Louise de la Vallire
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Louise de la Vallire (Character)
from "Versailles" (2015)

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The Man in the Iron Mask (1977) (TV)
Phillipe: My heart, my life, are in these hands.
Louise de la Vallière: And both are safe and sound.

Fouquet: What a cunning vixen you have become, for one so innocent.
Louise de la Vallière: Necessity is my tutor, to my shame.

Phillipe: Is there no one I can trust?
Louise de la Vallière: None. You are a King.

King Louis XIV: Our ballet has bored you, my dear?
Louise de la Vallière: Your majesty misconstrues.
King Louis XIV: Give us your opinion then.
Louise de la Vallière: Very nice.
King Louis XIV: Nice. We are overwhelmed by your praise.

King Louis XIV: You find a simple flower more beautiful than our creation?
Louise de la Vallière: Only in that its beauty is natural, not painted on or contrived.
King Louis XIV: There
[shreds her flower to pieces]
King Louis XIV: you see how transitory your natural beauty is.