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Quotes for
Mrs. Finsecker (Character)
from Fame (1980)

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Fame (1980)
Mrs. Finsecker: Doris! We're in!

Mrs. Finsecker: You know, the Silverman's know some very important people. They really have connections. You know they mishpocha with Soupy Sales. Oh, listen, your nice white blouse is ironed and its on your bed. Or, you could wear your pink dress? With the ribbon? You look so pretty in that.

Mrs. Finsecker: Barbra Streisand didn't change her name.
Doris Finsecker: I don't want to talk about it any more!
Mrs. Finsecker: Well, I'll call you Doris, like I always have.
Doris Finsecker: Well, I won't answer!
Mrs. Finsecker: It's a perfectly good name!
Doris Finsecker: Yeah, for a perfectly good person. A skinny, boring, nondescript, perfectly good person.