Gabbar Singh
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Gabbar Singh (Character)
from Sholay (1975)

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Sholay (1975)
Gabbar Singh: How many men were there?

Gabbar Singh: What's going to happen to you now, Kaalia?

Gabbar Singh: You have a lot of strenght left in your arms, don't you? Remember what you said to me that day? 'These aren't arms, they're your noose'. Look at you now, the noose has opened! You still have alot of strenght in your arms, don't you? Give me your arms, Thakur.

Gabbar Singh: How do you plan to fight me Thakur? I've long cut off, and discarded, your arms.
Thakur Baldev Singh: One uses their feet to crush a snake Gabbar, not the hands.

Gabbar Singh: Sons of bithces. They were two and you are three. Still you came back - empty handed. What were you thinking when you were coming back? Sardar will be happy and will give you a goodwill gesture? Shame on you!

Gabbar Singh: Hey Sambha, how much reward has the government kept on me?
Sambha: Sardar, 50,000 Rupees.