Fearless Leader
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Fearless Leader (Character)
from The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000)

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The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000)
Fearless Leader: Have you liquidated Moose and Squirrel? Did you use the CDI? Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? Then who else are you talking to? Are you talking to me? Well, I am the only one here, so you must be talking to me. And you are lying! Now catch Moose and Squirrel. And next time use the CDI on them.

Fearless Leader: Sometimes, it's not so easy being Fearless Leader.

Fearless Leader: How many times in the past have they stood between me and my dreams of glory? How many times have they foiled my plans with their bungling interference?
Boris: Er... 28?
Fearless Leader: Quiet, idiot!

Fearless Leader: There has never been a way to actually destroy a cartoon character until now.
Pottsylvanian scientist: What about that movie Roger Rabbit?
Fearless Leader: Shut up. This is totally different.
Fearless Leader: There has never been a way to actually destroy a cartoon character until now.

Minnie Mogul: Hey, how did that happen?
Fearless Leader: We're attached to the project.
Narrator: But even though the pun was weak, the contract was ironclad.

Rocky and Bullwinkle (2014)
Boris: Is more genius then usual! Do i control it by linking to it with some plug in my cerebral cortex?
Fearless Leader: Uh yeah we were going to do that but... we had some budget cuts.

Fearless Leader: Oh for crying out load! Mother have you seen my bowling ball?
Fearless Leader's Mother: Did you look in your killer robot?

Fearless Leader: For more then 50 years we have struggled and failed. We've used every means in our power with nothing to show for it but pain and humiliation. And yet our mission continues. That mission is kill Moose and Squirrel! Well it's no more Mr. Nice Guy!
Natasha: But Fearless Leader.
Boris: Ahem hello? Fearless Leader why must we kill Moose and Squirrel? What about all those years of pain and humiliation?
Fearless Leader: Too be honest i haven't had that much pain and humiliation. Yours the ones of the field my life's been pretty sweet. I went to see U2 last week and those guys have still got it.
Natasha: But Fearless Leader we have tried everything. Dynamite, scorpions dynamite tied to scorpions.
Boris: Painting tunnels on sides of buildings.
Fearless Leader: But guess what? I put my evil genius mind to work and at last i have the answer. To catch Moose you must become moose! I give you the lady moose-bot a perfect killing machine and irresistible to Moose! Badanov you will control the moose-bot then when they least expect it you will kill Moose and Squirrel!