King Melchior
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King Melchior (Character)
from "Jesus of Nazareth" (1977)

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"Touched by an Angel: Fear Not (#1.9)" (1994)
Edna: Shepherds, back to the field; wise men, places.
Tess: Uh - the shepherds were over here and the wise men were over there.
Edna: ...Back - to the altar.
Tess: No, they were to the west of the manger, and Balthazar was in the front.
Wiseman: Say what?
Edna: There was Balthazar, there was Melchia, and there was Gasper. And the shepherds were just sort of - cowering, right about here.
Edna: Is this from your imagination or from memory?
Tess: [Chuckles] Honey, you'd be surprised what I can remember.

The Nativity Story (2006)
Melchior: How many days have you come with us on this journey?
Gaspar: One hundred and four.
Melchior: And how many days have you complained about it?
Gaspar: One hundred and five.
[Melchior looks at him confused]
Gaspar: ... I am counting tomorrow.

The 3 Wise Men (2003)
Melchor: Do you see it now, Gaspar? Sometimes, other people are right, too.

The Flint Street Nativity (1999) (TV)
Wise Man: What's her name?
Jaye Dackers: Jesus.
Wise Man: Oh, but she can't be Jesus, there's already a Jesus. Debbie Bennett is Mary, and she's already got a...
Jaye Dackers: This is Jesus.
Wise Man: But Debbie Bennett...
Jaye Dackers: Say hello Jesus.
Wise Man: Debbie Bennett...
Jaye Dackers: Say hello Jesus.
Wise Man: Hello Jesus!