
The Doctor: I do? I usually do.
Melanie Bush: I'm going now.
The Doctor: That's right, yes, you're going. You've gone for ages, you've already gone, you're still here, just arrived, haven't even met you yet. It all depends on who you are and how you look at it. Strange business, time.

Melanie Bush: I'll send you a postcard.
The Doctor: But I don't have an address.
Melanie Bush: Oh, I'll put it in a bottle and throw it into space. It'll reach you, in time.

"Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Ten (#23.10)" (1986)
Commodore Travers: How long have you known this woman?
The Doctor: Uh, time is a comparative concept, Commodore.
Melanie Bush: Not now, Doctor. Just answer the question.

The Doctor: You better leave me to cope with this.
Melanie Bush: You?
The Doctor: Hmm. This is a situation that requires tact and finesse. Fortunately I am blessed with both.

"Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Nine (#23.9)" (1986)
The Doctor: [alerted by the sound of a mayday signal] Quickly, Mel! Press the red button! Get the message on the screen.
[Mel presses the button repeatedly but the message doesn't appear]
The Doctor: Press it! Press it!
Melanie 'Mel' Bush: I am!
[the Doctor sidles up and presses a different button from the one Mel pushed; the message appears]
Melanie 'Mel' Bush: You said "red."
The Doctor: Did I? Must be the carrot juice making me colour blind!

The Doctor: Before you go rushing off, Mel, do you know what a Judas goat is?
Melanie 'Mel' Bush: Uh, yes, it's a decoy goat that's tied to the stake to lure the tiger out into the open.
The Doctor: Getting badly mauled in the process. I think I shall refuse the role.

"Doctor Who: Paradise Towers: Part One (#24.5)" (1987)
Pex: Are these old ladies annoying you?
Melanie 'Mel' Bush: No.
Pex: Are you annoying these old ladies?

The Doctor: Why did I have to jettison the pool from the TARDIS?
Melanie 'Mel' Bush: Well, it was leaking.

"Doctor Who: Time and the Rani: Part Three (#24.3)" (1987)
The Rani: Prepare the Doctor's cabinet for occupation.
Melanie Bush: But that'll be a waste of effort. You've got to find him first and then catch him.
The Rani: I need neither find nor catch him. The bumbling fool's ready-made as a sacrificial lamb.

"Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord: Part Thirteen (#23.13)" (1986)
Melanie: How utterly evil!
The Master: [as if receiving a compliment] Thank you!

"Doctor Who: Time and the Rani: Part Four (#24.4)" (1987)
The Doctor: Well, time and tide melts the snowman.
Melanie Bush: [correcting] ... waits for no man.
The Doctor: Who's waiting? I'm ready.
Melanie Bush: You're certainly gonna take a bit of getting used to.

"Doctor Who: Delta and the Bannermen: Part One (#24.9)" (1987)
Murray: Please keep your seats during the flight and no dancing in the aisles. Now, we all feeling fine?
Melanie: [along with the other passengers] Yes!
Murray: All right! 1959, here we come!

Doctor Who: Dimensions in Time (1993) (TV)
Mel: What's happening?
The Doctor: Change. You, me, everything. It's as though someone is rooting through my personal time stream.
Mel: But what on Earth for?
The Doctor: Earth, yes.

"Doctor Who: Dragonfire: Part One (#24.12)" (1987)
Melanie 'Mel' Bush: The money?
Sabalom Glitz: Gone the way of all organic matter, I'm afraid: down the tubes.